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Off-Topic: The Washington Capitals, YOUR 2018 STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS!!!, Thread

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17 minutes ago, Jeezy Fanatic said:

Yeah, I tried a schtick where I was optimistic and it didn't work out. This team can't get out of its own way. They're averse to success.

2 goal lead? Seems like a good time to take a stupid penalty.

And by "a stupid penalty" you mean 5

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16 hours ago, lavar703 said:

Oates was horrible, Boudreau was brought in to replace another horrible coach who was fired during the season and has had the same amount of success he had here everywhere else he’s been. Dale Hunter took a fast-paced team and tried to make them play slow. And to top it all off, he hired a guy who could never get past the second round to coach a group of guys who can’t get past the second round. So yes, he’s hired crappy coaches and his teams have paid for it. He’s also responsible for allowing McPhee to trade Forsberg. None of that is on Ovi. 

He'll have a sixth coach after this year too.

And he's less than a point/game player in the NHL and is a whopping +5 over 99 games.

I know my opinion isn't popular on this topic. But Ovechkin has never had what it took to "lead" a team to playoff success. Zero EC finals. And how many OT, and game 7 failures, to boot? I could compare the same three stats to Crosby... but we know how that goes... and I hate Crosby too (because admittedly he's that good).

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43 minutes ago, MikeT14 said:

You can tell me whatever you want about RG3, but I have maintained this since the day it happened: The Erat for Forsberg trade was the worst trade in DC sports history. I knew it then, and I still know it now. 

It’s one of the worst trades in NHL history. The reason why I’ve always said you don’t give a desperate GM another year. 

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