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3 hours ago, Forge said:

That's certainly not Fleener. 

Also, Hikutini was a UDFA last year. Let's give the kid a chance to breathe a little bit. Are the odds stacked against him actually becoming anything? Sure. But man, I thought I was quick on the trigger to bounce off people. Developing players does take time. We all want to develop players, but apparently don't want to take the time to do it. Pretty fascinating, honestly. 

Well that's all I'm saying. You're saying the odds are stacked against him. Is that much different from saying I think he won't amount to much? I'm saying that eactly because the odds are stacked against him. Fleener might not be the right guy to bring in. But I'm not opposed to bringing someone in. I would have liked a good TE in the draft if we could have managed it. If Hikutini develops and beats out a rookie or a FA signing then fine. But as long as his chances for success are slim, and CELEK is JAG then I'd like us to keep looking.

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Bills released OG Richie Incognito.
Incognito was believed to have retired last month, but he reportedly flirted with the idea of reporting to the Bills' offseason program, and has now been granted his release. Incognito turns 35 before the season, but he has continued to play at a high level. He was PFF's No. 12 overall guard in 2017 and No. 7 in pass blocking. If his heart is still in it, Incognito should not struggle to land a starting job on the open market. 

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