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Who the heck are you!? (Introduction Thread)

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Welcome to the brand spanking new forum fellas!

It's no doubt we were one of the more active fan bases on the previous forum. Tons of members came and went, but we still all managed to rep the Raiders hard (sometimes too much ;)). I think it would be a great idea to get to know one another a bit better. New and old posters!

I'm stealing a blank questionnaire from a rival forum (some stinky animal fan base). I encourage everyone to jump in and fill in as much as you feel comfortable with!


About Yourself


Sport teams other then the obvious: 

  • NHL: 
  • MLB: 
  • NBA:
  • College Football: 
  • College Basketball: 
  • Soccer:

Past Raiders: 

Current Raiders: 

Favorite Raider Moment: 

Favorite Non-Football Athletes:


Tv Shows: 




Things to do in Free Time (Please abide by Forum Rules for this one!): 

What Made You a Raiders Fan:

Favorite part of 2017, so far: 



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About Yourself
Age: 23
Occupation: Marketer
Location: Canada


Sport teams other then the obvious: 

  • NHL: Calgary Flames
  • MLB: Not a major baseball fan, but I have to support Canada's team in the Blue Jays
  • NBA: Once again Canada's team in the Raptors, but I also enjoy Golden State due to them being from Oakland (liked them before they got insane OKAY?)

Past Raiders: Kirk Morrison and Scrabble were a couple of my favs

Current Raiders: Cooper is probably my favorite current Raider, but I also closely follow Carr, Mack and Joseph. I think Vanderdoes will be a top guy soon too

Movies: Almost any action, comedy or horror/thriller move. Some favs would be Old School, Con Air (lol), Behind Enemy Lines, Super Troopers, etc

Tv Shows: Breaking Bad, BMS

Actors/Actresses: Will Farrell is my dude. Also a major fan of Leo. Elisha Cuthbert has always been my celeb crush

Music: Anything but country and classical. Fav would most likely be rock

Foods: Spice! Mexican, italian, sushi, bbq, whatever. Not a picky eater whatsoever

Things to do in Free Time (Please abide by Forum Rules for this one!): Going to the gym, partying (a bit too much probably), gaming a bit, and overall spending time with friends/family

What Made You a Raiders Fan: So tough to remember. I had a friend who had a Moss jersey way back in the day and I think I loved the colors and logo. I started following them more closely over the years to the point I was obsessed in middle school.

Favorite part of 2017, so far: Getting a new car

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daineraider    2

Age: 34 (joined FF at 24)

Occupation: Not a popular one

Location: Utah


           NCAA:  UTAH UTES

           NBA:  Utah Jazz

           PGA:  Spieth, Day, Westwood, Finau


Past Raider Favorites:  Bo Jackson (easily #1), Howie Long, Charles Woodson, Tim Brown, many others

Favorite Current Raider:  Khalil Mack

TV Shows:  Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Arrested Development, Fargo, South Park, Lost

Movies:  SuperBad, Anchorman, Night at the Roxbury, I love you Man, 

Actors:  Jason Bateman, Will Ferrell, Bill Hader

Music:  Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, NIrvana, Foo Fighters, Les Mis, 90s hits, Tom Petty, NIN, Korn, Tool, Lots more of everything but country, opera

Food:  I love any good food (Korean, Sushi, Mexican, American, Indian etc)

Free Time: GOLF (I love to golf), Basketball, Hang out with my Kids, Travel

Best of 2017:  Oregon Coast trip (last year I went up the whole coast, this time beach house)

What made me a Raider Fan:  Watching Bo Jackson/Marcus Allen as a kid.  Then travelling to games in high school with my dad(1 in Oakland 2 in Denver).  


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agarcia34    0

Age: 29
Occupation: Social Media for Comcast
Location: AZ


Sport teams other then the obvious: 

  • NHL: LA Kings
  • MLB: Dodgers
  • NBA: Warriors
  • College Football: ASU
  • College Basketball: No favorite team just enjoy watching
  • Soccer: N/A

Past Raiders: Rich Gannon, Charlie Gardner, Tim Brown, Charles Woodson.

Current Raiders: Derek Carr and Khalil Mack

Favorite Raider Moment: 2002 AFC Championship game against the Titans/Watching the Raiders clinch a playoff spot against the Chargers

Favorite Non-Football Athletes:

Movies: Two for the money, Heat anything with Comedy. 

Tv Shows: Game of Thrones, Power, Hell's Kitchen and This is Us.

Music: Hip Hop R&B Rap.

Foods: Wings, Pizza, Tacos, 

Things to do in Free Time (Please abide by Forum Rules for this one!): Enjoy spending time with my son. Playing golf or going to the driving range. going to the movies.

What Made You a Raiders Fan: Grew up in this with my Dad and never looked back.

Favorite part of 2017, so far: Welcoming my first child(son) to this world and being able to see him grow a little and watch him smile. 

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Dat Raider    0


On 8/8/2017 at 1:26 AM, RaidersAreOne said:

About Yourself

Name: Navid
Age: 29
Occupation: Financial advisor
Location: London born and raised


Sport teams other then the obvious: 

  • NHL: Don't watch it.
  • MLB: Will never get into it.
  • NBA: Only watch a few games from the Playoffs and that's it. Of course the Warriors for the simple fact... The O!

Past Raiders: Nnamdi Asomugha

Current Raiders: Khalil Mack

Movies: American Gangster, Inception, Dark Knight and Man of Steel are the first ones that come to mind. Definitely more, though.

Tv Shows: Breaking Bad, Fresh Prince, My Wife and Kids, Viva La Bam, Sopranos and, of course, GOT.

Actors/Actresses: Leonardo DiCaprio. With actresses, as long as they're fine, they're my favourite.

Music: Hip. Hop... plus anything with a great beat.

Foods: *Bias alert* Iranian/Afghan food. Nigerian, Caribbean and anything else that is spicy.

Things to do in Free Time: Gym rat, learning new things everyday. Make the other half and family happy. Make friends laugh.

What Made You a Raiders Fan: Older brother had a Raiders jacket in the early 90s and I saw it whilst going through family photos. Found out through a friend that NFL showed on Sky Sports (sports channel in the UK and other parts of Europe). Fell in love with the sport after watching The Waterboy, whilst adding to the fact that Little Giants was my favourite childhood film... So, when I started watching the highlights of the NFL I saw the Raider logo without having a damn clue about rules or records and stuck with the team ever since. Love for the team grew bigger and bigger over the years to the point where Sundays from September to February are out of limits for any kind of plans. I went to Oakland for the first two home games of the 2015 season and it was the best experience of my life!

Favorite part of 2017, so far: Buying my brothers share of our house... And of course, Donald Trump imposing limitations for any Iranian coming to America. Regardless of Nationality. Fun times.


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BigD1123    0

About Yourself
Name: D
Age: 40
Occupation: small business owner
Location: South Carolina


Sport teams other then the obvious: 

  • NHL: nope
  • MLB: no
  • NBA:nada
  • College Football: Clemson
  • College Basketball: Clemson
  • Soccer:nooooo

Past Raiders: Bo, Howie, Nnam, Atkinson, An early, Brown( Willy and Tim) Snake, Otto man all of them I guess!

Current Raiders: Mack, Carr, Coop really starting to like Kojo

Favorite Raider Moment: Special Teams Pigeon

Favorite Non-Football Athletes: Roy Jones Jr, Klitchko,  Connor Mc Greggor

Movies: Tombstone

Tv Shows:  Breaking Bad, GOT, 

Actors/Actresses: Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Scarlett Jo

Music: I like all kinds of music. From Country to r&b to hip hop to rock.

Foods: Steak, Sushi, Italian, Mexican, Japanese

Things to do in Free Time (Please abide by Forum Rules for this one!): Mostly Play with my kids. Play poker(mostly hold em)

What Made You a Raiders Fan: I was a kid and saw the hit man lay a dude out on tv. I've been a swashbuckler ever since!

Favorite part of 2017, so far:  THE WAIT IS OVER!!!!



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