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Packers 2018 Schedule and Opponents

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For once us Gold Package ticketholders get some good games, I'll definitely take Miami and the Queens, plus both games are noon Sunday games, my favorite time when I go to a game.

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That November stretch is gonna be a serious test for the 2018 Packers. League didn't do GB any favors in Sweeps Month

5 road games, west coast-east coast-west coast and only 1 game at Lambeau. 4 day turnaround playing at Seattle ?  **** You NFL



8  Sun, October 28 LA-Rams.png   at Los Angeles Rams   *3:25 p.m. FOX
9  Sun, November 4 medium.png   at New England Patriots   *7:20 p.m. NBC
10  Sun, Nov 11 MIA-dolphins.png   MIAMI DOLPHINS GOLD PKG. *12 p.m. CBS
11  Thurs, Nov 15 medium.png   at Seattle Seahawks   7:20 p.m. FOX/NFL Network
12  Sun, Nov 25 medium.png   at Minnesota Vikings   *7:20 p.m. NBC

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Article on sleep and performance and how the players look at the schedule


Clay Matthews says that one of the first things he looks for when the NFL schedule comes out is night road games. This year the Packers have three. Two are relatively short flights home immediately after the game — at Minnesota and New England. The other is at Seattle, which is about a four-hour flight and means the team won’t arrive back in Green Bay until probably 5 a.m.

“I look at (the schedule) and go, ‘That’s gonna suck,’” Matthews said.

“The saying is, if you want to get stronger, sleep,” Daniels said. “That’s when you build muscle. That’s when you recover.”

Most surprisingly, recent studies, including those by Walker, show that deep sleep is crucial to learning physical skills, whether it be playing an instrument or a sport. The studies are based in part on results of brain scans and devices that measure brain waves while subjects sleep. They show not just that sleep in general is crucial to learning skills, but more specifically, the final two hours of an eight-hour sleep cycle are the most conducive to transferring motor memories from the conscious brain to circuits that work subconsciously. In other words, that help make skills automatic, which is what sports are all about.

“Practice does not make perfect,” Walker writes. “It is practice, followed by a night’s sleep, that leads to perfection.”

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