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2018 NFL Draft

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On 5/13/2018 at 11:51 AM, NFL_Announcer said:

I've generally hated most Seattle drafts under the Carroll regime. 2010 I loved (Thomas/Okung/Tate, etc.) but that was easy to love since it was such a talented class, we had 2 1st rounders, and were drafting high.... I admittedly was NOT high on Wilson (I thought he'd bust) but I did love the Wagner pick. I'll never forget Kiper bashing Seattle after trading down in round 2 and 'losing their guy' in Kendricks and 'having to settle' for Wagner, yet earlier that evening Kiper ranked Wagner ahead of Kendricks... that's kind of when I stopped listening to Kiper all together. 

Anyway, all said I loved this draft. I've come around to Penny but I was SUPER high on all our mid round picks, and I LOVE the Michael Dickson pick since Ryan is overpaid for what he brings. 

Agreed.  I believe the Seahawks got some really nice pieces on both sides of the ball that will immediately contribute to the team.

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