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Game Attendance Thread

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In this thread, post if your attending a game before the start and let us know you're about to represent the Nation. 

For me, I just got my season tickets last week section 144. 

I've decided to attend:


Chiefs (Thursday Night)


Cowboys (Sunday Night)

Going to sell Jets, Ravens, and Broncos. Chargers/Chiefs are within four days of each other.. should be a really fun four days. 

Also already reserved my Wildcard or Divisional Round Game. 

Really excited. I usually just go to one game a year but 1) Have a better job now 2) They are leaving Oakland soon 3) This team is so fun to watch now with Carr, Mack, McKenzie, etc.

Let's defend the home turf and make some noise this year boys  B|

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I would have gone to an LA game but we play the Rams in Oakland and the Chargers on New Years Eve so I'll be gone.


Man, I loathe those teams >:(

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