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VanS 2018 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings

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On 4/23/2018 at 9:19 PM, jrry32 said:

You should join me on the Logan Woodside and Geron Christian bandwagons.

You don't know how dumb I feel right now for not watching this guy's film before the draft and ranking him.  I only decided to check him out after I saw him get drafted by the Bengals.  He's definitely a sleeper in this class.  I think he can be a decent starter in the NFL like Jon Kitna.  He's not a franchise QB but he can develop into a decent spot starter or a guy who in the right situation can have a good year like Jon Kitna did in his career.  I personally would have taken him in the 3rd round.  Bengals are lucky they got him in the 7th round.  He's gonna be better than many of the QBs drafted before him.  If I could redo my QB rankings, I would probably slide him in the 6-8 range alongside Baker Mayfield and Riley Ferguson.

Good call on him.  He's definitely a good player.

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