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Official Pistons Thread: Offseason


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Detroit Pistons


Coaching Staff: 

HC| Stan Van Gundy 
AC| Bob Beyer 
AC| Otis Smith 
AC| Charles Klask 
AC| Tim Hardaway Sr. 
AC| Malik Allen 


01 | PG | Reggie Jackson 
02 | PG | Ish Smith 
03 | SG | Avery Bradley 
04 | SG | Luke Kennard 
05 | G | Langston Galloway 
06 | W | Stanley Johnson 
07 | W | Reggie Bullock 
08 | F | Tobias Harris 
09 | PF | Jon Leuer 
10 | PF Anthony Tolliver 
11 | PF | Henry Ellenson 
12 | C | Andre Drummond 
13 | C | Boban Marjanovic 
14 | C | Eric Moreland 

Current Projected Depth Chart 

Reggie Jackson | Ish Smith | Langston Galloway 
Avery Bradley| Langston Galloway | Luke Kennard 
Tobias Harris | Stanley Johnson | Reggie Bullock 
Jon Leuer | Anthony Tolliver | Henry Ellenson 
Andre Drummond | Boban Marjanovic | Eric Moreland 

Pending FA 


Team Needs 

Shooting (X) 
Defense (X) 
#3 PG (X) 
#3 C (X) 

Draft Picks 

(2017) 1st Round Draft Pick - #12 - Luke Kennard 

1King's 2018 Potential Pistons NBA Draft Prospects 


Confirmed to Interview and/or work out with Pistons 


1King's Pistons Specific Big Board (Last updated: N/A) 


Summer League Info 





Previous Threads 

Version 1: 


Version 2: 


Version 3: 


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I'm excited for the season but wish they would've altered the jerseys for the move to Detroit and new logo.


I think this team can surprise and win 45-50. Will ultimately come down to the health of Reggie Jackson and the consistent focus of Andre Drummond.

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8 hours ago, resilient part 2 said:

Wow Stanley Johnson 0-13

Yeah pretty bad. He needs to make significant improvement this season. Even if he is not a great shooter he can still make an impact defensively as he had 4 steals last night.

Tobias Harris was fantastic last night! So was the free throw shooting (what!?) and not committing turnovers. Solid performance from Ellenson too, in limited time.

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1 hour ago, Typical_Lions said:

How much of a leash do you guys think Stanley Johnson has? He has been really bad in 5 games and I will be interested to see how many minutes Bullock gets now that his suspension is over.

He has been pretty good defensively, though, which is very valuable to a team that doesn't have many. 

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4 hours ago, ManeLine said:

He has been pretty good defensively, though, which is very valuable to a team that doesn't have many. 

Sure, I agree with that but will that be enough in the long run? Still young and all that but would like to see him become at least average offensively or I would consider trying to move him. Besides, Reggie Bullock is also a good defender and he can shoot the 3 fairly well.

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I never get to watch the games but I've been box score watching a little this year. How does Drummond shoot the ball 17 times? Also, how does he only make 4 of them? What kind of shots was he attempting? 

I hope they can find a way to keep Avery Bradley, he seems to be working out very well in the Motor City.  

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