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Texans Third Round

Apollo Stallion

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2 hours ago, jch1911 said:

Uhhh... Ian is 6'4, 259 lbs.  I definitely don't think HBack when I see Ian Thomas.


yeah - my info said he was 6' 3".  I don't like sub 6'5" Tight Ends or Tackles.

You guys also don't get to be enlightened by my half page of defensive picks which locked up on me at "submit reply" stage and I don't have the heart to rewrite.  Anyone else been having site issues yesterday and today?   

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1 minute ago, amazingandre said:

I want Fumagalli so bad. Such an under rated player 

Think Kubiak is banging the table for a Wisconsin TE in the 4th out there in Denver?  I'm hoping we go bigger at TE this go 'round and I like him better as a 6th than a 4th (since we don't have a 5th), but I wouldn't throw the laptop if we grab him in the 4th. I imagine we got a good look at a bunch of these guys at the Senior Bowl, although from what I recall none of them really impressed.

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