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Are You Smarter - Live Picks Info/Discussion Thread

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36 minutes ago, Forge said:

All I'm taking from this is that you somehow caused us to pass on Peters for Armstead. Dear god man, are you even a 49ers fan???!!!!!


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1 hour ago, NcFinest9erFan said:

@Forge to be fair when Avengers 2 came out, I skipped on it to watch us trade down a couple of spots, we passed on Marcus Peters, to pick Arik Armstead.....

So, you had to suffer through that trade, AA and a disappointing Avengers 2?! Poor guy. 

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You're not going to grade this one because it doesn't fit one of your choices. That's fine. I'm not looking for a grade but for a good place to record my thoughts about how to be a Smarter GM.  I want to post it here anyway so that it will easy to find in a year or two or three. By then of course I might rather it just disappear - which a very reaonable possibility. 

Since I think being a "Smarter GM" involves making trades they failed to make or refusing to make trades they did make that don't seem to be smart moves I'm going to do that in this draft. I'm going to trade pick 9 and end up with a few extra picks and then use those to trade for future picks or to move up to what I believe to be a higher level of talent than the ones we picked from. As with the draft I posted last week I will only list trades for picks that  were actually traded for, except of course pick 9, and in every case my trade will offer more than the actual trade offered. No one will be able to verify whether my proposed trade would have been accepted. But in the sense that I am always offering more than what the pick was actually traded for each trade will at least be wholly reaonable.Yes, I realize I used a bit of hindsight to find ideal trades. But each trade by itself is completely reaosnable and possible and so I'm trying for the best possible result here while keeping every trade reasonable.. In fact only the trade for pick 87 was a bit constructed to make it work. The first three move backs were no brainers given that I didn't want McGlinchey at 9. The two small move ups were also oens that fit my notion of small  moves to get a guy that is better than what I think of as the next rank of players at that position. Without hindsight the one move I might not have made was moving up in positon to get Oliver. I might have rolled the dice - and lost. In that case I would have "settled" for Carlton Daving and taken D J Reed at 142. (Now that I think about it maybe those two guys give me a better chance  of hitting on one of them than by just taking Oliver>

9 - Trade to Oakland for 10 and 110

10 - Trade to Cards for 15, 79 and 152

15 - Trade to Buffalo for 22 and 65 (actual trade was for pick 16 instead of 15)

22 - Isaiah Wynn

56 - Isaiah Oliver (obtained by trading original picks 59 + 142 for 56)

65 - Lorenzo Carter (obtained in the move back from 15 to 22)

70 - Fred Warner

74 - Geron Christian

79 - Michael Gallup (obtained in the move back from 10 to 15)

87 - Ronnie Harrison (obtained by trading 95+152+184 for 87)

109 - trade for Lion's 3rd round pick next year (retained in last year's Are You Smarter mock when I refused to swap picks to get Bibbs)

110 -  DaeSean Hamilton (obtained in the move back from 9 to 10)

128 - Mo Hurst

223 - Queton Poling

240 - Richie James

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As long as you bring this one up a year or two from now to so I can see whether this turned out better than what we actually did.

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