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Patriots Pre-season Week 1 - Jaguars GDT

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Just now, 1ForTheThumb said:

Ahh my mistake. Misread Reiss' piece too where he stated a few times that Mitchell "could have" started the season on PUP.

Seems like the trend this TC is they're being extremely cautious with anyone injured and players who are going to play big roles this season. I'm very o board with that.

Yea I have a feeling that Malcolm will be fine. I am a little hesitant about a 2nd year player not getting practice reps but since we now have Cooks and Mitchell has been pushed to the 5th spot on the DC, my worry isnt really there. With Dwayne Allen conforming well and Gronk back in addition to all the versatile tailbacks who can catch passes, when are we going to use 4 WR sets let alone 5?

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