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The [Ravens] Power Rankings Thread

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Figured it made sense to have a place to aggregate these as the preseason and season eventually get under way.

I guess they're weighing this as though Flacco is going to miss a bunch of time.  Otherwise, it would be WTF-worthy IMO...




Ravens #28

No Joe Flacco right now. Timetable for return: Unknown. No one is (publicly) freaking out yet, but ifRyan Mallett's at the helm in the regular season, you might not be able to slip a credit card underBreshad Perriman's ascension. The addition of Jeremy Maclin won't mean diddly-poo unless Mallett improves -- or, as a colleague put it, "If he gets his head out of the clouds." While Mallett's attitude in Houston raised questions during a nationally televised game versus the Colts a couple seasons back, there are few questions regarding his raw talent.



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As of right now, Joe isn't going to miss any time in the regular season so that ranking is pretty bad. Without Flacco I'd admit we're a bottom 10 team but we still have a top 5 defense.

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Down to 21 in ESPN's rankings as well. It's funny; NFL.com also had a piece about winners/losers from preseason week 1 and we were listed at the top of the losers, not because of injuries, but because of how bad Ryan Mallet looked. Our backup QB throwing to none of our top WRs looked bad, and this is reason for everyone to further write the team off. Doesn't mean anything if everything we are told about Flacco's recovery is true.

Apparently nobody noticed the defense holding the Washington first team offense to -2 total yards, getting a shutout in the first half and dominating throughout the game. I know how little preseason performances are worth, but if you are writing your takes based on what you see in preseason, how are you putting the Washington ahead of us? Doesn't really matter if Mallet is playing either. If you are not giving us credit, they should be more worried about Cousins in his latest prove it year. 

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