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Shad Khan may become the new owner of Wembley Stadium

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And here i thought we were finally done with the "Jaguars are moving" rumours for a while...

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Shad is ahead of his time he has assembled a solid staff that are forward thinking.. he isn't going to be flash glitz and glamor like Jerry Jones. But rest assure by the time he is done or in no more then the next 10 years Khan will be held in the same esteem as Jerry.. i'm confident that this team will win a championship within the next 3 years. People don't realize the revenue that is driven just by that 1 game a yr.. i'm sure Khan has seen the bigger picture he see's the numbers that he grosses and i'm sure he is looking at the revenue that can be gained by owning the stadium over there he can essentially get a piece of the pie on each game even games that the Jags don't participate in. Currently the stadium doesn't hold many major concert per year if he opens it up he gets revenue from that.


The successful teams are those teams who have managed the cap correctly and draft well. This will pretty much allow the Jags to receive revenue from a whole list of areas that big market cities receive. When you have an owner thats making investments which could have huge returns it will in turn allows us to be one of the most financially secure teams in the league. If your owner is able to make money hand over fist it allows you to give out bigger signing bonuses and help relieve stress on the cap and attract big name free agents that big cities always seem to get. Its going to allow the Jags to compete for the long haul.. that takes me back to the forward thinking of this franchise and why Shad see's the whole picture others don't see.      

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