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Duck's Final Mock Draft (10.0)

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Well, the day is finally here and it seems like in less than 24 hours, the tide has shifted from Sam Darnold at #1 to Baker Mayfield. Going to do my final best last dot connecting. Full explanations for the 1st round and just for some fun, I'll be adding on a 2nd round too (more exciting to have every team pick once). Lots of trades as I enlighten my inner Josh Allen YOLO Ball with this Mock.


Miami Dolphins Receive:

  • #5, #71

Denver Broncos Receive:

  • #11, #73, 2019 1st


Green Bay Packers Receive:

  • #10

Oakland Raiders Receive:

  • #14, #76


New England Patriots Receive:

  • #17

Los Angeles Chargers Receive:

  • #31, #43


New Orleans Saints Receive:

  • #18, #116

Seattle Seahawks Receive:

  • #27, #91, 2019 2nd


New York Giants Receive:

  • #29, #189, #204

Jacksonville Jaguars Receive:

  • #34, #104, #130


1. Cleveland Browns - QB Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

  • I once had Mayfield pegged here, but had him as a distant third for a long time to go with the top pick behind Darnold and Josh Allen. It feels really odd that the 'analytic' people get fired from the Browns and then the best analytical quarterback arguably to ever come out ultimately goes first overall. I digress; Mayfield dominated the college scene and has the arm talent to be successful in the pro's. Going to a place like Cleveland with it's penchant for failure has me worried about how Mayfield's character is going to handle it. All we can do is wait and see.

2. New York Giants - QB Josh Allen, Wyoming

  • The Browns have ruined the narrative a bit that the Draft truly starts at this pick, but it still maintains relatively true because at the least, we know a quarterback is going first. Let's try to go through all the dot connecting on this one really quick. For starters, they did extensive work on all of the quarterbacks, arguably the most notable being them sending the whole army to the Pro Days of Josh Allen and Sam Darnold. Allen, along with Barkley, came in on the last day of visits and spent the previous night having dinner with the Giants owners. The rumors near the beginning of this whole process was the if the Giants could not get Darnold, they would trade down, presumably as Darnold as the #1 pick and stocking up on capital from the Broncos or Bills so they could grab Allen. Allen has the same agent as Eli Manning and whether it's right or wrong, agents still have at least a minor say in how things on this night workout and nothing would be better for Tom Conden then to have one of his clients being groomed in the Big Apple by another one of his clients to eventually take over the biggest media market in the world. Darnold, is at least represented by the same agency though. Barkley has been seen around in Giants gear before but this isn't exactly a tell-all as this has happened with prospects in the past. A Penn State player also posted a group text involving Barkley and other Nittany Lions of Saquon updating them on the birth of his baby girl (congrats to that young man becoming a Dad, btw), and Barkley was named in the group "Saquon Barkley #2". It could be his friends just being hopeful, but at this point in the process with the lack of clarity currently going around, even reaching for a nugget like this could be something. Oh, and let's not forget they have expressed a decent amount of interest in Bradley Chubb, too. Ultimately, the Giants have either manufactured a huge smokescreen to generate a trade with their interest in the quarterbacks or they are taking one tonight. They have done their due diligence and either love somebody to be the heir apparent or are trading out of the pick. Heck, they could still trade down to #5 with the Broncos and take Josh Allen their instead. For now, I expect them to stay put, get a potential franchise QB to groom because they already saw in their division rivals that if you take a chance to take a franchise QB, you do it, because the pay-off has gigantic dividends. I'm torn between whether it would be Darnold or Allen, but I just have this gut feeling that Allen will be the pick.

3. New York Jets (from Indianapolis) - QB Sam Darnold, USC

  • Jets traded up to this pick, I believe, knowing that either Baker Mayfield or Sam Darnold would be available. Latest rumors suggest Josh Rosen is still in play, but I'm not sure I buy it. It could workout brilliantly if Darnold falls into their laps. Ideally, he sits a year behind Josh McCown, but Darnold will be able to handle playing right away and furthermore, right out of the gate in New York. He's handled 'being a USC QB', the LA hype, and expectations coming from an athletic family where his grandfather also doubled as an iconic face of a brand (arguably a whole industry). Darnold has the tools to be special and flashes cerebral play that is special at the position. And while they were there a while ago, Jets offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates is a former USC guy taking over the OC reigns from another former USC guy in John Morton. Could be reaching for logic, but seems as if the Jets have been well-prepared to take the USC kid and have somebody calling plays for him that can relate to him on that level (I'll repeat, could be a reach for logic, but NFL teams are paranoid and building a relationship between play-caller and QB is vital).

4. Cleveland Browns (from Houston) - EDGE Bradley Chubb, North Carolina State

  • A lot of momentum is building towards this. Saquon would be amazing to pair with a new QB, but pass rushers are more important. No matter how much Browns fans seem to not want to admit it, Emmanuel Ogbah is an okay, maybe even good, but not great player. Chubb has the potential to be very good and would give the Browns defense two high quality pass rushers along with Myles Garrett. Denzel Ward still very much in play for this pick too (imagine the Browns taking two players from those notable Oklahoma-Ohio State games from the past few years..).

5. Miami Dolphins (from Denver) - QB Josh Rosen, UCLA

  • Reports today that the Dolphins told Ryan Tannehill he will be the starter in 2018 doesn't sway the needle much to me in regards to them taking or not taking a quarterback. They could arguably sit back and Rosen may fall to them at 11. But, strong rumors that the Cardinals want to move up for a quarterback might force the Dolphins hand. I think the only way the Broncos move out of 5 is if they can get a 2019 1st to go along with 11 (Dolphins), 12 (Bills), or 15 (Cards), but it could be worth it in the end. The Broncos like Case Keenum and want to give Paxton Lynch one last shot (last part is probably futile). Getting out of the spot and allowing the Dolphins to move up for Rosen makes sense.

6. Indianapolis Colts (from New York Jets) - LB Roquan Smith, Georgia

  • This team could use a lot of help, but the fact they are loaded up with three picks from 36-49 in a deep IOL, RB and CB class leads me to believe they would pass on the likes of Quenton Nelson, Saquon Barkley and Denzel Ward here to grab a quarterback of the defense. No matter where you stand on them, it seems as if the LB grouping of Roquan Smith, Tremaine Edmunds and Leighton Vander Esch are garnering very high grades among NFL teams, and they all have the athletic ability to turn into Pro Bowlers. Roquan seems to be the most liked of the group and bringing in a guy from a winning program who hustles sideline-to-sideline would be a huge benefit to the Colts defense.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - RB Saquon Barkley, Penn State

  • I have felt for probably a month now that the Bucs would end up the big winners on draft day. It seems to be playing out well for Saquon and/or Nelson to fall to the 7th pick. Either would be a huge aide to this team and I think they lean Barkley because while Peyton Barber is back after a solid campaign last year when getting a chance, the Bucs get Demar Dotson and Ali Marpet back on the offensive line, both excellent players that shore up the weaknesses elsewhere. It's arguable to say the addition of Barkley, in that sense, is better than the addition of Nelson. Another fun addition of Barkley for the Bucs; Tampa was second-to-last in kickoff return yardage last season after placing dead-last in 2016. They need to improve in the battle for field position as well and Barkley can help that area.

8. Chicago Bears - OG Quenton Nelson, Notre Dame

  • The Bears have made it clear they want to upgrade the talent around Mitch Trubisky by throwing money at Allen Robinson, Taylor Gabriel and Trey Burton. They have shored up the weapons and now it's time to shore up the offensive line. A match made in heaven as Nelson's offensive line coach at Notre Dame is now in the same capacity with the Bears. Those that have been following know how good of a prospect Nelson is. He has the tools and mind-set to replicate the career that Zack Martin has carved out for the Cowboys so far. Tough to pass on that at this point.

9. San Francisco 49ers - LB Tremaine Edmunds, Virginia Tech

  • It's unfortunate the hole the 49ers fell into. They take a chance on Reuben Foster's character, he turns out to be the amazing on-field player that most expected, so they move on from Navorro Bowman since his contract was due up anyways, and then Foster runs into off-field issues again and now they may not have either. This would have been an awesome spot for the 49ers to either trade down or bolster their team elsewhere, but now they are kind of forced to invest in the linebacker position again in the Draft. Luckily for them, an awesome athlete in Tremaine Edmunds who provides versatility from the position is likely to be there at 9. Since they spent a ton of money on Jimmy G, they could still be candidates to trade down (maybe just a few spots to target LVE) but it's hard to envision them passing on the trio of Edmunds, LVE, and Denzel Ward if all are available at 9.

10. Green Bay Packers (from Oakland) - S Derwin James, Florida State

  • Maybe the Packers are finally getting the hint that they have to make aggressive moves to aide their star QB. Signing Jimmy Graham is a big plus for the offense but the defense is where the main problems are anyways. Rumors are strong that they want to move up a few slots in the draft, and with all three of the top DB's on the board, I could see them moving up to grab their pick of the litter. The only confirmed visit of the grouping though is with Derwin James, who the Pack GM also watched work at the FSU Pro Day. I personally have been slightly lower on Derwin than most, but in the end, the guy provides a floor of being a great box safety with insane athleticism to make plays against the run and covering tight ends. Adding that kind of presence in the back-end would be a big plus.

11. Denver Broncos (from Miami) - CB Denzel Ward, Ohio State

  • If the Broncos were able to move down, get a 1st next year, and take a guy they might consider at 5 anyways, it would be a gigantic win for this franchise. Whether or not it is right, it seems as if John Elway wants to ride it out with Case Keenum and give Paxton Lynch one last chance. The Broncos dished away Aqib Talib and Bradley Roby is in a contract year without much depth behind him and Chris Harris. I think Leighton Vander Esch would be in play here also (and again, I feel like the Broncos and Dolphins may not even have to swap for the picks to end up like this) but rumors have been that the Broncos love Ward (though I cannot find any confirmed visits with him, which is interesting).

12. Buffalo Bills (from Cincinnati) - LB Leighton Vander Esch, Boise State

  • In case you did not know, the Bills traded away Reggie Ragland last year and let Preston Brown walk this off-season, leaving them with a grand total of zero capable NFL linebackers. Maybe a slight exaggeration, but you would be hard-pressed to pick any LB on that team and say you are comfortable with them being a starter, let alone the best one of the unit. Vander Esch has potential through the roof and has received comparisons to Brian Urlacher. My expectations are a bit lower, as I likened him to Keith Bulluck, but Bulluck was a great linebacker in his prime. Not Hall of Fame worthy like Urlacher, but came out of Syracuse after playing multiple positions and being known for an uber athletic, great coverage linebacker who needed to refine his game (much like Vander Esch). The Boise product won't have the chance to sit early like Bulluck did though, which will make it even more intriguing to watch his development, but this is a gigantic need for the Bills and in a draft with three linebackers being rated incredibly high, staying at 12 and grabbing one of them could be a great aide.

13. Washington Redskins - DT Vita Vea, Washington

  • The Redskins were anemic versus the run a season ago. In a division that has two of the elite offensive line groupings in the NFL in the Cowboys and Eagles, things are not going to get easier any time soon for the Redskins in stopping the run. Vita Vea is a freak athlete for his size and provides a ceiling of Haloti Ngata. Even if he reaches a Dontari Poe level, he would be worth the selection at 13.

14. Oakland Raiders (from Green Bay) - OT Mike McGlinchey, Notre Dame

  • While Jon Gruden seems to love older players, Donald Penn is 35 tomorrow. Additionally, the right tackle spot is currently wide open for the Raiders. McGlinchey has struggled at times with speed on tape, but also shows dominant run blocking ability and strong hand usage. At the worst, he will carve out a Doug Free role in the league and be a solid RT for a long time. Raiders draft him to plug him in there immediately with the hope he can take over for Penn in a year or two.

15. Arizona Cardinals - S Minkah Fitzpatrick, Alabama

  • Seems to fly under the radar that the Cardinals had a large contingent at the USC Pro Day so if he is the one to slide out of the top three, perhaps that is when the Cardinals make a move up for a quarterback. I know former Cards coach Bruce Arians said they should take Lamar Jackson, but I think they want/wanted to move up for Darnold or Mayfield and aren't going to be able to do so without paying a high price. Staying put though and having Minkah Fitzpatrick fall right into their lap would make letting Tyrann Mathieu walk look like a brilliant move. Fitzpatrick played a similar role to the Honey Badger while at Alabama and could be a natural fit to take over. 

16. Baltimore Ravens - DL Da'Ron Payne, Alabama

  • Ozzie Newsome's last draft. Maybe that means the Ravens will get aggressive in trading up (It would be such a punt and let down if Newsome traded back in his last season as GM), but ultimately it would tough to justify the Ravens trading up unless it was for one of the linebackers (a swap with the Colts though for Roquan would be a big-time deal tonight if the Colts interest in him is a smokescreen). Ozzie is an Alabama man though and hasn't ignored that pipeline in the past. Adding a versatile d-lineman like Payne who turned it on over the last three games would bolster this once vaunted defense.

17. New England Patriots (from Los Angeles Chargers) - EDGE Harold Landry, Boston College

  • I believe the Patriots have set themselves up nicely to make a move up in the draft. I don't think they will have to go far to get a local product in Harold Landry either, he would immediately adds an explosive presence as a pass rusher. Landry has struggles against the run and was hurt this year, but the fact remains that his 2016 season was superb and he still offers Vic Beasley level potential. The Chargers do not seem to be heavily connected with anybody slated to go into the teens, so this marriage of a trade seems like a good one.

18. New Orleans Saints (from Seattle Seahawks) - EDGE Josh Sweat, Florida State

  • Maybe not the biggest need, but Sweat seems to be over his old knee injuries and reach to make an impact in the NFL. The talented edge rusher talented out of this world during the pre-draft process and the Saints seem to understand that the Drew Brees window is closing with rumors of them moving up. I believe that moving up wouldn't be about the future, it would be about trying to give Brees the team he needs to make one final Super Bowl push. After all, a Hail Mary and failed tackle is the only thing that stopped this team from competing for the NFC crown. They are in a tough division when it comes to opposing quarterbacks, so adding another piece to try and terrorize them would seem smart.

19. Dallas Cowboys - DT Taven Bryan, Florida

  • The Cowboys find themselves with a concerning amount of problem areas. A penetrating defensive tackle with such a floor and a perfect schematic fit under Rod Marinelli is an ideal situation for Dallas and Taven Bryan. Inconsistencies on tape are concerning, but Bryan provided some huge flashes the past couple years and could be used in a variety of ways in the NFL. With the recent problems that David Irving has run into off the field, this makes this an even bigger needs for Da Boys as they like to kick Irving inside on 3rd downs. That's one less option (in a thin rotation in the middle) if Irving has to miss anytime due to legal matters.

20. Detroit Lions - EDGE Marcus Davenport, UTSA

  • Davenport may go higher than this because it's hard to argue that many other players have a higher ceiling at a premium position in this draft than Davenport. But, he rarely showed a pass rush repertoire in school, has some concerns for being a quirky guy, and the Lions hired his defensive line coach for the same position. All seems to be adding up if Davenport falls, and we haven't even mentioned that the Lions have next to zero pass rush outside of Ziggy Ansah, who is only around on the franchise tag.

21. Cincinnati Bengals - C/OG Frank Ragnow, Arkansas

  • This would be one of my favorite picks in the draft if it came true. Frank Ragnow fought through injury last year but when healthy the last two seasons, dominant might be an understatement to describe his game. There were slight concerns of athleticism but he neutralized though at his Pro Day. The guy plays with the nastiness in the run game of a Travis Frederick and is more than capable in pass protection. The Bengals letting Andrew Whitworth and Kevin Zeitler walk last off-season proved to be gigantic mistakes, and they try to fix it with the trade down to this spot and acquiring Cordy Glenn and adding Ragnow with this pick.

22. Buffalo Bills (from Kansas City) - CB Josh Jackson, Iowa

  • The Bills could go a variety of ways with this selection. Sean McDermott is known for utilizing a lot of cover 3, and while Josh Jackson has concerns about whether or not he could hold up on an island at the next level, putting him in a zone scheme with a deep safety where he is allowed to make plays using his eyes and natural ball skills is a great marriage and lowers the potential he busts. Vontae Davis is only around for a year, so they need somebody for the long term opposite Tre' White. Mason Rudolph sitting on the board could be the pick, as well as an OG like Will Hernandez, a slot corner like Jaire Alexander, or maybe even a wide receiver who can stretch the field (most would say Courtland Sutton for obvious reasons, but don't be surprised if D.J. Chark goes earlier than most presume, starting with the Bills at 22, if they don't trade up for a QB).

23. New England Patriots (from Los Angeles Rams) - OT Kolton Miller, UCLA

  • The Patriots ultimately making trades with both LA teams and then selecting an LA tackle seems like the sick, sadistic stuff that Bill Belichick dreams about. The Patriots have a huge need at tackle after the departure of Nate Solder. Kolton Miller has glaring issues on tape, but only Taylor Lewan has had a better workout for an offensive tackle prospect. Miller will be taken in the 1st round tonight, it's just a question of where exactly. The trade up with the Chargers works well because I think, again given with the visits and workouts the Chargers have done, seem to be more inclined to add multiple solid picks as opposed to just making a light drop down to here and adding say a 3rd rounder. Miller likely will not get the time he desperately needs to develop in New England, but then again, maybe Antonio Garcia comes back healthy and provides at least a stop-gap.

24. Carolina Panthers - CB Jaire Alexander, Louisville

  • The Panthers are another team that could go a variety of directions. They traded away Daryl Worley though and I believe they could use somebody like Alexander to replace him in the secondary. Riddled with injuries last year, Alexander plays with the swag of a true No. 1 CB. Providing help in run support seems to be more of an optional thing for Jaire than mandatory, but at least he makes up for it with plus athleticism and great cover skills.

25. Tennessee Titans - EDGE Sam Hubbard, Ohio State

  • I have had this pick listed for some time, and now that I read a report saying that Mike Vrabel is pushing for his Ohio State brother, I'm not backing down now. Sam Hubbard has question marks, including a slow forty, but explosive testing is more important at the position and Hubbard aced those. Additionally, he is a strong player who holds up well against the run. Not so sure of the ceiling Hubbard provides, but there is a rather safe floor with him and the Titans need to add something to the pass rush.

26. Atlanta Falcons - C/OG James Daniels, Iowa

  • Arguably not a glaring need for the Falcons, adding at least depth to the offensive line would be a big plus. James Daniels has great potential on the interior of an offensive line at the next level with plus movement skills. The Hawkeyes interior struggled against Taven Bryan on the interior, but that was mainly Sean Welch and not Daniels. Still, that game was a bit concerning, but Daniels has the potential that will probably be too much for teams to pass on completely in the 1st round.

27. Seattle Seahawks (from New Orleans) - CB Isaiah Oliver, Colorado

  • Seattle gets to move down a few picks after losing out on Harold Landry, move up 15 spots later in the draft, and recoup a 2019 2nd rounder after trading their pick away for Duane Brown. Not a lot seems to be made of Oliver potentially cracking the 1st round, but his potential is high and comes from a Colorado program that saw two rookie CB's play quite well last year when given a shot. Oliver is arguable the best athlete of the bunch and has the athletic family background that is valued in the NFL.

28. Pittsburgh Steelers  - LB Rashaan Evans, Alabama

  • I am quite unsure on if Rashaan Evans still manages to crack the 1st round after dealing with injuries this year and sub-par testing. However, the guy was brilliant the last two years when on the field and showed a nearly flawless transition in moving from being predominately an edge rusher in 2016 to inside in 2017, where he is more likely to fit in the NFL. Replacing Ryan Shazier is by far no easy task, but Evans may be capable of it.

29. New York Giants (from Jacksonville) - OG Will Hernandez, UTEP

  • The Giants went out and got Nate Solder to take over at left tackle after they were supposedly a lock to nab OG Andrew Norwell. In the end though, it could be amazing for the Giants it worked out that way, as the IOL depth in this class is superb and a talent like Hernandez could very likely make it this far in the draft. The Jaguars have not been strongly connected with any top prospects and have a glaring need at TE, which they would likely be more comfortable selecting in the early 2nd round. Tom Coughlin makes a deal with his old squad as both franchises benefit greatly. Giants walk out of the draft with a franchise QB and mauling LG while hanging on to picks 66 and 69 would be a great conclusion to the first day.

30. Minnesota Vikings - OG/OT Connor Williams, Texas

  • The entire Vikings offensive line is a bit of a mystery, so if a player like Connor Williams fell, it would probably be a no-brainer. Williams played LT at Texas but may need to slide inside at the next level. Either way, he could be a very good pro at wherever he settles in at. Vikings adding another piece for their massive investment in Kirk Cousins seems like a good hedge to take.

31. Los Angeles Chargers (from New England) - QB Lamar Jackson, Louisville

  • The Chargers haven't been connected with many 1st round prospects, but Lamar Jackson is one they have had strong connections with. Sliding down and adding an early 2nd round selection while scooping their potential QB of the future would be a beautiful thing, specifically with the young weapons that the Chargers have. Heck, maybe even Lamar would be open to doing some gadget things for the Chargers if he gets to learn under a legend like Philip Rivers.

32. Philadelphia Eagles - RB Derrius Guice, LSU

  • The Eagles seem like a strong candidate to trade out of the 1st round but, I have already projected a boatload of trades. The Eagles have done due diligence on Guice so if they don't take him while sitting at 32, it should speak volumes about whether or not these concerns over his character are as far'fetched as they sound or not. Jay Ajayi is solid and Clement shows flashes, but Guice can be a true dominant running back (who can also aid their kick return game).


33. Cleveland Browns - WR D.J. Chark, LSU

34. Jacksonville Jaguars (from New York Giants) - TE Dallas Goedert, South Dakota State

35. Cleveland Browns (from Houston) - C Billy Price, Ohio State

36. Indianapolis Colts - RB Ronald Jones III, USC

37. Indianapolis Colts (from New York Jets) - IOL Isaiah Wynn, Georgia

38. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - CB Mike Hughes, Central Florida

39. Chicago Bears - DT Nathan Shepherd, Fort Hays State

40. Denver Broncos - LB Lorenzo Carter, Georgia

41. Oakland Raiders - CB Quenton Meeks, Stanford

42. Miami Dolphins - S Justin Reid, Stanford

43. Los Angeles Chargers (from New England from San Francisco) - LB Shaquem Griffin, Central Florida

44. Washington Redskins - RB Sony Michel, Georgia

45. Green Bay Packers - WR Dante Pettis, Washington

46. Cincinnati Bengals - S Ronnie Harrison, Alabama

47. Arizona Cardinals - QB Mason Rudolph, Oklahoma State

48. Los Angeles Chargers - DL Rasheem Green, USC

49. Indianapolis Colts (from Seattle) - WR D.J. Moore, Maryland

50. Dallas Cowboys - WR Courtland Sutton, SMU

51. Detroit Lions - S Dane Cruikshank, Arizona

52. Baltimore Ravens - TE Hayden Hurst, South Carolina

53. Buffalo Bills - WR Calvin Ridley, Alabama

54. Kansas City Chiefs - CB Carlton Davis, Auburn

55. Carolina Panthers - TE Mike Gesicki, Penn State

56. Buffalo Bills (from Los Angeles Rams) - RB Rashaad Penny, San Diego State

57. Tennessee Titans - IOL Austin Corbett, Nevada

58. Atlanta Falcons - DT B.J. Hill, North Carolina State

59. San Francisco 49ers (from New Orleans) - OT Brian O'Neill, Pittsburgh

60. Pittsburgh Steelers - S Tarvarius Moore, Southern Miss

61. Jacksonville Jaguars - LB Jerome Baker, Ohio State

62. Minnesota Vikings - WR Anthony Miller, Memphis

63. New England Patriots - WR Christian Kirk, Texas A&M

64. Cleveland Browns (from Philadelphia) - DT Maurice Hurst, Michigan

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