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Trade scenerio


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18 minutes ago, hoekd0250 said:

How many people would trade both 1st next year for Odell Beckem

Oh hell no! That kid is an ******* and not worth the trouble. We are set up to get a top notch EDGE rusher next year AND another 1st round pick. Cancer needs to be cut out, not injected as a remedy! 

Nevermind, he's going to want 16 million a year in his next contract. 

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If we get him, how do we even afford him?  He wants to be the highest paid receiver.  Two firsts and 17+ million a year?  I don't think 3 elite players are worth that, let alone one with an attitude. 


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Just now, SSG said:

I would love the idea of having OBJ but I want nothing to do with his upcoming contract demands.  He's gonna make the Leveon Bell Contract situation look pleasant.


No thanks. 

People don't think about this though.  They're up in arms over Cobb and they don't realize that Beckham is going to completely destroy any cap space we would have.  We are going to have to pay Rodgers a SIGNIFICANT portion of our cap percentage.  If we add an established veteran like Beckham, we are going to lose a LOT of our own players and also any ability to add more. 

And that's just the contract portion of why it's a bad idea.

There's also the draft capital.  We have the best draft capital in next year's draft right now.  If we would trade for him, we'd go to the worst. 

There's also the personality aspect.  Go from high character guys like Nelson, Cobb, Adams to somebody like Beckham? 

You'd think Beckham had 200 yards receiving against Gunter in the playoffs or something the way people think of him.  It's not a bad thing to have a great receiver.  It's a really bad thing to pay two first round draft picks and 17 million dollars to a great receiver unless you want to set regular season records and have no blue chip players on defense because of what you pay to your QB/WR. 

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