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Fire Brian Gutekunst. Why? How can you not have 2 All star Wide receivers for a Hall of Fame QB?

                                     He is the one who hired Maurice Drayton.

                                     Terrible Drafts.

                                     Old man, old ideas, no aggression, no vision. Useless.

Fire Maurice Drayton. Worst ST coach in NFL maybe in history.

Retire Randall Cobb. Thank you for all you have done. Time catches up with all of us. Enjoy your retirement brother!.

Have a sit down with Lazard. You are designated slot receiver from here on. You pull your weight consistently or you get cut next.

Put Matt Lafleur on NOTICE: You win in regular season probably mostly riding Rodgers back but you can't Win in big game.

One more year and if you don't make in to Super bawl you OUT.



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