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Are You Smarter Than an NFL GM? (2014 Edition)


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I know I'm much later than the last few years, but with the new forums here, I thought this would be the best way to get things moving! Once again, these threads are purely for fun and enjoyment, and shouldn't be taken as anything serious in any way. It's been an excellent chance to compare ourselves to one of the worst GMs in recent history, and we've largely taken advantage of that over the years. Similar to last year, all player discussion is included at the bottom of the thread. With that said, if you are looking to make picks for this year to see how you did in three years, do so in this thread here: 

Also, if I missed your mock and you wish to be included, make sure to let me know and post a link. I'll happily edit the main post and include you! I skipped mocks by members that are no longer active, so if you're rejoining us - just let me know and welcome back!

So now it's time to start by reviewing Baalke's 2014 class:

Trent Baalke’s class:

1. Jimmie Ward (Projected 2017 starter)
2. Carlos Hyde (Projected 2017 starter)
3. Marcus Martin (With the Browns)
3. Chris Borland (Retired)
3. Brandon Thomas (Lions PS)
4. Bruce Ellington (Roster Bubble)
4. Dontae Johnson (Projected 2017 rotational player)
5. Aaron Lynch (Projected 2017 rotational player)
5. Keith Reaser (Projected 2017 rotational player)
6. Kenneth Acker (Chiefs Backup)
7. Kaleb Ramsey (Out of NFL)
7. Trey Millard (Out of NFL)

Review: Pretty sad to say, but this was one of Trent Baalke’s best classes. Ward and Hyde easily project as two starters in 2017, but there are some justifiable questions about each. Ward will finally get a chance to start at FS, which may end up being his best fit (after some solid performances as a nickel/starting CB). Hyde should get the nod to start at RB after barely missing his first 1,000 yard season last year. The main problem with the two have been injuries, and because of that (moreso with Hyde), the future of each is in serious question.

From there, it’s decidedly downhill. Marcus Martin was a complete disaster and will likely remain as such with the Browns. Borland had an amazing rookie season and then abruptly retired. Thomas has never played an NFL snap. 

The next four players may all still remain on the roster, but it’s fair to question whether or not that’s because of the lack of overall talent on the roster. Ellington looks to be in the most trouble as he would seem to fit best as a slot receiver which is already where Trent Taylor and Jeremy Kerley play, and they appear to be safe bets to make the roster. Plus he’s injured. Aaron Lynch showed a lot of promise, but there are some serious work ethic questions entering year 4. Johnson and Reaser may battle to start, may battle for a nickel role, may battle to be backups, or may battle to make the roster. Very hard to judge. 

Acker is the only remaining player in the class still with a team, although it’s fair to question whether or not he’ll make the 2017 Chiefs team. Ramsey and Millard are out of the NFL. 

Borland is what makes this a complicated class, because he was on his way to being a top linebacker but retired after one year. So it’s hard to judge that one year of production against players who might not have produced but are otherwise still in the league. 


And now - to the forum: 

48 1/2ers:




*Trade* No. 30 + No. 94 to KC for No. 23 

First round – No. 23 Kyle Fuller CB Virginia Tech
Second round – No. 56 (from the Kansas City Chiefs) Donte Moncrief WR Ole Miss 
Second round – No. 61 Deone Bucannon SS Washington St. 
Third round – No. 77 (from the Tennessee Titans) Dakota Dozier OG Furman 
Third round – No. 94 *Traded* 
Third round – No. 100 (compensatory) Phillip Gaines CB Rice 
Fourth round – No. 129 Jalen Saunders WR/KR Oklahoma 
Fifth round - No. 170 Richard Rodgers TE California 
Seventh round – No. 242 (from the New Orleans Saints) Mike Pennel DT Colorado St.-Pueblo 
Seventh round – No. 243 (from the Carolina Panthers) Logan Thomas QB Virginia Tech 
Seventh round – No. 245 Ben Gardner DE Stanford



With some rearranging, all of these picks could be selected (thanks to the trade to start this draft) with the exception of Kyle Fuller. When comparing it to Baalke...it’s tough to say who did better. Bucannon and Ward might cancel each other out as both are solid starters with great potential. Fuller/Gaines deserve a decided edge over Johnson/Reaser. Hyde should probably deserve the edge over Moncrief. Altogether at this point – there’s probably a slight edge to 48 1/2ers class. From there, Baalke has Lynch and Ellington which is a bit better than the Rodgers/Pennel picks. So...very close call on this one. I’m going to have to give the edge to 48 1/2ers, but it’s pretty close.





*Trade* we send picks 30, 77 and 170 for pick 17 from he Ravens. 

1(17). Brandin Cooks WR, Oregon State 

*Trade* we send picks 56 and 129 for pick 45 from the Detroit Lions- I doubt the next prospect will fall past 50 so we move up and nab him. 

2a(45). Jeremiah Attaochu OLB, Georgia Tech

*Trade* The San Fransico 49ers trade RB LaMicheal James and pick 61 for the 51th pick and the 183th pick from the Chicago Bears- We get rid of LaMicheal James because he was, forgive the expression, a big turd in a small bowl. We get all the value we can out of him in this trade and send him to a Chicago Bears offense in need of a speedy change-of-pace RB. 

2b(51). Lamarcus Joyner CB, Flordia State
3b(94). Pierre Desir CB, Lindwood
3c(100). Ahmad Dixon SS, Baylor
6a(183). Brandon Thomas OG, Clemson
7a(242). Carlos Fields ILB, Winston-Salem State 
7b(243). Aaron Colvin CB, Oklahoma
7c(245). Gator Hoskins FB/TE, Marshall



AT49ers deserves special credit for trading high enough for both of his first two picks, although he would not have been able to get Joyner as well. Otherwise, Aaron Colvin is the only player he would not have been able to get without rearranging. Brandin Cooks was the best selection between he and Baalke. Colvin and Ward might cancel each other out. Joyner is probably better than Johnson/Reaser who are certainly no worse than Desir. Baalke probably got the better pick of Lynch vs. Attaochu (due to waiting until the 5th for Lynch), but otherwise – I’d give AT49ers the edge. 




30- Kyle Fuller 
56 - Jimmy Ward 
61 - Donte Moncrief 
77 - Tre Mason 
94 - Travis Swanson 
100- Phillip Gaines
129 - Logan Thomas 
170 - Jordan Zumwalt 
6th round - Jeremy Gallon 
7th round - Anthony Fera 


With some rearranging, many of these picks could have happened, but definitely not all of them. If that’s taken into account, Baalke probably has the slight edge here. Otherwise, it could be a virtual toss-up. They both picked Ward (although it’s tough to say he’d have lasted toward the end of the 2nd). Moncrief and Swanson combined are better than Hyde and Martin combined. Gaines/Fuller would be better than Reaser/Johnson. Borland’s one good year was better than Mason’s one good year. That said, the back end of the draft was a huge swing and a miss and Baalke would still have Lynch and Ellington left over, probably giving him the slightest edge.





***Trade Alert*** 
49ers trade 2014 1st rounder (#30), 2014 2nd rounder (#56) and 2015 2nd rounder to the Tennessee Titains for 2014 1st rounder (#11) 

Rd 1.) WR Odell Beckham Jr. LSU (#11 overall) 
Rd. 2) CB Keith McGill Utah (#61 overall) 
Rd.3) OLB Adrian Hubbard Alabama (#77 overall) 
Rd.3) CB Dontae Johnson NC State (#94 overall) 
Rd.3) QB Logan Thomas Va. Tech (#100 overall) 
Rd. 4) Shayne Skov ILB Stanford (#129 overall) 
Rd.5) CB Aaron Colvin Oklahoma (#170 overall) 
Rd.7) WR L’Damian Washington Missouri (#242 overall) 
Rd.7) RB James Baker Idaho (#243 overall) 
Rd.7) OG Andrew Norwell Ohio St. (#245 overall)



This is a pretty wild mock to review. Colvin is the only player that clarkfn2284 would have been unable to draft, though with some easy rearranging, he can select everyone in this draft. The wild trade up the board for OBJ not only would have been high enough, it would have been the best possible first round move Baalke could have made. From there – a lot of swings and misses where I thought there was no way the class could be saved, but then he did close out the draft with Andrew Norwell, who is now one of the best guards in the NFL. So with some minor rearranging to select Colvin, we’d have a top WR, a top G, a solid nickel CB in Colvin, a special teams player in McGill, and Johnson still. This is an easy win for clarkfn2284, even if he would get absolutely nothing from some of these mid-round picks. 




1(30): Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech 
2(56): Marcus Martin, C, USC 
2(61): Jarvis Landry, WR, LSU 
3(77): Pierre Desir, CB, Lindenwood 
3(94): Trent Morphy, OLB, Stanford 
3(100): Ahmad Dixon, S, Baylor 
4(129): CJ Fiedorowicz, TE, Iowa 
5(170): Max Bullough, ILB, Michigan State



DirtyJersey9er called it quits after 5 rounds, but his draft is still a decent one. Fuller never was an option, but with some rearranging, Murphy, Landry, Fiedorowicz would have been a pretty good first three picks. Landry easily would have been the best player in either draft, but he’s probably not enough to push this past Baalke’s class. I’d give Landry/Murphy/Fiedorowicz the slight edge over Ward/Hyde/Lynch, but the rest of the players don’t top Baalke’s remaining roleplayers. 





*Trade Up* Much like last year we give up a 3rd to move up a bit 

1. DB Jason Verrett (TCU)  
2a. WR Paul Richardson (Colorado) 
2b. DE Will Clarke (West Virginia) 
3a. **Traded** 
3b. MLB Andrew Jackson (Western Kentucky) 
4. QB Brett Smith (Wyoming) 
4(comp). CB/ST Ross Cockrell (Duke) 
5. S/ST Vinnie Sunseri (Alabama)



Given that he used a 3rd to move up, he would have easily been able to select Verrett. From there, all but Richardson could have been selected through some rearranging. Verrett and Cockrell would be an excellent starting CB tandem for us now, but nobody else in this draft class stands out in any meaningful way. Because of that, Baalke definitely has the edge over this class.





1 (30) – Odell Beckham, Jr. – LSU
2 (39) – Jimmie Ward, S – N. Illinois
3 (77) – Jaylen Watkins, CB – Florida
3 (91) – E.J. Gaines, CB – Missouri
4 (110) – Zach Mettenberger, QB – LSU
4 (125) – Cody Lattimer, WR – Indiana
5 (158) – Chris Watt, G – Notre Dame
7 (218) – Jay Bromley, DE – Syracuse
7 (219) – Larry Webster, TE – Bloomsburg
7 (220) – Howard Jones, LB – Shepherd

UDFA – Jalen Saunders, WR - Oklahoma
UDFA – John Brown, WR - Pittsburgh State
UDFA – LaDarius Perkins, RB – Miss St. 



While available in FFMD, many of these would not have been available at their slot in the actual draft. Still, the class would have been a very special one if Beckham had indeed fallen to #30 (and Ward remained for another 9 picks). Beckham easily would have been the best pick by either, and Ward easily the next best (by both). Watkins probably would have been the third best option. From there, Gaines – while injuries have derailed his promising start – would likely have put this over the top for FFMD by virtue of most of the other Baalke players being roleplayers at this point. 




23. San Francisco 49ers (from Kansas City) - Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech
56. San Francisco 49ers (from Kansas City Chiefs) - Marcus Smith, LB, Louisville
72. San Francisco 49ers (from Minnesota Vikings) - Marcus Martin, OL, USC
94. San Francisco 49ers - Robert Herron, WR, Wyoming
100. San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory) - Zach Mettenberger, QB, LSU
108. San Francisco 49ers (from Minnesota Vikings) - EJ Gaines, CB, Missouri
129. San Francisco 49ers - Craig Loston, S, LSU
163. San Francisco 49ers (from Kansas City Chiefs) - Jay Bromley, DT, Syracuse
170. San Francisco 49ers - Rajion Neal, RB, Tennessee
242. San Francisco 49ers - Richard Rodgers, TE, California
243. San Francisco 49ers - Charles Siddoway, OT, Mississippi State
245. San Francisco 49ers - Lawrence Virgil, DL, Valdosta State


Unfortunately for the FFMD 2 guys, this is the easiest mock draft thus far to judge, and Baalke’s easily tops it. Even with rearranging to fit some of the guys unavailable or pretending Fuller fell to the 23rd pick, there were simply too many poor players in this draft to give it a chance. Smith, Martin, Herron, Loston, Neal, Siddoway, and Virgil all had poor or nonexistent careers. Many of the others were underwhelming. Baalke easily gets the victory for this one. 





Trades- '14 3rd Rd SF, '14 7th SF to CLE for '15 3rd, '15 5th 

Rd 1 pk 30: CB Kyle Fuller Virginia Tech

Trade: '14 2nd Rd SF, '14 2nd KC, '14 5th Rd SF to Oak for '14 2nd Rd 

Rd 2 pk 4 Via OAK: WR Brandon Cooks Oregon State
Rd 3 pk 13 Via Tenn: OLB Kareem Martin North Carolina

Trade: '14 4th SF, '14 6th SF to DET for '14 4th 

Rd 4 pk 11 Via DET: OG Dakota Dozier Furman
Rd 4 pk COMP: CB Phillip Gaines Rice

Trade: LaMichael James to Jets for '14 6th 

Rd 6 pk 19 Via NY: QB Jeff Mathews Cornell

Trade: '14 7th NO, '14 7th CAR to ATL for '14 7th

Rd 7 pk 5 Via ATL: WR Jeff Janis Saginaw Valley State



Unfortunately, no amount of rearranging could make either of the top two picks in this class work. A lot of trades were made, but none to get higher in the first round for either Fuller or Cooks. Still, those two would have been a solid first two picks, and Gaines would have only helped. Even with all of those three, however, it’s hard to say it would have been a better draft than Baalke’s given that nobody else in the draft class stands out as strong enough to overcome all of the minor roleplayers Baalke picked up. 




First round #19 (traded 30 & 77) - Marqise Lee, WR, USC (6'0 192 lbs) 
Second round #56 - Phillip Gaines, CB, Rice (6'0 193 lbs) 
Second round #61 - Davante Adams, WR, Fresno State (6'1 212 lbs) 
Third round #94 - Jackson Jeffcoat, DE/OLB, Texas (6'3 247 lbs) 
Third round #100 (compensatory) - Charles Sims, RB, West Virginia (6'0 214 lbs) 
Fourth round #129 - Brock Vereen, DB, Minnesota (6'0 199 lbs) 
Fifth round #170 - Logan Thomas, QB, Virginia Tech (6'6 248 lbs) 
Seventh round #242 (from the New Orleans Saints) - Dexter McDougle, CB, Maryland (5'10 197 lbs) 
Seventh round #243 (from the Carolina Panthers) - Jonotthan Harrison, C/OG, Florida (6'4 304 lbs) 
Seventh round #245 - Carlos Fields Jr., LB, Winston-Salem State (6'1 238 lbs)


With some rearranging and changing up the trades, all of these players with the exception of Dexter McDougle could be selected (and that’s no big loss). While it would have been worthy of a head scratch in 2014, Adams and Lee would each be major players in our current WR rotation, and Gaines would likely be the starter opposite Robinson. Sims could be the change of pace back that a guy like Shanahan would love, and Harrison...while not very good...would still be arguably a great 7th round pick. Given all of that, it’s probably safe to say that this class would top Baalke’s class, though not by an extraordinary amount. 





49ers package picks #30 and #77 to the Packers for the #21. 

1.21 Odell Beckham Jr. – WR- LSU 

49ers package picks #56 and #94 to the Giants for #42. 

2.42 Kyle Fuller – CB – Virginia Tech 

49ers will send pick #61 to the Jets for picks #80 and #104. 

3.80 Marcus Martin – C/G – USC 
3.100 (Comp) – DaQuan Jones – DT – Penn State 
4.104 – Shayne Skov – LB – Stanford 
4.129 Phillip Gaines – CB – Rice 
5.170 Devin Street – WR – Pitt 

I’m not even going to pretend a know any of these 7th round guys, so let’s just package them all for 

Final pick Dave Fales – QB – SJSU



It’s pretty tough to give this one a fair grade given that only Jones and Skov were actually available when picked, and no amount of rearranging or trades could have gotten the team OBJ and Fuller. So, with that in mind, the class of players were probably good enough to beat Baalke’s – after all OBJ would be an incredible improvement, Fuller/Gaines would be better than all three defensive backs picked up by Baalke, and Jones would have been a solid find. But – realistically, one MIGHT have gotten high enough for OBJ or Fuller (we’ll say OBJ), and then it’s a close call that might tip in SoCal’s favor given how good a pick Jones would be.




1. Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech
2A. Donte Moncrief, WR, Ole Miss 
2B. Gabe Jackson, OG, Miss St 
3A. Craig Loston, SS, LSU 
3B. Dominique Easley, DE, Florida 
4. Phillip Gaines, CB, Rice 
4 Comp. James Gayle, DE/OLB, Virginia Tech 
5. Marcel Jensen, TE, Fresno St. 
6. John Brown, WR, Pittsburg St 
7. Nevin Lawson, CB, Utah St. 
7. Khairi Fortt, LB, California 
7. Jordan Lynch, QB, Northern Illinois


As a whole, the class would easily blow Baalke’s class out of the water. However, Fuller and Easley both went before the 49ers first pick and could not have been selected. Given that Easley was selected one spot before Ward, a small trade using the wasted 5th could have grabbed him. With that and some rearranging, Jackson, Gaines, Brown, Moncrief, Lawson would have made for a pretty great draft class that would have changed some of the DL selections made over these last few first rounds, and all would play major roles on the 2017 team, making it still better than Baalke’s.


Player Review:

Adams, Davante – Chosen by sherm (2nd)

Adams was picked up in the 2nd round by the Packers. He struggled to get the looks in his first two years, putting up two pedestrian seasons (for this draft class anyway). However, he broke out in 2016 with 12 touchdowns and just a few yards shy of 1,000. He would easily enter 2017 as one of our starters. 

Attaochu, Jeremiah – Chosen by AT49ers (2nd)

Attaochu went in the 2nd to the Chargers. A good comparison for Attaochu would be Aaron Lynch – a guy that impressed in his first season, improved a bit in season 2, and then suddenly disappeared. He did end up on IR to finish last season, but he had already performed his disappearing act long before that moment. 

Baker, James – Chosen by clarkfn2284 (7th)

Baker definitely went undrafted, and aside from that, I cannot find any information on if he ever appeared on even a 90-man roster. 

Beckham, Jr., Odell – Chosen by clarkfn2284 (1st), FFMD (1st), SoCalNiner (1st)

OBJ went #12 overall to the Giants. He’s obviously one of the absolute studs from this draft, and while we had flirted with the idea of trading up for him, Baalke decided against the idea, opting instead to hold onto a lot of extra picks to spend on guys recovering from ACL tears. 

Bromley, Jay – Chosen by FFMD (7th), FFMD 2 (5th)

Bromley went in the 3rd to the Giants. He has been a rotational player all three years with the team and has never been very effective. He did pick up his first career sack in 2016, and there is an opening at DT for Bromley to potentially fill in 2017. 

Brown, John – Chosen by y2lamanaki (6th)

Brown was a 3rd round pick of the Cardinals. Despite not earning one of the starting roles in Arizona (thanks to a crowded receiving corps), Brown has emerged as a dependable WR with over 150 receptions and 2000 yards in his 3 seasons. 

Bucannon, Deone – Chosen by 48 1/2ers (2nd)

Bucannon went in the first to the Cardinals. He is part of the new linebacker/safety hybrid craze that has caught on, and Bucannon is certainly one of the better ones at that. Run defense needs some work, but his superb coverage skills have really helped Arizona’s defense. 

Bullough, Max – Chosen by DirtyJersey9er (5th)

Bullough went undrafted and signed with the Texans. He eventually earned a spot on the 53-man roster and played some key special teams snaps, and was actually decent as a spot starter at the LB spot. Was just released after it was announced he was suspended for the first 4 games of the season. 

Clarke, Will – Chosen by EverythingSF (2nd)

Clarke was a 3rd round pick of the Bengals. Clarke has been a largely ineffective backup for the Bengals in his 3 years with the squad, although he did have a career high 4 sacks with the team in 2016. 

Cockrell, Ross – Chosen by EverythingSF (4th)

Cockrell was a 4th round pick of the Bills. He never stood out with the team and was eventually cut in 2015 and picked up by the Steelers. Since then, he has developed into a solid starter for the team and started all 16 games in 2016. 

Colvin, Aaron – Chosen by AT49ers (7th), clarkfn2284 (5th)

Colvin was a 4th round pick of the Jaguars. He has developed into a very solid nickel cornerback for the Jaguars and last year allowed the fewest yards per completion of any cornerback in the NFL last season. 

Cooks, Brandin – Chosen by AT49ers (1st), NinerNation21 (2nd)

Cooks went #20 overall to the Saints. Unsurprisingly (given his QB), he was able to become an immediately productive receiver, hitting the 1,000 yard mark each of the past two years. His QB situation, if possible, improved so it’s likely he’ll continue to be just as productive. However, it might be fair to question how well he would have done here with Gabbert/Kaepernick throwing the ball. 

Desir, Pierre – Chosen by AT49ers (3rd), Chosen by DirtyJersey9er (3rd)

Desir went in the 4th to the Browns. He struggled quite a bit when given a chance over his first two year with the team. He spent part of 2016 with the Chargers before ending up on the Seahawks practice squad. Interestingly chose to remain on the Seahawks practice squad rather than taking a 53-man spot with the Lions at the end of 2016. 

Dixon, Ahmad – Chosen by AT49ers (3rd), DirtyJersey9er (3rd)

Dixon went in the 7th to the Cowboys. He ended up splitting one season with three different teams and is now out of the NFL. 

Dozier, Dakota – Chosen by 48 1/2ers (3rd), NinerNation21 (4th)

Dozier went in the 4th to the Jets. He’s still with the team entering 2017 and saw a couple starts at the end of 2016 for the first time in his career. Mostly an uninspiring back-up, though he graded out well in his 2016 season according to PFF.

Easley, Dominique – Chosen by y2lamanaki (3rd)

Easley was the Patriots’ first round pick. While not being extremely effective in his rookie season after a tough injury, Easley played pretty well in year two before being a surprise cut. He then picked back up with the Rams and is a part of a very solid defensive line in LA. 

Fales, David – Chosen by SoCalNiner (7th)

Fales was a 6th round choice by the Bears. Injuries finally allowed him a brief appearance in 2016 where he completed 2 of 5 passes for 22 yards. 

Fera, Anthony – Chosen by big9erfan (7th)

Fera has never even been a camp leg in the NFL.

Fiedorowicz, CJ – Chosen by DirtyJersey9er (4th)

Fiedorowicz went at the top of the 3rd to the Texans. After being used as a blocking TE for much of his first two seasons, Fiedorowicz had something of a breakout year in his 3rd season catching over 50 passes for more than 500 yards. 

Fields, Carlos – Chosen by AT49ers (7th), sherm (7th)

Fields went undrafted. He managed to make it onto the 53-man rosters of the Redskins for a few games in 2015 and Chargers for a game in 2016. Only a Special Teams player at this point.

Fortt, Khairi – Chosen by y2lamanaki (7th)

Fortt was a 4th round pick of the Saints. Despite the 4th round status, Fortt did not make the Saints and played in only 3 games with the Jaguars in 2014, registering one tackle. He’s now on the Redskins training camp roster.

Fuller, Kyle – Chosen by 48 1/2ers (1st), big9erfan (1st), DirtyJersey9er (1st), FFMD 2 (1st), NinerNation 21 (1st), SoCalNiner (1st), y2lamanaki (1st)

Fuller wound up going much higher than anyone predicted, being drafted #14 overall. He showed a lot of promise at first, but his play tailed off in his 2nd year and an injury cost him his 2016 season. This offseason, the Bears declined to pick up his 5th year option and signed both Marcus Cooper and Prince Amukamara signaling what could be the end of his tenure in Chicago as early as before 2017 even starts. By far, our most popular player in 2014 as a forum.

Gaines, EJ – Chosen by FFMD (3rd), FFMD 2 (4th)

Gaines was a 6th round pick of the Rams. As a 6th round pick, Gaines had a surprisingly good rookie season in 2014, but injuries have derailed him from there. If he stays healthy, he’ll likely play a significant role in the Rams defensive backfield in 2017. 

Gaines, Phillip – Chosen by 48 1/2ers (3rd), big9erfan (4th), NinerNation21 (4th), sherm (2nd), SoCalNiner (4th), y2lamanaki (4th)

Gaines would be drafted in the 3rd round by the Chiefs. Gaines has developed into a pretty solid rotational CB, which is all the Chiefs need him to be with Marcus Peters and Eric Berry in the same secondary. Finally got his first INT last season, but is a solid player in a pretty great secondary in Kansas City, even if he’s not a solidified starter. The second most popular player on the forum. 

Gallon, Jeremy – Chosen by big9erfan (6th)

A 7th round pick of the Patriots, Gallon has never played a down in the NFL.

Gardner, Ben – Chosen by 48 1/2ers (7th)

Gardner was a 7th round pick of the Cowboys. Gardner has yet to appear in an NFL game. 

Gayle, James – Chosen by y2lamanaki (4th)

Gayle went undrafted and has never played a snap in the NFL. 

Harrison, Jonotthan – Chosen by sherm (7th)

Harrison went undrafted and signed with the Colts.  He has routinely worked his way onto the starting line in a weak overall unit with 23 starts over the last three seasons. His play, especially last season, was routinely poor, however. 

Herron, Robert – Chosen by FFMD 2 (3rd)

Herron was a 6th round pick of the Buccaneers. After 6 receptions, 50 yards, and a TD in his rookie season, he’s never appeared in an NFL game again. 

Hoskins, Gator – Chosen by AT49ers (7th)

Hoskins went undrafted and caught on with the Dolphins. He had three receptions with the team before getting cut and is now out of the NFL. 

Hubbard, Adrian – Chosen by clarkfn2284 (3rd)

Hubbard went undrafted and has never played a snap in the NFL.

Jackson, Andrew – Chosen by EverythingSF (3rd)

Jackson was either the 7th President of the United States who died in 1845 or a 6th round pick of the Colts. He played one year in the league and registered one sack and 10 tackles in that time, and now plays in the Indoor Football League. 

Jackson, Gabe – Chosen by y2lamanaki (2nd)

Jackson was a 3rd round pick of the Raiders. He has started all but 4 games in his career, and is a very good interior lineman for the Raiders. 

Janis, Jeff – Chosen by NinerNation21 (7th)

Janis was a 7th round pick of the Packers. He has not been able to contribute much as a receiver (aside from an improbable 2015 postseason), but he’s been a key special teams player in Green Bay. 

Jeffcoat, Jackson – Chosen by sherm (3rd)

Jeffcoat went undrafted and was initially picked up by the Seahawks. He saw his only NFL games with the Redskins, brought up to the active roster due to injury. After 1 sack and 4 tackles, he is now out of the NFL and playing in the CFL. 

Jensen, Marcel – Chosen by y2lamanaki (5th)

Jensen went undrafted and has never played a snap in the NFL. 

Johnson, Dontae – Chosen by clarkfn2284 (3rd)

Nailed it!!! Johnson was our fourth round pick in 2014 and remains with the team, although he has largely been a special teams contributor only to this point. 

Jones, DaQuan – Chosen by SoCalNiner (3rd)

Jones was a 4th round pick of the Titans. After initially being inactive for much of his rookie season, he finally worked his way into a rotational role before becoming a starter for the final game of his rookie year. He then started all 16 games in 2015 and 2016 and has been a solid starter at that.

Jones, Howard – Chosen by FFMD (7th)

Jones was undrafted and signed by the Steelers. He eventually made the Buccaneers’ roster in 2015 and responded by racking up 5 sacks in a rotational role. His 2016 season was not nearly as successful and injuries eventually cut it short. 

Joyner, Lamarcus – Chosen by AT49ers (2nd)

Joyner was a 2nd round pick of the Rams. He has had some ups and downs, but has shown improvements year over year. May have been miscast as the Rams’ nickelback, and this year will probably take over at safety to give a chance to show what he has to offer there. 

Landry, Jarvis – Chosen by DirtyJersey9er (2nd)

Landry was a 2nd round pick of the Dolphins, used as the pick we gave up to go get Carlos Hyde. Landry would have been a much better choice as a 2x Pro Bowler who has been an excellent player for the Dolphins from the beginning. As a fun side note, we traded out of two picks in the 2nd round in 2014, and they became Allen Robinson and Jarvis Landry. 

Latimer, Cody – Chosen by FFMD (4th)

Latimer was a 2nd round pick of the Broncos and has been possibly the biggest WR bust in the draft class. Latimer has never had more than 100 yards in any season. He now has some off the field trouble that – while minor – will likely end his poor career. 

Lawson, Nevin – Chosen by y2lamanaki (7th)

Lawson was a 4th round pick of the Lions. After playing in a reserve corner role in his first two seasons, Lawson developed into a solid starter in Detroit in 2016. Teez Tabor may push to take his role in year three, but he would make for an excellent nickelback.

Lee, Marqise – Chosen by sherm (1st)

Lee wound up going in the 2nd round to the Jaguars. He appeared on his way to the “bust” label until this past season where he put up 800+ yards and 3 TDs. Next year might better determine if this was an anomalous season or not.

Loston, Craig – Chosen by FFMD 2 (4th), y2lamanaki (3rd)

Loston went undrafted and was eventually signed by the Jaguars where he was a mostly unspectacular special teams player over his 2 years with the team. He’s now out of the NFL. 

Lynch, Jordan – Chosen by y2lamanaki

Lynch went undrafted and is now out of the NFL.

Martin, Kareem – Chosen by NinerNation21 (3rd)

A 3rd round pick of the Cardinals. Martin has been a very underwhelming rotational player and has not developed into anything worthwhile for the Cardinals. With only 2.5 sacks and 15 tackles on his career, he will be in a battle to win a roster spot in 2017. 

Martin, Marcus – Chosen by DirtyJersey9er (2nd), FFMD 2 (3rd), SoCalNiner (3rd)

Nailed it!!! Might be the one pick in this class that you didn’t want to actually get right, though. Martin was our first third round pick in 2014. Martin was an absolute disaster just about any time he saw the field, and he now gets to be a disaster in Cleveland instead. 

Mason, Tre – Chosen by big9erfan (3rd)

Mason went in the 3rd to the Rams. After a promising rookie season that saw him average 4.3 YPC, the Rams still went ahead and drafted Todd Gurley in 2015 and Mason’s career spiraled out of control. Off the field issues kept him out of the NFL in 2016 and he remains out of football. 

Matthews, Jeff – Chosen by NinerNation21 (6th)

Matthews went undrafted and has never made an NFL roster. He is now in the CFL. 

McDougle, Dexter – Chosen by sherm (7th)

McDougle was actually a 3rd round pick of the Jets. He has been an absolute waste of a pick, totaling only 1 tackle over 3 years. He would appear unlikely to make the 2017 roster, which is sad given that the Jets are easily the least talented team in the NFL. 

McGill, Keith – Chosen by clarkfn2284 (2nd)

McGill went in the 4th to the Raiders. He has not been very good in coverage. After switching from cornerback to safety, the Raiders essentially benched him after the first two games of the season. He does still play a significant role on Special Teams, and that will be how he earns his roster spot in 2017.

Mettenberger, Zach – Chosen by FFMD (4th), FFMD 2 (3rd)

Mettenberger was a 6th round pick of the Titans. While unspectacular, he seemed to be on his way to a solid backup QB career after being forced into action as a rookie. Yet he has been released by the Steelers after they selected Josh Dobbs in this years’ draft. 

Moncrief, Donte – Chosen by 48 1/2ers (2nd), big9erfan (2nd), y2lamanaki (2nd)

Moncrief went in the 3rd to the Colts. He has been a relatively steady producer for the Colts, but may be miscast as their #2 WR (#3 might be the better option for him). Missed 7 games in 2016, but otherwise was on pace to match his rather average 2015 production. 

Murphy, Trent – Chosen by DirtyJersey9er (3rd)

Murphy went in the 2nd to the Redskins. He has spent time at both OLB and DE, and has been a very solid player in each spot. Last year he totaled 9 sacks after moving back to linebacker due to injuries at the position. 

Neal, Rajion – Chosen by FFMD 2 (5th)

Neal went undrafted and has never appeared in an NFL game. 

Norwell, Andrew – Chosen by clarkfn2284 (7th)

Norwell went undrafted. He signed with the Panthers and worked his way into the starting lineup in his rookie year and hasn’t looked back. Norwell is now one of the top guards in the NFL. 

Pennel, Mike – Chosen by 48 1/2ers (7th)

Pennel went undrafted and spent his first three years in the league with the Packers. He is a rotational/backup player who has played some above average snaps in his three years with the Packers. He now hopes to earn a spot in 2017 with the Jets. 

Richardson, Paul – Chosen by EverythingSF (2nd)

Richardson was a 2nd round pick of the Seahawks in 2014. He has been a giant disappointment for the Seahawks and has still yet to surpass 300 yards receiving in a single season. However, to our detriment, Richardson put together a solid postseason in 2016 which could lead to bigger things this year. 

Rodgers, Richard – Chosen by 48 1/2ers (5th), FFMD 2 (7th)

Rodgers was a 3rd round pick of the Packers. Had some decent production for a tight end in his second season, but his production trailed off last year. Only the third tight end in Green Bay and not a lock to make the roster this season. Only an okay blocker. 

Saunders, Jalen – Chosen by 48 1/2ers (4th)

Saunders went in the 4th to the Jets. Saunders had minimal production in his only year in the league (split between the Jets and Saints), and is now playing in the CFL. 

Siddoway, Charles – Chosen by FFMD 2 (7th)

Siddoway ran into trouble right before the NFL draft and went undrafted. He was never picked up by an NFL team. 

Sims, Charles – Chosen by sherm (3rd)

Sims was a 3rd round pick by the Buccaneers. Only a change of pace back to Doug Martin, Sims saw extensive action in 2015 that allowed him to get over 500 yards rushing and receiving. In 2016, he was more of a disappointment, though he still looks to play a significant role in the Buccs’ backfield in 2017. 

Skov, Shayne – Chosen by clarkfn2284 (4th), SoCalNiner (4th)

Nailed it! ...Well, sorta. Skov went undrafted, but did get signed by the 49ers as an UDFA. Still, he was a very underwhelming roster addition who kept finding his way to the roster thanks to what inexplicably became a lack of depth at the position. 

Smith, Brett – Chosen by EverythingSF (4th)

Smith went undrafted and signed with the Buccaneers, but got cut before training camp even started. He then bounced around the CFL. 

Smith, Marcus – Chosen by FFMD 2 (2nd)

Smith was the Eagles first round pick in 2014. He has been a pretty large bust for the Eagles, and is in jeopardy of not making the team in 2017. He has totaled only 4 sacks and 12 tackles over 3 poor seasons in Philadelphia. 

Street, Devin – Chosen by SoCalNiner (5th)

Street was a 5th round pick of the Cowboys. In 3 years he has totaled only 10 receptions, 150 yards, and a touchdown in a pretty underwhelming career. 

Sunseri, Vinnie – Chosen by EverythingSF (5th)

Sunseri was a 5th round pick of the Saints. Sunseri developed into a solid special teams player, but has been injury prone with each of his first two seasons ending on IR. This past season, he was eventually picked up by the 49ers, and may have a decent chance at being the 4th safety this year. 

Swanson, Travis – Chosen by big9erfan (3rd)

Swanson went in the 3rd to the Lions. Became a starter in his first season and has started every game he’s played over the last two years. He struggled some in his first two years, but last year actually graded out pretty well (according to PFF). Certainly the better call over Marcus Martin or Brandon Thomas.  

Thomas, Brandon – Chosen by AT49ers (6th)

Nailed it!!! Thomas was of course a 3rd round IR stash of Baalke’s that never played a snap for us (or anyone, to date).

Thomas, Logan – Chosen by 48 1/2ers (7th), big9erfan (4th), clarkfn2284 (3rd), Sherm (5th)

Thomas was a 4th round pick of the Cardinals. Thomas completed 1 of his career 9 pass attempts (albeit for an 81-yard TD) before leaving the NFL as a QB. He’s now trying to jump start his career with the Bills by switching to TE. 

Vereen, Brock – Chosen by sherm (4th)

Vereen was a 4th round pick of the Bears. He was forced into the starting lineup as a rookie and his poor play contributed to him getting released the following year. He’s bounced around practice squads since then and is now out of the NFL. 

Verrett, Jason – Chosen by EverythingSF

Verrett was the first round pick of the Chargers in 2014. Verrett emerged as one of the top young CBs in the league in 2015, making his first Pro Bowl. A knee injury ended his chance to repeat the feat in 2016, but he’s still set up to be an excellent player.  

Virgil, Lawrence – Chosen by FFMD 2 (7th)

Virgil went undrafted and was picked up by the Saints. He appeared in one game in his rookie year and made two tackles, but he’s now out of the NFL. 

Ward, Jimmie – Chosen by big9erfan (2nd), FFMD (2nd)

Nailed it!!! Normally, hitting on a Baalke pick is a sure sign that you messed up in your mock, but this one is one of the few exceptions to that rule. Ward of course was our first round pick in 2014 and has played mostly solid football since arriving. In 2017 he starts at FS for the first time, which may even be his best fit. 

Washington, L’Damian – Chosen by clarkfn2284 (7th)

Washington went undrafted and was signed by the Cowboys. After the Cowboys cut him, the 49ers did pick him up for a few weeks (kinda, sorta nailed it?), but cut him in the first round of cuts.  After being cut by 5 other NFL teams (seriously), Washington is now in the CFL. 

Watkins, Jaylen – Chosen by FFMD (3rd)

Watkins was a 4th round pick of the Eagles. He was mostly an underwhelming CB and transitioned to FS last year where he played a significant role toward the end of the year in the Eagles’ nickel defense. His play was rather average, but he may earn the same role again in 2017.

Watt, Chris – Chosen by FFMD (5th)

Watt was a 3rd round pick of the Chargers. He managed to start 8 games over 2 seasons with the Chargers, but he was a pretty poor player overall. He has now signed with the Saints where he looks to be an early season insurance policy for Max Unger while he recovers from injury. 

Webster, Larry – Chosen by FFMD (7th)

Webster went in the 4th to the Lions. The FFMD staff obviously had different intentions for Webster, as they drafted him as a TE while he has played as a DE in the NFL. He’s now with the Panthers and finally appeared in his first NFL game last season. 

Zumwalt, Jordan – Chosen by big9erfan (5th)

A sixth round pick of the Steelers. He has never made an NFL roster and is currently without a job. 

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Archiving the 2013 Edition: 

(I don't know how long the old posts will be available, so I'm making sure I archive as much as possible)

These became popular offseason threads last year, so I decided to do it again this offseason by taking a look at 2013. Typically, they say a draft class needs 3 years to be effectively evaluated. The 2013 NFL draft class has now had 3 seasons to develop, so it’s time to evaluate. Before we get into that, let me make sure you know to head over to this year’s thread at the link below. Unlike in 2011-2014, I’ll only be going through the one thread to keep things simple, and also because that will allow everyone to go off the draft order (so we know everyone who would be available). You can make this year’s choices right here: 


Baalke’s class in 2013 was certainly better than 2012 (it’s impossible not to be), but wasn’t particularly strong. Eric Reid had a strong Pro Bowl year in his rookie season, followed by two years as a solid starter (don’t let anyone convince you otherwise). Tank Carradine has struggled to find a role, and this year may be down to his last chance in a switch to OLB/DE in the nickel and dime sets. Vance McDonald, Corey Lemonier, and Quinton Patton have never really done anything of note. Lattimore never got an NFL carry. Dial has developed into an okay starter that would be perfect in a rotational role (what he may be relegated to with the addition of Buckner to go alongside Armstead). Nick Moody, BJ Daniels, Carter Bykowski, and Marcus Cooper have all moved on to greener pastures. 

So now it’s time to see how we did. This year, to save on repeating information about players many of us drafted, I have listed the players below all of our draft classes and the verdicts. So if you want to read the takes and how close we were to predicting where these guys would go, you’ll have to scroll below all the draft classes. 

48 1/2ers 




Pick 1(31)+3(31)+7(21) to Minnesota for pick 1(23) 
Pick 5(24)+7(31) to Chicago for 5(20) 

1(23) Kenny Vaccaro FS Texas- 
2(2) Zach Ertz TE Stanford- 
2(31)Datone Jones DE UCLA- 
3(12) Brandon Williams NT Missouri Southern 
4(31) Stedman Bailey WR West Virginia- 
4(34) AJ Klein ILB Iowa St 
5(20) Jordan Mills OT Louisiana Tech 
5(31) Nickell Robey CB USC 
6(12) Ty Powell OLB Harding 
7(45) Zac Dysert QB Miami Ohio



Way better than Baalke’s draft. Even with a bigger trade than Baalke made, Vaccaro and Reid cancel each other out, which leaves a fantastic haul of Ertz, Jones (who wouldn’t have been available), and Williams that blows Baalke’s draft out of the water. On top of that Klein would be an upgrade on the current team, and Mills/Robey would have been decent late round picks. 

49ers Finest: 



1[31] de/nt jesse williams 
2[34] cb dj hayden 
2[61] wr quinton patton 
3[74] te travis kelce 
3[93] s duke williams 
4[128] t Luke Marquard 
4[131] c/g jeff baca 
5[157] mlb ty powell 
6[173] de lawrence okoye 
6[180] s john boyett 
7[237] olb walter stewart 
7[246] rb cierre wood 
7[252] cb Rashaan Melvin


This one’s tough, but I have to give Baalke the slight edge. It’s probably not a good thing when you end up with 3 of the same rookies Baalke does (at least in this draft), and that proves the case here. On top of that, Williams was an AJ Jenkins-level reach in the first and Kelce, the best player in this class, would not have been available where he was taken here (though swapping him and Patton would do the trick). 





- Alex Smith to KC for their third and a conditional 2014 pick 

1 - Tyler Eifert 
2 - Phillip Thomas 
3 (from KC) - Margus Hunt 
3 (#74) - Brandon Williams 
3 (ours) - Leon McFadden 
4 (trade our 4th + 5th to move up) - Brandon Jenkins 
4 (comp) - Le'veon Bell 
6 (first pick) - Denard Robinson 
6 (second) - best kicker available 
7 - who knows?



Definitely better than Baalke’s class. While Bell and Robinson would not have been available where they were taken, some rearranging of picks certainly makes it possible to come away with a pretty solid draft class of Eifert, Bell, Brandon Williams, and Robinson. Even without rearranging, Eifert/Williams alone is slightly better than Reid/Dial, which is essentially all Baalke has gotten out of this class to date. This is the last chance for Carradine/McDonald/Lemonier/Patton to prove this wrong. 





Trade: 31+61+74+125 to the Jets for 13(basing this off recent rumors plus we still get at least a pick in rounds 1-4) 

1. Sheldon Richardson, DE/DT Missouri 
2. Eric Reid, FS LSU: 
3. Travis Kelce, TE Cincinnati: 
4(comp). Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina: 
5. Khalid Holmes, C USC: 
6. Zavier Gooden, OLB Missouri: 
6. Josh Boyce, WR TCU: 
7. Steve Beauharnais, ILB Rutgers 
7. Travis Bond, G, UNC 
7(Comp). Earl Wolff, SS NC State



Way better than Baalke’s draft. Obviously Reid equals himself, and Richardson is far greater than Dial. Kelce just becomes icing on the cake (and what delicious icing he’d be). Of course, Kelce would not have been available and it’s hard to say if Reid would have lasted until the top of the 2nd, but it’s still a solid class. 



1.31- FS Eric Reid (LSU) 
2.34- OT Terron Armstead (Arkansas-Pine Bluff) 
2.62- TE Vance McDonald (Rice) 
3.74- WR Ryan Swope (Texas A&M) 
3.93- DE Quinton Dial (Alabama) 
4.128- DT Montori Hughes (Tennessee-Martin) 
4.131- CB Steve Williams (California) 
5.157- MLB Kevin Reddick (North Carolina) **possibly need to trade up here** 
5.164- QB Jeff Tuel (Washington State) 
6.180- DB Jakar Hamilton (South Carolina State) 
7.227- TE Zach Sudfeld (Nevada) 
7.237- OLB Quanterus Smith (Western Kentucky) 
7.246- DE Craig Roh (Michigan) 
7.252- DB Rashaan Melvin (Northern Illinois)


Way better than Baalke’s class. I mean, EverythingSF selected all of Baalke’s 3 best players from the 2013 class, and then added Armstead (arguably the best player in either class) and solid depth. Even if Reid or McDonald don’t last to the picks we originally had instead of trading up to get them, Armstead + Dial is arguably better than Reid + Dial, and the remaining depth picked up throughout the draft is better than what we’ve gotten out of McDonald and the crew. 




49ers Draft 
Round 1: WR - Justin Hunter, Tennessee 
Round 2: NT - Brandon Williams, Southern Missouri 
Round 3: CB - Darius Slay, Mississippi State 
Round 3: LB/DE - John Simon, Ohio State 
Round 4: DE - William Gholston, Michigan State 
Round 5: TE - Nick Kasa, Colorado 
Round 5: PK - Caleb Sturgis, Florida 
Round 6: OT - Jordan Mills, Louisiana Tech 
Round 6: DB - Robert Lester, Alabama 
Round 7: WR - Tavarres King, Georgia 
Round 7: DE - Chris Jones, Bowling Green


Way better than Baalke. The first pick was a swing and a miss, but the class picks up in a big way from there. While Slay and Gholston wouldn’t have been available at those picks, some clever maneuvering (or including our compensatory picks even) would allow for both to end up on the team. Those two along with Williams/Jones/Simon on the defensive line/pass rush positions would be a huge upgrade over our current roster. 




{1.31} Kawaan Short 
{2.34} Justin Hunter 
{2.37} D.J. Swearinger 
{3.74} Vance McDonald 
{4.131} Mike Catapano 
{5.149} Xavier Nixon 
{6.175} Landry Jones 
{6.180} Michael Mauti 
{7.227} Walter Stewart 
{7.246} Sheldon Price 
{7.252} Tyrone Goard


Baalke probably gets the slight edge here. Even if we assume Short is slightly better than Reid, Justin Hunter is likely not a better pick than Quinton Dial, and most of the other guys are merely depth players same as our own. 




1 Datone Jones DE 
2 Jonathan Cyprien S 
2 Terrance Williams WR 
3 Vance McDonald TE 
3 Terry Hawthorne CB 
3 Brian Schwenke C 
4 Montori Hughes NT 
5 Dustin Hopkins K 
5 Cornelius Washington OLB 
5 Corry Fuller WR 
6 Braden Brown OT 
6 Josh Boyd DL 
Trade our 7th rounders for future picks.


This is probably a push. There’s no player of Eric Reid’s caliber in the group, but Jones/Cyrpien/Williams/Schwenke/Hughes/Hopkins is no worse a group overall than Reid/Carradine/Lemonier/Patton/Dial. This is too close to call. 

Gore Whore 21 



1(31) Damontre Moore OLB Texas A&M 
2(34) Zach Ertz TE Stanford 
2(63) Robert Woods WR USC 
3(74) Kyle Long OL Oregon 
3(95) Joe Kruger DE Utah 
4(127) Tyrann Mathieu CB LSU 
5(152) Dustin Hopkins K FSU 
5(159) David Bass OLB Missouri Western 
6(172) Keelan Johnson S Arizona State 
6(191) Rodney Smith WR FSU 
7(213) Brandon McGee CB Miami 
7(223) Jordan Rodgers QB Vanderbilt


Way better than Baalke’s. A lot of great players selected in this draft, but some rearranging would need to be done to fit them into the class, and even then it’s just not possible to get them all. Still, you could make a first 3 picks of Kyle Long, Zach Ertz, and Tyrann Mathieu, which would have been one stellar class. 



Round 1 Sheldon Richardson 
Round 2 Eric Reid 
Round 3 Zac Ertz 
Round 3 Tyrann Mathieu 
Picks 93 and 128 traded to jump higher in the third round. 
Round 3 Aaron Dobson 
Round 4 Stephan Taylor 
157 173 180 trade to get back into the 4th 
Round 4 Corey Lemonier 
Round 7 Colin Klein 
Round 7 Darius Smith 
Round 7 Graham Pocic


Way better than Baalke’s. While he would not have been able to make just about any of these picks until Stepfan Taylor where he did, if you remove Richardson and shift everyone up, he could have a top 3 picks of Reid/Ertz/Mathieu which is obviously superior to the Reid/Dial/McDonald trio that make up our best moves from 2013. 




#31-Eric Reed, S 
#34-D.J. Hayden, CB 
#61-Johnathan Hankins, NT 
#74-Phillip Thomas, S 
#93-Marcus Lattimore, RB 
#128-Brian Schwenke, C 
#131-Joe Krueger, DE 
#157-Walter Stewart, OLB 
#164-Traded to Cleveland 
#173-Nick Kasa, TE 
#180-Chris Faulk, OT 
#246–Dustin Hopkins, K or Caleb Sturgis, K 
#252- Quentin Dial, DE


Better than Baalke’s. Well, he duplicated Baalke’s top 2 picks (with some rearranging), and then added another good player in Hankins. After that, many of the guys aren’t that great, but they still represent improvements (or are at least still playing). 




#31 Johnathan Cyprien S FIU 
#63 Brandon Williams NT Missouri Southern 
#75 Cornelius "Tank" Carradine DE Florida st 
#95 Joseph Randle RB Oklahoma st 
#127 Chris Harper WR/TE Kansas st 
4th Round Comp pick Sanders Commings CB Georgia 
#152 Chris Jones DT/DE Bowling Green 
#159 Marquess Wilson WR Washington st 
#172 Nick Kasa TE Colorado 
#191 Manase Foketi OL West Texas A&M 
#213 Zach Brown K Portland st


Slightly better than Baalke’s. This one was very close, but if Williams/Reid, Jones/Dial, Wilson/McDonald are all seen as comparable-level players, than also ending up with Jones/Randle/Cyprien has to push this one just over the top (and we can just pretend he took Carradine with the first 2nd round pick Kikuchiyo didn’t know we would have at the time). If Cyprien plays a lot better with the improved defense in front of him, this draft would be a lot more favorable than Baalke’s. 





1st round pick traded to Arizona for their 2nd and 4th round pick (arizona jumps the chiefs for the rights to Matt Barkley) 

2nd round pick (from Arizona) TE Zach Ertz 
2nd 4th (arizona) and 6th round pick (Traded for Pittsburgh 2nd round pick) DE Dantone Jones 
3rd Round Pick (from Carolina NT Brandon Williams 
3rd Round Pick WR Darrick Rodgers 
3rd Round Comp Pick CB Logan Ryan 
4th Round Pick K Caleb Sturgis 
5th Round Pick (indi) S Brandon Bishop 
5th Round Pick C Graham Pocic 
6th Round Pick (miami) ILB Michael Mauti 
6th round comp pick OT Elvis Fisher 
7th Round Pick (cincinatti) traded for future 6th round pick 
7th round pick traded for future pick 
7th round comp pick OLB David Bass 
7th round comp pick QB Alex Carder



Way better than Baalke’s. Granted, technically many of these players could not be picked where they were shown here, but this draft was posted before the Alex Smith trade which alleviates some of that. A lighter trade to move up for Jones than Reid could easily net a first four picks of Jones/Ertz/Williams/Ryan, and that’s a lot of tremendous talent that outshines what Baalke picked up. While most of the other picks were misses, those four make this a big win. 




1 (31): TANK CARRADINE DE, Florida St. 
2 (34): TRADE. SF sends" #34 
Jets send: 2014 First round pick + 2013 4th (#106). 
2b (61) Damontre Moore OLB, Texas A&M. 
3a (74) D.J. Swearinger S, South Carolina. 
3b (93) Barrett Jones OL, Alabama. 
4a (106) Tyrann Mathieu CB/ST, LSU. 
4b (128) Marcus Lattimore RB, South Carolina 
4c (131) Kevin Reddick ILB, North Carolina 
5a (157) Mike Catapano DE, Prineton 
6a (173) Chris Gragg TE, Arkansas. 
6b (180) Marquise Goodwin WR, Texas. 4.27 forty... 
7a (237) Chris Thompson RB, Florida State 
7b (246) Walter Stewart OLB, Cincinnati: 
7c (252) Elvis Fisher OT, Missouri:


Baalke gets the slight edge. Similar to Baalke’s draft, he got one quality starter and a handful of unrealized talent. Some of those guys might still develop, but at this point it’s hard to say he got more than Baalke did. A push might even be generous, so we’ll give Baalke the nod. 




(1) 31. San Francisco 49ers- Kawann Short, Purdue 
(2) 34. San Francisco 49ers (from Kansas City Chiefs)- Jamie Collins, Southern Miss 
(2) 50. San Francisco 49ers- Kyle Long, Oregon 
(2) 61. San Francisco 49ers- (traded 61+93 for 50) 
(3) 93. San Francisco 49ers- (traded) 
(3) 65. San Francisco 49ers- J.J. Wilcox, Georgia Southern 
(3) 74. San Francisco 49ers (from Carolina Panthers)- (traded 74+128 for 65) 
(4) 128. San Francisco 49ers- (traded) 
(4) 131. San Francisco 49ers (compensatory selection)- William Gholston, Michigan St. 
(5) 157. San Francisco 49ers (from Indianapolis Colts)- Chris Gragg, TE, Arkansas 
(6) 175. San Francisco 49ers (from Cleveland Browns)- Josh Boyce, WR, TCU 
(6) 180. San Francisco 49ers (from Miami Dolphins)- Zac Stacy, RB, Vanderbilt 
(7) 227. San Francisco 49ers (from Cincinnati Bengals)- Micah Hyde, CB, Iowa 
(7) 246. San Francisco 49ers (compensatory selection)- Sean Renfree, QB, Duke 
(7) 252. San Francisco 49ers (compensatory selection)- Eric Martin, LB, Nebraska


Dump Baalke and replace him with sherm. He might not have been able to get everyone where he has them, but if you rearrange some guys and include trades that actually existed, suddenly we have an all-star draft here. Long/Short/Collins would have been possible with the first three picks (if you sacrifice pick #91 like sherm wanted to), and that’s 3 Pro Bowl talents, all at current areas of need. Add in Micah Hyde as a quality defensive back, Wilcox as a capable safety Gholston as a rotational guy on the line...man. This was a good one. 





The 49ers send: 
Alex Smith 
2013 2nd Round Pick (63) 

The Chiefs send: 
2013 2nd Round Pick (34) 
Conditional 2014 3rd round pick, with the possibility to turn into a 2nd 

1.21 Johnathan Hankins, DT, Ohio State 
2.34 (Via KC) Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee 
3.74 (Via CAR) Blidi Wreh-Wilson, CB, Connecticut 
3.COMP William Gholston, DE, Michigan State 
4.127 Travis Kelce, TE, Cincinnati 
5.152 Dustin Hopkins, K, Florida State 
6.172 Tyrann Mathieu, CB/S, Home Schooled 
6.191 Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina 
7.213 Shamarko Thomas, S, Syracuse 
7.223 Matt Scott, QB, Arizona 
7.COMP Alec Lemon, WR, Syracuse 
7.COMP Graham Pocic, C, Illinois



Better than Baalke’s. Granted, many of these guys wouldn’t have been available where they’re listed here, but some rearranging can fix that and give a top 3 of Hankins/Kelce/Mathieu. Mathieu > Reid, Kelce > McDonald, Hankins > Dial. Add in Gholston and Hopkins and this becomes a very solid class. Also, let’s give SoCal some huge props for posting this BEFORE the Alex Smith trade and almost predicting it exactly correct, down to the conditional 3rd that could turn into a 2nd. If only he didn’t give up our 2nd as well, he would have impressively called it. 





I start off with a trade: 49ers trade picks #31, #74, and #157 (from IND) to Chicago for pick #20. 

1) Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas - 
2a) Zach Ertz, TE, Stanford - 
2b) Jonathan Jenkins, NT, Georgia - 
3) Corey Lemonier, DE/OLB, Auburn - 
4A) Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina - 
4B) William Gholston, DE, Michigan St. 
6A) Jonathan Stewart, ILB, Texas A&M 
6B) Marc Anthony, CB, California 
7A) Sam Brenner, G, Utah 
7B) Cooper Taylor, S, Richmond 
7C) Caleb Sturgis, K, Florida



Better than Baalke’s. While I didn’t make it high enough in the draft to be able to select Vaccaro, he and Reid as well as Jenkins and Dial are essentially the same players. Ertz is a vast improvement over McDonald and Gholston puts it clearly over the top. 

Player Discussion: 

Anthony, Marc – Chosen by y2lamanaki (6th) 

Anthony would go a round later to the Ravens, but he has still yet to appear in an NFL game. 

Armstead, Terron – Chosen by EverythingSF (2nd) 

Armstead actually went in the 3rd to the Saints, but as one of the top young offensive tackles in the league, he certainly would have been worth the 2nd round pick EverythingSF used. Armstead would be able to take over for Staley in a couple years, and would have been a gigantic upgrade over Pears last year, and still an upgrade over Brown (or whomever starts) this year. It might have seemed silly in 2013, but this is the power of foresight at work (or luck). 

Bailey, Steadman – Chosen by 48 1/2ers (4th) 

Bailey didn’t make it to the 4th, which probably was a good thing. Bailey has been more notable for the off-the-field stories than on-field, and the on-field story is simply a few flashes in the pan and little else. 

Baca, Jeff – Chosen by 49ers Finest (4th) 

Baca went 2 rounds later to the Vikings, where he was only active for 4 games and is now out of the NFL. 

Bass, David – Chosen by Gore Whore 21 (5th), LANiner (7th) 

Bass went in the 7th about a dozen picks ahead of where LANiner took him. While he isn’t great, Bass has been a spot starter for two different teams and a decent depth guy, which is great for a 7th round pick and even decent for the 5th Gore Whore 21 would have spent. 

Beauharnais, Steve – Chosen by DirtyJersey9er (7th) 

Beauharnais actually went only two picks higher to the Patriots (almost the 3rd time DirtyJerz hit on exact value), but only ever played a handful of snaps in the NFL and is now out of the league. 

Bell, Le’Veon – Chosen by big9erfan (4th) 

Bell went two rounds earlier to the Steelers, but what a pick he would have been in the 4th as a great young Pro Bowl-quality halfback. He and Hyde would form quite the bruising tandem (though of course the team would have little reason to draft Hyde with all the quality backs we’d have had on the roster in 2014). 

Bishop, Brandan – Chosen by LANiner (5th) 

Bishop went undrafted and has never played a down in the NFL. 

Bond, Travis – Chosen by DirtyJersey9er (7th) 

Bond went earlier in the 7th to the Vikings, but has only ever appeared in 2 games and is out of the NFL. 

Boyce, Josh – Chosen by DirtyJersey9er (6th), sherm (6th) 

Boyce was taken in the 4th by the Patriots, played in a handful of games, and is now out of the NFL. 

Boyd, Josh – Chosen by GANNDMK (6th) 

Boyd was a 5th round pick of the Packers, and was a decent depth player for them for a few years. 

Boyett, John – Chosen by 49ers Finest (6th) 

Boyett was taken 7 picks earlier by the Colts, and has never appeared in an NFL game. 

Brenner, Sam – Chosen by y2lamanaki (7th) 

Brenner went undrafted and has appeared in a handful of games for the Dolphins over the last few years (including a set of 4 starts). He hasn’t been awful, but he’s certainly been replaceable. 

Brown, Braden – Chosen by GANNDMK (6th) 

Brown went undrafted and has never played an NFL snap. 

Brown, Zach – Chosen by Kikuchiyo (7th) 

Brown went undrafted and has never kicked in the NFL. 

Carder, Alex – Chosen by LANiner (7th) 

Carder went undrafted and has never played an NFL snap. 

Carradine, Tank – Chosen by Kikuchiyo (3rd), Psychlone (1st) 

***Nailed it!*** While Carradine has really yet to develop as we thought he would, this upcoming season will tell us most about him (I feel) as he’s back at his natural playing weight. Hard to say if he would have lasted all the way until the 3rd, but that mock was posted earlier in the process when it still seemed more like he’d be falling due to the more recent injury. 

Catapano, Mike – Chosen by FFMD2 (4th), Psychlone (5th) 

Catapano ended up going in the 7th to the Chiefs, but he’s nothing more than a low-end bubble player with 2 career sacks. 

Collins, Jamie – Chosen by sherm (2nd) 

Collins went in the bottom of the 2nd, but would have been a great addition to this squad as last year he developed into one of the best linebackers in the league. It may have seemed odd at the time given the players that were on the team, but nobody can question it now. 

Commings, Sanders – Chosen by Kikuchiyo (4th) 

Commings was taken 3 picks later at the top of the 5th by the Chiefs. In desperate need of cornerbacks, the Chiefs opted instead to take our 7th pick (Marcus Cooper) and give him playing time, whereas Commings appeared in 2 games and is now out of the NFL. 

Cyprien, Johnathan – Chosen by GANNDMK (2nd), Kikuchiyo (1st) 

GANNDMK would have missed him by 2 picks and Kikuchiyo got him 2 picks ahead of where Cyprien was selected by the Jags. Cyprien has started all 44 games in which he’s played, but he has not been a very good starter. This was likely exacerbated by a poor group in front of him. It will be interesting to see how he fairs in 2016 now that he can move to his more natural in-the-box role with Gipson at FS and a much revamped defense ahead of him. This is a make or break season for him. 

Dial, Quinton – Chosen by EverythingSF (3rd), Johnz5429 (7th) 

***Nailed it!*** Perhaps more impressive than guessing Quinton Dial is the fact that he was the third player each guessed correctly. EverythingSF took him a bit higher than necessary, and it’s probably doubtful Dial would have fallen to the 7th, but they each guessed Baalke’s 2nd best pick in this draft (and they each guessed Reid as well). 

Dobson, Aaron – Chosen by Gridirongreat#9 (3rd) 

Even despite a trade up, Gridirongreat#9 would have been out of range to select Dobson who went in the 2nd to the Patriots. Not that it would have been a big loss, as despite a giant need on the team over the past few years, Dobson has never been able to fill one of the starting WR roles for the Patriots. 

Dysert, Zac – Chosen by 48 1/2ers (7th) 

Dysert wound up going 12 picks earlier than where 48 1/2ers had him, but it’s no big loss as he never amounted to anything. 

Eifert, Tyler – Chosen by big9erfan (1st) 

Tight end was certainly a need, but only one forum member went after the best one on the board, and what a pick that would have been. A Pro Bowl talent who just put up 13 TDs last year. Eifert went a bit ahead of our pick, but big9erfan also put his mock out a couple months prior to the draft. 

Ertz, Zach – Chosen by 48 1/2ers (2nd), Gore Whore 21 (2nd), Gridirongreat#9 (3rd), LANiner (2nd), y2lamanaki (2nd) 

The favorite draft choice of 2013 for the forum, but apparently Baalke did not get the memo as he opted to trade down rather than draft Ertz, and ended up selecting Vance McDonald later. Ertz has developed into one of the best tight ends in the league and while he hasn’t been selected to a Pro Bowl, that appears to be just a matter of time now. It will be interesting to see how he fairs without Chip Kelly. It’s worth noting that he would not have been available where Gridirongreat#9 and LANiner had them going. 

Faulk, Chris – Chosen by Johnz5429 (6th) 

Faulk went undrafted and has never appeared in an NFL game. 

Fisher, Elvis – Chosen by LANiner (6th), Psychlone (7th) 

Fisher went undrafted and has never appeared in an NFL game. 

Foketi, Manase – Chosen by Kikuchiyo (6th) 

Foketi went undrafted and has never taken an NFL snap. 

Fuller, Corey – Chosen by GANNDMK (5th) 

Fuller actually went only 7 picks later to the Lions, but has not done a whole lot with the team; catching 18 passes for 288 yards and a TD over the last 2 years. 

Goard, Tyrone – Chosen by FFMD2 (7th) 

Goard went undrafted and has never played an NFL snap. 

Gholston, William – Chosen by FFMD (4th), sherm (4th), SoCalNiner (3rd), y2lamanaki (4th) 

A popular pick by the forum, but only SoCalNiner would have been able to select him. FFMD missed him by 2 picks, and sherm and I missed him by 5. Once again, the 49ers brass should have listened to the forum’s popular choices as Gholston has developed into a solid rotational/spot starter on the defensive line. 

Gooden, Zavier – Chosen by DirtyJersey9er (6th) 

The Titans gambled on Gooden with the last pick in the 3rd round, though they would have been better off waiting until the 6th as DirtyJerz did. He was a rotational/special teams guy and is now out of the league. 

Goodwin, Marquise – Chosen by Psychlone (6th) 

Goodwin went much higher in the actual draft, ending up as a 3rd round pick of the Bills, but they would have been wise to not Al Davis the pick and take him in the 6th as Psychlone did. His yardage has decreased every year to almost non-existent numbers, though he had been hampered by injuries 2 years ago. 

Gragg, Chris – Chosen by Psychlone (6th), sherm (5th) 

Gragg was a 7th round pick of the Bills and has been a rotational TE/spot starter when needed. For where he was selected, he’s a pretty solid choice. 

Hamilton, Jakar – Chosen by EverythingSF (6th) 

Hamilton went undrafted and managed only one tackle in his brief NFL career. 

Hankins, Johnathan – Chosen by Johnz5429 (2nd), SoCalNiner (1st) 

Hankins went in the 2nd to the Giants (about a dozen picks ahead of where John chose him). Hankins is a good young lineman and he’s been a force for the Giants on the defensive line over the past two years, and has started every game in which he’s played in that time. 

Harper, Chris – Chosen by Kikuchiyo (4th) 

Harper was actually taken 5 picks earlier by the Seahawks, but Kikuchiyo gets some bonus points as Harper would wind up on our team for a short period in 2013. The fact that the 4th rounder was on his 3rd team with us tells you just about all you need to know about his career arch. 

Hawthorne, Terry – Chosen by GANNDMK (3rd) 

Hawthorne went in the 5th to the Steelers but never played a single snap in the NFL. 

Hayden, DJ – Chosen by 49ers Finest (2nd), Johnz5429 (2nd) 

Hayden wound up being surprisingly taken by the Raiders in the top half of the first and has been a major disappointment for them. Maybe lasting to the 2nd would have removed some pressure for him to perform right away. 

Holmes, Khaled – Chosen by DirtyJersey9er (5th) 

Holmes went toward the end of the 4th to the Colts, and has been a poor spot starter for them. 

Hopkins, Dustin – Chosen by GANNDMK (5th), Gore Whore 21 (5th), Johnz5429 (7th), SoCalNiner (5th) 

A popular pick by the forum, Hopkins went in the 6th to the Bills. He didn’t catch on right away, but last year he latched on with the Redskins and proved to be a very good kicker (missing only one kick less than 50 yards). 

Hughes, Montori – Chosen by EverythingSF (4th), GANNDMK (4th) 

Hughes went to the Colts in the 5th, and has played as one might expect from your average 5th rounder – just a poor rotational guy. 

Hunt, Margus – Chosen by big9erfan (3rd) 

Hunt wound up going half a round earlier to the Bengals. Hunt has appeared in a bunch of games, but has never lived up to his draft status as he’s only a poor rotational player. 

Hunter, Justin – Chosen by FFMD (1st), FFMD2 (2nd) 

When asked to make choices separately, none of us seemed to want Hunter, but when we all got together to make picks – look out! This was almost exact value both times, as Hunter was taken 3 picks later in FFMD, and 1 pick earlier in FFMD2. Missing out was the better option in hindsight as Hunter has struggled in the NFL. 

Hyde, Micah – Chosen by sherm (7th) 

Hyde went in the 5th to the Packers where he’s proven to be a capable defensive back and plays a key role in their DB rotation, as well as a dependable return man. Would have been a fantastic pick. 

Jenkins, Brandon – Chosen by big9erfan (4th) 

Jenkins wound up going in the 5th to the Redskins, and has only been on an NFL roster for 5 games. 

Jenkins, John – Chosen by y2lamanaki (2nd) 

Jenkins would go a round later to the Saints where he has developed into an okay starter that may be perfect in a rotational role on the defensive line (almost identical to our own Quinton Dial). 

Johnson, Keelan – Chosen by Gore Whore 21 (6th) 

Johnson went undrafted, but did manage 1 tackle with the Eagles before his career ended. 

Jones, Barrett – Chosen by Psychlone (3rd) 

Jones went in the 4th to the Rams. He played in 10 games, but was never any good, and is currently out of the NFL. 

Jones, Chris – Chosen by FFMD (7th), Kikuchiyo (5th) 

Jones went in the 6th to the Texans, but caught on with the Patriots where he started 22 of 28 games in his first two years. He allegedly played with a torn calf in their Super Bowl win over the Seahawks, and missed all of 2015 with that injury. The Dolphins picked him up off waivers just before the draft this year. 

Jones, Datone – Chosen by 48 1/2ers (2nd), GANNDMK (1st), LANiner (2nd) 

Jones wound up going earlier than where everyone had him selected, and he’s been somewhat disappointing for the Packers, though he did have a pretty good 2015 campaign (indicating that he may have turned the corner). Still, it would be hard to argue that he wouldn’t be an improvement over the edge defenders we currently have on the team. 

Jones, Landry – Chosen by FFMD2 (6th) 

Jones was chosen in the 4th by the Steelers, and was forced to start a couple games last season with pretty poor results. 

Kasa, Nick – Chosen by FFMD (5th), Johnz5429 (6th), Kikuchiyo (6th) 

All three seemed to understand Kasa’s value, as he went 14 picks after the FFMD selection, and 1 spot ahead of where John and Kikuchiyo had him (although because of a likely type-o, Kikuchiyo technically had him taken at his exact spot). Despite a superb understanding of his draft value, Kasa only ever caught one ball for 9 yards. 

Kelce, Travis – Chosen by 49ers Finest (3rd), DirtyJersey9er (3rd), SoCalNiner (4th) 

Kelce was taken 11 picks earlier than where 49ers Finest had him (and much higher than the other two), but his selection would have made the 49ers forum proud – since that’s who we all complained we didn’t get when the forum selected Vance McDonald instead. Kelce is a Pro Bowler and consistent performer in Kansas City. 

King, Tavarres – Chosen by FFMD (7th) 

King went in the 5th to the Broncos, and is now out of the league after combining for 2 receptions for 13 yards with 4 different teams. 

Klein, AJ – Chosen by 48 1/2ers (4th) 

Klein ended up going in the 5th to the Panthers, and would have been a solid 4th round pick for us. Klein has been a spot starter for the Panthers and key rotational player, but he’s played well when called upon. Certainly would be an improvement over Wilhoite/Hodges on today’s team. 

Klein, Colin – Chosen by Gridirongreat#9 (7th) 

Klein went undrafted and has never played an NFL snap. 

Kruger, Joe – Chosen by Gore Whore 21 (4th), Johnz5429 (4th) 

Kruger went in the 7th to the Eagles and has never appeared in an NFL game. 

Lattimore, Marcus – Chosen by DirtyJersey9er (4th), Johnz5429 (3rd), Psychlone (4th), SoCalNiner (6th), y2lamanaki (4th) 

***Nailed it!*** The forum’s third most popular player, and the one with the saddest end as he never appeared in an NFL game. Despite not working out, it was worth the gamble (Johnz5429’s 3rd may have been a little too high). Bonus points to DirtyJersey9er for choosing Lattimore with the exact pick Lattimore was chosen with (the 2nd time in the draft he got someone’s exact value). 

Lemon, Alec – Chosen by SoCalNiner (7th) 

Lemon went undrafted and has never appeared in an NFL game. 

Lemonier, Corey – Chosen by Gridirongreat#9 (4th), y2lamanaki (3rd) 

***Nailed it!*** Has not been a very good player, but both of us would have possibly missed out on him anyway (we traded up to select him from the spot where I had him going). Gridirongreat#9 also made a trade up for him, but a round too late. 

Lester, Robert – Chosen by FFMD (6th) 

Lester went undrafted, and after a surprisingly good showing in his rookie season with the Panthers (3 INTs, 4 PDs, 49.6 QBR when being targeted), Lester has somehow yet to make it back on an NFL roster. 

Long, Kyle – Chosen by Gore Whore 21 (3rd), sherm (2nd) 

Long ended up going #20 overall to the Bears, so he would not have been around for either pick (though the pick Gore Whore 21 used was traded to the Cowboys so we could move up to #18, so theoretically, he could have done that instead). It’s still an impressive eye for talent. Long has proven to be one of the best and most dependable players in the 2013 draft with 3 Pro Bowls in 3 years. 

Marquardt, Luke – Chosen by 49ers Finest (4th) 

***Nailed it!*** The second player 49ers Finest chose that Baalke also picked up, though like Baalke, he should have left him go undrafted as Marquardt, despite impressive size, has never appeared in an NFL game.

Martin, Eric – Chosen by sherm (7th) 

Martin went undrafted and is a low-level backup/Special Teams player on his 2nd team. 

Mathieu, Tyrann – Chosen by Gore Whore 21 (4th), Gridirongreat#9 (3rd), Psychlone (4th), SoCalNiner (6th) 

Mathieu ended up going well ahead of most of the picks, and 5 spots ahead of where Gridirongreat#9 had him. Still, this is an impressive eye for talent (which most knew Mathieu had, but were put off by off-field issues). I think had these guys been made aware of his combine interviews (which we never are), they may have all selected the Pro Bowler and All-Pro even earlier. 

Mauti, Michael – Chosen by FFMD2 (6th), LANiner (6th) 

Mauti went in the 7th to the Vikings and has played sparingly in his 3 seasons (now with the Saints as of 2015). When he’s been on the field, he’s proven he’s a decent depth player. Can’t ask for more with a 6th round pick. 

McDonald, Vance – Chosen by EverythingSF (2nd), FFMD2 (3rd), GANNDMK (3rd) 

***Nailed it!*** Not one these guys are probably thrilled about hitting, but they hit it nonetheless. EverythingSF was very close to the exact value, except we actually traded up from where he had him so we can select Vance. So, EverythingSF earns some bonus points for not giving up anything (though of course it’s hard to say if he’d have been there). 

McFadden, Leon – Chosen by big9erfan (3rd) 

McFadden went in the top of the 3rd to the Browns. He’s bounced around the league, appearing in only a handful of games, but bonus points to big9erfan as McFadden would eventually spend some time on our roster.

McGee, Brandon – Chosen by Gore Whore 21 (7th) 

McGee actually went to the Rams in the 5th, but is a low-end depth player. He’s appeared in 18 games and has registered a handful of tackles. 

Melvin, Rashaan – Chosen by 49ers Finest (7th), EverythingSF (7th) 

Melvin went undrafted and has appeared in a handful of games for both the Patriots and Ravens as a poor rotational player. 

Mills, Jordan – Chosen by 48 1/2ers (5th), FFMD (6th) 

48 1/2ers almost hit exact value on Mills, choosing him 6 picks ahead of where he actually went (FFMD obviously would have missed out on Mills). Mills started all 29 games he played in for the Bears in his first two years, and then started 5 games for the Bills last season, but that’s about all there is to say about him. He’s not exceptional. Still – as a 5th or 6th round lineman, it’s hard to ask for more. 

Moore, Damontre – Chosen by Gore Whore 21 (1st), Psychlone (2nd) 

Moore ended up slipping to the third round, and judged more by his conduct than play, that seems to have been the correct call as opposed to the 1st and 2nd round picks our forum comrades gave up. On the field, Moore is a decent rotational player, but in his 3 years with the Giants (and a short stint with the Dolphins), he has yet to start a game. 

Nixon, Xavier – Chosen by FFMD2 (5th) 

Nixon went undrafted and has only appeared in 4 career games (now out of NFL). 

Okoye, Lawrence – Chosen by 49ers Finest (6th) 

***Nailed it!*** The 3rd player 49ers Finest selected that Baalke also picked up, and like the other two – not a great choice. Okoye has never appeared in an NFL game. 

Patterson, Cordarrelle – Chosen by SoCalNiner (2nd) 

Luckily for SoCal, Patterson went a few picks earlier in the first, so he wouldn’t have to draft a busted WR early for the 2nd straight year. Patterson is a good return guy, but that’s not worthy of this high a pick. 

Patton, Quinton – Chosen by 49ers Finest (2nd) 

***Nailed it!*** 49ers Finest took him a couple rounds earlier than Baalke, and in hindsight, it appears neither he nor Baalke should have taken him. Patton is about to get an opportunity no 4th round pick who has played as sparingly as he has in his first 3 years has ever had – he’s the penciled-in #2 WR entering training camp. 

Pocic, Graham – Chosen by Gridirongreat#9 (7th), LANiner (5th), SoCalNiner (7th) 

A popular late round choice, Pocic went undrafted and has never played an NFL snap. 

Powell, Ty – Chosen by 48 1/2ers (6th), 49ers Finest (5th) 

Powell went in the 7th to the Seahawks, appeared in a handful of games for the Bills, and is now out of the league. 

Price, Sheldon – Chosen by FFMD2 (7th) 

An undrafted cornerback that finally appeared in 2 games for the Colts last year (registering 1 tackle). 

Randle, Joseph – Chosen by Kikuchiyo (3rd) 

Randle was selected in the 5th by the Cowboys, and while he’s known more for being a knucklehead off the field, he was a decent backup when on the field, but likely would not end up as much more than that. 

Reddick, Kevin – Chosen by EverythingSF (5th), Psychlone (4th) 

Reddick went undrafted and has bounced around 4 teams, playing in only a handful of games. 

Reid, Eric – Chosen by DirtyJersey9er (2nd), EverythingSF (1st), Gridirongreat#9 (2nd), Johnz5429 (1st) 

***Nailed it!*** The one pick in Baalke’s 2013 draft that was definitely worth duplicating. It’s hard to say whether or not he would have lasted to anyone’s picks given that it was us that traded up for him (rumors say no), but as a Pro Bowl safety in his first year and a capable player since then, Reid was a good choice. 

Renfree, Sean – Chosen by sherm (7th) 

Renfree went 3 picks later to the Falcons. He finally got to play a few snaps last year, but it wasn’t pretty. Luckily the Falcons have Matt Ryan already. 

Richardson, Sheldon – Chosen by DirtyJersey9er (1st), Gridirongreat#9 (1st) 

Bonus points need to be given to DirtyJersey9er for trading up to the exact spot where Richardson was taken in the draft (and he gave up quite the haul to get there). Of course, this likely means the Jets would have never traded out of the spot and lost out on a guy they obviously wanted, but even with the trade it would have been a fantastic player to get on the team (he would not have been around for Gridirongreat’s selection). A Pro Bowl talent and one of the best young defensive linemen in the game – he just needs to get his head on straight. 

Robey, Nickell – Chosen by 48 1/2ers (5th) 

Robey actually went undrafted, but he probably would have been a good 5th round pick for someone. Robey has been a rotational guy and spot starter for the Bills at the cornerback position, and while he’s not great, for the purposes of a late 5th, you can’t ask for much more . 

Robinson, Denard – Chosen by big9erfan (6th) 

Robinson went a round earlier to the Jaguars, but would have represented a solid 6th round steal for the team. He’s got a very niche role for the Jaguars, but it’s one he plays pretty well. 

Rodgers, Jordan – Chosen by Gore Whore 21 (7th) 

Gore Whore 21 is the only one who has ever taken a chance on Aaron’s younger brother, as Rodgers has never appeared in an NFL game. 

Rogers, Da’Rick – Chosen by LANiner (3rd) 

Rogers went undrafted, played in 5 games in his rookie season (started 3 out of necessity), and finished his career with a 14/192/2 statline. 

Roh, Craig – Chosen by EverythingSF (7th) 

Roh went undrafted and has never appeared in an NFL game. 

Ryan, Logan – Chosen by LANiner (3rd) 

Ryan was actually chosen 10 picks earlier by the Patriots. Ryan has proven to be a very good young cornerback, initially as a spot starter, but now as one of the Pats’ full-time options. Already has 11 INTs and 31 PDs in his young career. 

Schwenke, Brian – Chosen by GANNDMK (3rd), Johnz5429 (4th) 

Schwenke went inbetween these two picks in the 4th to the Titans. He’s started all 25 games he’s played in, but he’s merely a low-level backup (I.E. the Titans’ version of Marcus Martin). He did however manage a reception in 2014, so he’s just behind 5x Pro-Bowler Joe Staley in that regard. 

Scott, Matt – Chosen by SoCalNiner (7th) 

Scott went undrafted and has never played in an NFL game. 

Short, Kawann – Chosen by FFMD2 (1st), sherm (1st) 

The FFMD2 crew and sherm were both wise to pick up Kawann Short in the 1st. While they could have waited a couple picks and chose him in the 2nd, they did get a Pro Bowler and a complete hatputs on the interior of the line. We’d have the best young line in the league now with Short on the team. 

Simon, John – Chosen by FFMD (3rd) 

Simon ended up going in the end of the 4th to the Ravens. He struggled to find playing time with Baltimore, but he found a niche rotational role with the Texans and played really well last year as a spot starter. He’ll be around for a while. 

Slay, Darius – Chosen by FFMD (3rd) 

Slay went a round earlier to the Lions, but he would have been a phenomenal choice as one of the best young CBs in the NFL (and would have possibly allowed us to not draft 592,713 CBs in this year’s class). 

Smith, Darius – Chosen by Gridirongreat#9 (7th) 

After a carefully crafted Google search to remove Za’Darius Smith of the Ravens from the list, I believe this may have been a defensive tackle for the Hurricanes who never played a snap in the NFL (undrafted). 

Smith, Quanterus – Chosen by EverythingSF (7th) 

Smith actually went to the Broncos in the 5th, but his 7 career tackles proves he would have been a better choice in the 7th. 

Smith, Rodney – Chosen by Gore Whore 21 (6th) 

Smith went undrafted and appeared in a special teams role in a handful of games, but is now out of the NFL. 

Stacy, Zac – Chosen by sherm (6th) 

Stacy went a round earlier to the Rams in the 5th, but he’s nothing special. A replaceable backup player. Not terrible for a 5th and pretty good for a 6th. 

Stewart, Jonathan – Chosen by y2lamanaki (6th) 

Stewart went undrafted and has never played in an NFL game. 

Stewart, Walter – Chosen by 49ers Finest (7th), FFMD2 (7th), Johnz5429 (5th), Psychlone (7th) 

A surprisingly popular late round pick on the board, but one who went undrafted and has never played a down in the NFL. 

Sturgis, Caleb – Chosen by FFMD (5th), LANiner (4th), y2lamanaki (7th) 

Sturgis actually went in the 5th to the Dolphins, and only two picks after FFMD selected (those guys were on point in that mock). Sturgis is now on his second team, although he has improved over his time with the Dolphins now on the Eagles. 

Sudfeld, Zach – Chosen by EverythingSF (7th) 

Sudfeld went undrafted, but would have been a decent 7th round flier. He appeared in 30 games his first two seasons before an injury knocked him out last year. Nothing more than a backup/spot starter, and is at long odds to make the roster this year, but for an UDFA or 7th round pick, that’s not bad. 

Swearinger, D.J. – Chosen by FFMD2 (2nd), Psychlone (3rd) 

Swearinger technically wouldn’t have been available for either (FFMD2 would have missed him by 4 spots), but if we keep the trade up for McDonald and simply take Swearinger instead, all is good for the FFMD 2 squad. However, Swearinger hasn’t been that great and is now on his 3rd team. He might make a good rotational guy, but we needed a starter that year. 

Swope, Ryan – Chosen by EverythingSF (3rd) 

Swope actually went in the 6th to the Cardinals, and as he’s never taken an NFL snap, it’s clear the Cardinals made the better call. 

Taylor, Cooper – Chosen by y2lamanaki (7th) 

Taylor actually went in the 5th to the Giants where he’s played sparingly over the last 3 years. He’s nothing more than a low-end roster player/special teamer. 

Taylor, Stepfan – Chosen by Gridirongreat#9 (4th) 

Taylor would go a round later to the Cardinals where he’s been a low-quality 3rd RB and is likely on his way out of the league. 

Thomas, Phillip – Chosen by big9erfan (2nd), Johnz5429 (3rd) 

Thomas wound up going in the 4th to the Redskins, but he only appeared in 8 games and did not play very well in them. He’s now out of the NFL. 

Thomas, Shamarko – Chosen by SoCalNiner (7th) 

The Steelers took Shamarko Thomas in the fourth with the intent to groom him as a replacement for Polamalu, but that has never taken shape. Thomas has been mostly unnoticeable when on the field, and his playing time has dwindled season after season. 

Thompson, Chris – Chosen by Psychlone (7th) 

Thompson went in the 5th to the Redskins, and after a slow start to his career, last year he proved to be an okay option out of the backfield. 

Tuel, Jeff – Chosen by EverythingSF (5th) 

Tuel went undrafted. He was forced to play a couple of games for the Bills in 2013, and as an undrafted rookie he played admirably, but it’s the only action he saw and he wasn’t on a team in 2015. 

Vaccaro, Kenny – Chosen by 48 1/2ers (1st), y2lamanaki (1st) 

Leading up to the draft, Vaccaro was seen as the top safety prospect, and with the departure of Dashon Goldson he became a popular fantasy on the forum. In hindsight, the difference between Vaccaro and Eric Reid is almost negligible. Both 48 1/2ers traded up for him, and while we each were correct in terms of trading up, neither of us traded up high enough to get to Vaccaro, and both of us gave up more than Baalke did when Baalke traded up. Still, Vaccaro is a solid safety for the Saints, and he did rate a little bit higher than Eric Reid did in 2015 according to Pro Football Focus (both rated well). 

Washington, Cornelius – Chosen by GANNDMK (5th) 

Washington went in the 6th to the Bears and has played sparingly in that time. He seemed to be developing at the end of 2014, but an injury wiped out almost his entire 2015 season. 

Wilcox, J.J. – Chosen by sherm (3rd) 

Wilcox went to the Cowboys at #80 overall, and he’s been a low-level starter for them. Not bad from a 3rd round pick, but not quite as good as what we’ve gotten out of Eric Reid. 

Williams, Brandon – Chosen by 48 1/2ers (3rd), big9erfan (3rd), FFMD (2nd), Kikuchiyo (2nd), LANiner (3rd) 

The forum’s 2nd most popular pick (I give the edge to Ertz as most had him rated higher), and once again, Baalke sadly did not get the memo (listen to us!). Williams has not earned a Pro Bowl trip yet, but he’s another guy who should make it there soon. Williams has developed into one of the top young defensive linemen in the game, and would have made a fantastic addition to this roster. 

Williams, Duke – Chosen by 49ers Finest (3rd) 

Williams went a dozen picks after where 49ers Finest had him to the Bills where he is an average rotational player/spot starter. 

Williams, Jesse – Chosen by 49ers Finest (1st) 

The only guy on the forum to choose Jesse Williams, and we can call it a slight reach (Williams went in the 5th to the Seahawks and has never played an NFL snap). 

Williams, Steve – Chosen by EverythingSF (4th) 

Steve Williams went only a dozen or so picks later to the Chargers in the 5th. He’s still with the Chargers, but is only a poor rotational player/spot starter. 

Williams, Terrance – Chosen by GANNDMK (2nd) 

Williams went the next round to the Cowboys with the pick we traded away for Eric Reid. Williams has developed into a solid #2 WR, and would be a gigantic improvement over what we currently have. He’d be even better as a 3rd WR. 

Wilson, Blidi-Wreh – Chosen by SoCalNiner (3rd) 

Wilson actually went 4 picks earlier to the Titans. Wilson has played a lot for the Titans, but he’s not been very good at it and is likely on his way off the team this offseason. 

Wilson, Marquess – Chosen by Kikuchiyo (5th) 

Marquess Wilson went in the 7th to the Bears, and has continued to develop each year he’s been in the league. Last year he started 6 games and finished the year with 28 receptions and 464 yards (both career highs). While those numbers aren’t spectacular, it’s generally thought that he’s played pretty well. In any case, great production from a 7th round pick, and still quality numbers from a 5th. 

Wolff, Earl – Chosen by DirtyJersey9er (7th) 

Wolff was a 5th round pick of the Eagles, and was a poor rotational player/spot starter for the team. He’s now out of the NFL. 

Wood, Cierre – Chosen by 49ers Finest (7th) 

Went undrafted and has had a handful of carries with 3 teams in the NFL, but has never amounted to anything. 

Woods, Robert – Chosen by Gore Whore 21 (2nd) 

Gore Whore would have missed out on Woods by about 20 picks, but it would have been a decent pick. Woods is not exactly known for his health, but would be an obvious upgrade over our current #2 WR by virtue of actually having produced somewhat respectable numbers. It’s a question if he’ll be a #2, but he’s a quality #3 at worst (which would make for our #2 here).

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Archiving the 2012 Edition:

After Forge brought it up in the other thread, I thought this would be a fun experiment. I went back through the forum history and found the mock drafts from 2012. I'm going to post them all now to see in retrospect, how much worse we could have done than Baalke actually did (and here's a spoiler - don't get worried about seeing your name and old mock drudged up...Baalke set the bar so low that literally EVERYBODY did better). Now, some players were mocked later than where they were actually drafted, so in some instances I suggest some rearranging. Given that we don't have a big board for these users to work with to see who they would have chosen with their guy gone, this is the only way I can think of doing it. 

These are going to go in reverse order of how they were posted, so the ones up top were very close to the draft, and as you progress they get further away from draft day. I posted everyone's most recent mock (didn't even look at ones if I had already posted one of yours) and only intentionally left out a couple folks who were short-term members. 



1. Amini Silatolu, OG, Midwestern State 
2. Josh Robinson, CB, Central Florida 
3. Jared Crick, DE, Nebraska 
4. Tommy Streeter, WR, Miami 
5. Winston Guy, S, Kentucky 
6. Olivier Vernon, Rush LB, Miami 
7. Devin Wylie, WR, Fresno State 

Silatolu has had injury problems, but otherwise has started every game he's played for the Panthers since being drafted in the 2nd. Robinson was taken at the top of the 3rd, but hasn't really panned out for the Vikings; solid rotational guy, maybe. Crick was a 4th rounder and this past year finally broke the starting lineup with the Texans. Tommy Streeter was a 6th round pick who is still waiting for his first career catch (but at least he wasn't DirtyJerz's first round choice). Guy is a practice squad player for the Colts who was drafted in the 6th. Olivier Vernon wouldn't have been available in the 6th (as he was drafted in the 3rd), but with 21.5 sacks and 3 forced fumbles in 3 years, he'd have been a solid 3rd round choice who has started for the Dolphins the last two years (11.5 sacks in 2013). Wylie also would not have been available (was drafted in the 4th), but he has the special teams reputation of a guy that should have been taken in the 7th. 


Silatolu > Joe Looney, even with injury problems, so this is still a victory. On top of that, two good starters in Crick and Vernon (should he have been available) and a rotation guy in Robinson make this a draft that would have been far greater than the 2012 one we had. As it is, Silatolu + Crick is still a victory. 



1a.) CB Josh Robinson 
1b.) TE Coby Fleener 
1c.) OLB Chandler Jones 
* Other worthy of the 30th pick are: G Brandon Brooks, or give up the 30th pick for WR, Mike Wallace, or Mohamed Sanu 

2a.) CB Jamell Fleming 
2b.) OLB Nigel Bradham 
2c.) WR Juron Criner 

3a.) S Jerron McMillian 
3b.) TE Josh Chichester 
3c.) T/G Nick Mondek 

4a.) WR Devon Wylie 
4b.) C David Molk 
4c.) LB Mychal Kendricks 

5a.) CB Omar Bolden 
5b.) S Duke Ihenacho 
5c.) DT/DE Dominique Hamilton 

6a.) DE/OLB Ernest Owusu 
6b.) FB Chad Diehl 
6c.) WR/KR/PR/RB Travis Benjamin 

7a.) CB Ron Brooks 
7b.) LB Miles Burris 
7c.) WR/TE Brandon Bostick 

Not really sure how he meant this to work. In the first round group Robinson was covered earlier (backup in Minnesota). Fleener would have been the obvious choice for staying at 30 for just about all of us, and would likely be taking over as the first TE shortly. Jones would have required a trade up, but has had a pretty solid career in New England (23.5 sacks). Brooks was a 3rd round pick but has started the last 2 years for the Texans as a solid G. Sanu was a 3rd round pick that is developing into a solid 3rd WR, maybe a fringe 2nd. And Dan certainly would have loved the trade for Wallce. In the 2nd group, we have a 3rd, 4th, and 5th round pick. Bradham is the best of that group as he has started for the Bills at near Pro Bowl-level of play. In the 3rd round group we had a 4th, undrafted, and 6th round pick. None of these guys are in the league still, and Chichester never even made it to begin with. In the 4th group we have a 4th, 7th, and 2nd rounder. While Kendricks didn't last that long, it would have been a dream. Wylie was a special teams player and Molk started for the Eagles last year at center for a few games (may again this year). In the 5th group are a 4th rounder and 2 undrafted guys. Bolden returned kicks for the Broncos, and Ihenacho started in his second season, but was nothing special. The 6th group are two undrafted guys and a 4th rounder. Benjamin does return kicks for the Browns, and pretty well at that. The 7th group include a couple 4th rounders and an undrafted one. Burris has started 31 games for the Raiders. 


Hard to say how he wanted this to be done, but there are some ways to create a decent draft in there (with a potentially very good draft if you pick the best player from each group). I can't just pick the top player from each group, because I assume 4 out of 7 picks being CBs were not an option. So I'll say take the top guy as long as the position hasn't been picked and go with Josh Robinson, Nigel Bradham, Jerron McMillian, Devon Wylie, Dominique Hamilton, Chad Diehl, and Miles Burris...which means he, too, only hit on one player, but at least Nigel Bradham is starting, so we'll give it a victory for him. 



1. Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford 
2. Amini Silatolu, G/T 
3. Jared Crick, DE, Nebraska 
4. Tommy Streeter, WR, Miami 
5. Asa Jackson, DB, Cal Poly 
6. Ryan Miller, G/T, Colorado 
7. Jacquies Smith, DE/OLB, Missouri 

First round pick would have been the pick many wanted. His second round pick didn't fall all the way to 61, but would have obviously been a solid pick if not for the injuries. Crick was taken in the 4th, but would have been a fantastic 3rd round pick and is now starting for the Texans. Streeter still was a 6th round pick with no catches thus far. Asa Jackson was almost exactly spot on in terms of where he was drafted (was picked 4 picks after Fleming), but hasn't done much in 3 years (got his first real playing time last year). Miller was a 5th round pick that didn't pan out. Smith ended up going undrafted, but he finally got to play last year. He started 7 games and had 6.5 sacks, so the Buccs may have gotten a steal. 


He'd have had to find a way to trade up to get Silatolu, but this would have been a solid draft overall. Fleener would have allowed us to draft someone other than Vance McDonald and get great production with our first round pick in 2012. Silatolu could be in the mix at G when healthy. Crick and Smith would be solid players as well. Fleener, Crick, and Smith alone (only going by available choices) would make this draft a much better one. 



1. Mike Adams, OT, Ohio State 
2. Jared Crick, DE, Nebraska 
3. Marvin Jones, WR, California 
4. Brandon Hardin, DB, Oregon State 
5. Jacquies Smith, OLB, Missouri 
6. Asa Jackson, CB, Cal Poly 
7. Lamont Bryant, TE/WR, Morgan State 

Mike Adams was a late 2nd round pick of the Steelers, and plays off and on. He's not expected to start this upcoming year and has struggled at times. Crick was clearly a favorite that year, and has been covered a few times. Jones was a 5th round steal that adamq and oldman9er took in the 3rd round...he looked like he was about to break out in a big way before injuries derailed last year. Hardin was a 3rd round pick whose career was ruined by injuries. Smith was another favorite of the board, and is again starting to break out. Jackson was a 5th round pick in reality, and Bryant was undrafted and out of the league. 


They missed on the first (but Fleener and Jeffrey were their top 2 targets and got drafted right in front of them, and were available in the real draft). Crick + Jones + Smith would have been really good for us in 2012, even if Smith didn't make the roster until 2013 or later. 



1st- WR Stephen Hill (Georgia Tech) 
2nd- **TRADE 2013 First Rounder + 2012 4th Round for pick in 35-40 Range**.... 
2nd- **TRADE #61 + #93 for pick in 45 range** 
Select- OG Kevin Zeitler (Wisconsin) and RB Doug Martin (Boise State) 
5th- S Sean Richardson (Vanderbilt) 
6th- OLB Braylon Broughton (TCU) 
7th- CB Jeremy Lane (Northwestern State) 

Stephen Hill had a great first game and then it went downhill. Zeitler ended up a first round pick, and though he's missed a few games, he has been very good. Doug Martin was a first round pick with a great first year, but injuries have taken hold. The trade would mean we either lose out on Eric Reid or Tank Carradine the next season. Richardson went undrafted, but is now a star special teams player with the Packers (and one of the highest paid special teams guys in the league). Broughton also went undrafted and is out of the league. Lane was a 6th round guy for the Seahawks, and had moved up to a prominent position last year (his injury likely cost the Seahawks the Super Bowl). 


Giving up a 2013 first, a 2nd, and a 4th in 2012 likely would have been enough to make the trade up for Zeitler, and then a subsequent trade for Martin if he wanted to. We'd be missing more picks or a player to grab Hill high enough in the 2nd, though maybe that's not a bad thing. Zeitler would have been a great first round choice, and Doug Martin in 2012 would have created a very interesting dynamic, because he would have been far superior to James, and who knows what that would have meant in the Super Bowl. Losing Eric Reid or Tank Carradine would have hurt (that trade up with the Cowboys would not have only been for a 3rd, but still could have been made, so we could still grab Reid). Sean Richardson and Lane would be great late round selections, though he'd have had to pull the trigger on Lane earlier. Whether or not Zeitler going earlier than his pick would have prompted EverythingSF to trade up or not is another story, but...I'd easily go for these players over the ones we chose. 



1. Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford 
2. WR Mohamed Sanu, Rutgers 
3. RG Senio Kelemete Washington 
4. S Antonio Allen South Carolina 
5. Jacquies Smith OLB Mizzou 
6. DE Jack Crawford Penn State 
7. RB Brandon Bolden Mississippi 

The ever popular Fleener pick continues to prove we should have just had the forum select in 2012. Sanu was a 3rd round pick but never made it to our 3rd choice, but is again starting to develop into a solid 2nd option/great 3rd option for the Bengals (which we'd kill for now). Kelemente was selected in the 5th round, and as a T he does have 1 career reception, but otherwise is a backup on his 2nd team. Antonio Allen was a 7th round pick, but has started some games for the Jets at various positions in the secondary, though is a better safety (and still a solid pick). Smith has been talked about earlier. Crawford was a 5th round pick now on his 2nd team. Bolden went undrafted, but has played some for the Patriots in each of his 3 years. 


This one hit AND showed some foresight. Fleener or Jefferey should have been the pick, and in this case Fleener was. Sanu would have still been a better option than Jenkins (as was anyone who caught a pass), and now would be a solid third choice to team with Boldin and Smith. He could miss on the G with Boone on the team (which we didn't know at the time). Allen would be a good backup that could push Dahl off the team, and Smith would be a real good pass rush option now. 

Gore Whore 21: 


1. Stephen Hill, WR, Georgia Tech 
2. Jared Crick, DE, Nebraska 
3. Brandon Washington, G, Miami 
4. Janzen Jackson, S, Tennessee 
5. Brandon Lindsey, OLB, Pitt 
6. Coty Sensabaugh, CB, Clemson 
7. Dale Moss, WR, South Dakota St. 

Hill ended up being one of the only guys multiple people on the forum wanted that didn't pan out (Streeter was another). Crick would have been a solid 2nd choice, though he was taken in the 4th, and was another popular guy here. Washington was a 6th round guy and a backup. Jackson went undrafted and then into the CFL, as did Lindsey. Sensabaugh was a 4th rounder who has started some games for the Titans, and is a decent backup DB. Moss also went undrafted. 


Hill > Jenkins and Crick > Looney. GW21 took some chances on later round guys, and if you rearrange some choices and draft Sensabaugh earlier, he'd have a couple players still playing with the team (Crick, Sensabaugh) 



1. Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford 
2. Brandon Brooks, G, Miami (Oh) 
3. Tommy Streeter, WR, Miami (Fl) 
4. Brandon Hardin, DB, Oregon St. 
5. Tony Bergstrom, G/T, Utah 
6. Julian Miller, OLB, West Virginia 
7. Scott Solomon, OLB, Rice 

Fleener once again would have been a great choice. Brooks started 30 games the last two years for the Texans and is expected to continue to do that as a solid player. Streeter was a 6th round choice with no receptions thus far in his career. Injuries have derailed Hardin, who would not have been available in this draft as he was a 3rd round pick. Bergstrom was a 3rd round pick of the Raiders, and the lone 2012 pick from their class remaining (I'm sure many don't have problems with Baalke's class being comparable to one from Oakland), though his clock is ticking. Julian Miller went undrafted and into the CFL. Solomon was a 7th round pick, and got to play some last year. He had a sack and a forced fumble for each the Browns and Buccaneers last season, though he was just cut by the Buccs. 


Brooks > Looney, which means getting Fleener as well would have been a huge bonus. Bergstrom is probably = Looney, so we'd still have depth on the team as well, though he would have had to have been taken in the 3rd instead of Streeter (which in hindsight is probably the correct call). 

49ers Finest: 


This one started with a trade: 


1st Round – 
Trade :#30 (First Round) to Bears for #50 (Second Round) and 2013 1st 
(they trade up for Whitney Mercilus who falls to the end of the first after missing Super Mario)

2. (#50 from Bears)- OG Amini Silatolu, Midwestern State 

B(#61)- traded to Browns for #67 (Third Round) and #132 (Fifth Round) 
(they trade up for Kirk Cousins to grab their franchise guy before he gets picked)

3rd Round- 

3. OLB Bruce Irvin, West Virginia 
3. DT Derek Wolfe, Cincinnati 


4th Round – 
We trade #125 and #132 (from Browns) to Jaguars for #101who are looking to fill more holes.

4. WR A.J. Jennkins, Illinois 
5. FS Brandon Hardin, Oregon State 
6. CB Chris Greenwood, Albion 
7. TE Chase Ford, Miami 

Undrafted Free Agents 
SS Delano Howell, Stanford 
OC Jason Slowey, Western Oregon 
CB, Michael Thomas, Stanford 
RB Davin Meggett, Maryland 

First the trade - For moving down 20 spots, a first for a first and a 2nd seems about right. Mercilus was gone by the time the Bears would have been able to make that trade, but with the #20 spot in 2013, would we have been able to give up only a 3rd to move up to #12 to select Sheldon Richardson, whom many of us wanted that year? What else to move up for Eric Reid? How far would he have falled? Either way, in a draft that's not very deep, what foresight to trade for a first rounder next year! Not sure if anyone would have done it, but man that would have been huge (even if we took Kyle Long at the Bears spot). Of course, the Bears would lose Alshon, and since they DID trade up for him, I'm not sure that would have ever happened. Anyway...Silatolu has been covered as a solid pick with injury issues, but would have needed to trade up. There was a time that Irvin was considered a 3rd round choice, and he eventually settled into a 2nd before the Seahawks reached a bit with a 1st. Wolfe was a 2nd round pick and has started every game he's played with the Broncos. And then AJ Jenkins...*NAILED IT*...Jenkins didn't quite make it to the 4th, but if he did he'd be viewed a bit differently. Still, many forget that Jenkins was another of those guys that Baalke fell in love with, when some considered him a late 2nd at the highest, and someone who had potential to fall to the 4th (http://www.nfldraftscout.com/ratings/dsprofile.php?pyid=83167&draftyear=2012&genpos=WR). Hindsight has proven he wasn't even worth that. Still, it's pretty crazy how high GM's valued the guys 49ers Finest went with. Hardin has been covered as a 3rd round pick derailed by injuries. Greenwood was a 5th round pick who has been nothing but a backup. Chase Ford went undrafted, but is now a backup TE with 23 receptions/258 yards/1 TD last season on the Vikings. 

For the undrafted guys, Howell was undrafted, and has been a backup. Slowey - *NAILED IT*...Baalke drafted him, but what draft a guy who will never play when you can spend that draft pick on someone else and get the guy undrafted? Michael Thomas - *NAILED IT* - like seriously nailed it, though of course we let him go play for the Dolphins where he's a solid backup. Meggett was undrafted. 


If that trade back happened in reality, the 49ers would not have been able to actually take anyone in this draft until Ford in the 7th, but that trade would have been great if it was offered, especially in hindsight. Just taking Silatolu first would have made this draft better than our actual one. So many bonus points for picking Jenkins in the 4th instead of the 1st, even if it still would have been a wasted pick there. So hard to judge this, but he did nail 3 choices (in the wrong rounds). Also, I'm pretty sure the Browns would have been fine trading up for Cousins in hindsight, rather than draft Weeden. 



1. Coby Fleener (TE) 
2. Jared Crick (DE) 
3. Brandon Washington (OG) 
4. A.J Jenkins (WR) 
5. Janzen Jackson (S) 
6. Nigel Bradham (OLB) 
7. Jeff Fuller (WR) 

Another vote for Fleener. Another vote for Crick. Washington was a 6th round pick who has never really played. Another draft picking Jenkins in the 4th. Jackson did go undrafted. Bradham once again was drafted in the 4th, but is a starter for the Bills. Jeff Fuller went undrafted. 


Fleener and Crick have been covered already. Jenkins - *NAILED IT* - again - would have been a much better 4th round choice, but we went with him in the first, and some other team likely would have taken him before that, but it would have been their regret. If you do some rearranging, the first three picks actually could have been Fleener, Bradham, Crick if we kept all the picks we had, but then we would not have had the 3rd we used to trade up for Reid. Still, we'd have a lot of solid players from 2012, and that's something we don't currently have, and Fleener/Crick/Bradham is probably greater than Eric Reid by himself. Plus, with Fleener, we could have used our second 2nd (that we used on McDonald) to move up for Reid, and then we'd have had Reid/Fleener/Bradham/Crick, which would be far better in hindsight. 

48 1/2ers 


Another one that started with a trade back: 


1- Trade #30 and 2013 5th round pick to Detroit for #54 and 2013 1st round pick-Doug Martin/Lamar Miller/David Wilson is available at our pick and Detroit jumps at the opportunity to fill a big hole.

2(#54)- Amini Silatolu OG- Midwestern State- 
2 (#61) Ladarius Green TE/H-back- La. Lafayette 
3- Markelle Martin FS- Oklahoma St. 
4- Josh Chapman NT- Alabama- 
5- Asa Jackson CB/KR- Cal Poly 
6- Olivier Vernon OLB- Miami 
7- Dale Moss WR- South Dakota St. 

Silatolu wouldn't be available in this scenario and has been a very popular call. Great foresight to trade back for a 2013 first in this draft. Green lasted until the 4th, but is closer to Delanie Walker than McDonald has been. Martin was a 6th rounder who was just a backup. Chapman was the first pick of the 15th round, and last year developed into a full-time starter, though had been in the rotation in 2013. Jackson was a popular pick that has been covered before. Vernon was a 3rd round pick, and is again a solid starter for Miami with 21.5 sacks. Moss went undrafted. 


If the Bears trade would have been awesome, how much more awesome would it have been if Detroit wanted their choice of the RBs badly enough to do this for players who were there for them? We'd have had the 5th overall pick in 2013, where Sheldon Richardson AND Eric Reid could have been had. If you don't do the trade, and do some rearranging, a draft of Silatolu, Vernon, Green, Chapman would have been a very good first 4 rounds. Once again, since we didn't trade, just taking Silatolu first would have made this draft a better one. 

FFMD 1: 


1st (30) - Coby Fleener, TE Stanford 
2nd (56) - Rueben Randle, WR LSU 
4th (120) - Jeff Allen, OT Illinois 
4th (126) - Brandon Taylor, S LSU 
5th round - Asa Jackson, CB Cal Poly 
6th round - Jacquies Smith, OLB Mizzou 

Looks like the same guys running this. Another vote for Fleener. They moved up a few spots to get Randle (they wouldn't have needed to in hindsight), who is obviously a much better player than Jenkins (and would be a nice WR to have at that). Allen was taken in the 2nd round in reality, but probably should have lasted until the 4th. Not a great player for the Chiefs despite starting a whole lot. Taylor was taken in the 3rd in reality, but injuries cut short his career. Jackson and Smith have each been discussed many times. 


They did trade a 7th for Everette Brown (why people were obsessed with him, I'll never know), but otherwise came out of the draft with Fleener, Randle and Smith, all moves we could have made. 




Another vote for Fleener, Brooks, and Jones to start off the draft make a solid 1-2-3 in hindsight. Wolfe is still a good solid player, but one that would have never been available as he was taken at the top of the 2nd. Hardin has been discussed as the injury-derailed 3rd round pick. Greenwood was taken in the 5th and has bounced around a few teams as a backul. Miller has been discussed as undrafted and never in the league. 


I've discussed all these guys enough. There was no way to get Fleener and Wolfe, but simply going Fleener, Brooks, Jones would have made for a much better draft class, making this a win. 



1.Te Cobe Fleener 
2.Wr Tommy Streeter 
3. OG brandon Brooks 
4.CB Jamell Fleming 
5.ILB Demario Davis 
6. OLB julian Miller 
7. FS jerrel Young 

Another for Fleener in the first. Streeter was taken even earlier than some in this one, and has been discussed with zero receptions. Brooks would have been a solid choice as the 2nd round pick, but was unavailable to our 3rd. Fleming wasn't available as he was picked in the 3rd, and still hasn't done much (though got playing time last year). Demario Davis is a new one - he's started the last two years for the Jets and is considered a top 15 ILB. Miller has been discussed and went undrafted, and Young I could find no information on. Young wasn't drafted and hasn't played in the NFL. 


A lot of these guys weren't available when we'd have been on the clock, but Fleener was, and that's good enough to put this draft over the top. Taking either Brooks or Davis in the 2nd round when they were available would have been gravy. 



This one starts with a trade: 


SF trades its first and fifth picks to GB to move up a couple of places

1 - Peter Konz, C 
2 - Harrison Smith, S 


Having had success moving up a few spots to get Konz, they 49ers do it again trading their 3rd and their 6th to move up a few spots.

3 - LaMichael James 

Trade Kyle Williams to the Bills for a 4th

4 - Mike Martin, DL 
4 - Ladarius Green, TE 
7 - Chris Owusu, WR 

For starters, at this point it should be pointed out that this draft and every one after it were done over a month before the draft process, so the rounds start to get a little whacky for some guys. Konz has struggled with inconsistencies and injuries, but is a fringe starter who plays well at times. He'll get his last chance for the Falcons this year, but was taken in the 2nd. Harrison Smith had jumped up the boards before the draft and was an expected first round pick (which he was). Smith is an excellent safety who may be top 5 at the position. James - *NAILED IT* - of all the picks to hit, big9erfan calls the one almost nobody else saw coming. That's not a great thing in retrospect, but the good news is - he didn't do it in the 2nd. He did it in the 3rd where James was projected (even if he gave up an extra 6th for it, it's still not a 2nd). Martin was taken in the 3rd and is a decent rotational D-lineman for the Titans. Green would have been taken just before our pick in the 4th, and is a decent backup TE. Owusu - *NAILED IT* Owusu was undrafted to us, but he hasn't really panned out. 


I would still say Konz > Looney, so even just picking him first (and only being able to also draft Owusu since the others would have been gone) would have been a better draft. I know what would be said in hindsight, but it'd be an interesting question to ask 2012 big9erfan if he'd rather trade up a few spots for Konz or Smith, because both would have been options at the time. Trading up for Martin in the 3rd instead of James (who may or may not have been there) would have made for a decent backup as well. 



Round 1 - Coby Fleener - TE 
Round 2 - Kevin Zeitler - G 
Round 3 - Tommy Streeter - WR 
Round 4 - Ronnie Hillman - RB 
Round 5 - George Iloka - S 
Round 6 - Darius Fleming - LB 
Round 7 - Mike Martin - DT 

Another vote for Fleener. Zeitler would have been a great choice but was taken ahead of us in the first and would have required a small trade up. Streeter has been covered. Hillman has improved every year he's been in the league, but is just a backup RB and wouldn't have been available in the 4th (he was a top of the 3rd round pick). The Iloka pick was almost hit exactly (he was taken 2 picks after we picked Fleming). Iloka has started all 32 games the last two seasons for the Bengals and is probably a top 25 safety in the NFL. Darius Fleming *NAILED IT* - A round late, so we'll call it better value. Mike Martin would have been a decent pickup in the 3rd. 

Verdict: Fleener and Iloka would have been available and would be a big improvement over our 2012 class. With Zeitler not available, some rearranging could be done to take Martin in the 3rd for a decent draft class. 



For starters, I made this trade: 


***Trade with Cincinnati*** 

49ers get: 17th overall pick (950 value) 

Bengals get: 30th overall pick (620 value) 
2nd round pick (284 value) 
4th round pick (46 value) 
(total of 950)

1. David DeCastro, OG, Stanford 
3. Trenton Robinson, S, Michigan St. 
5. David Molk, C, Michigan 
6. Jacquies Smith, OLB, Missouri 
7. Chris Owusu, WR, Stanford 

First the trade...knowing that the following year, Baalke would be able to do near the exact same trade for a third, he'd probably get better value on the trade. DeCastro started the last 2 years after an injury derailed his first year, but he's been real good (one of only two 2012 guys to get their 5th year options picked up thus far and a top 20 G). Robinson - *NAILED IT*...well, sort of. Baalke probably got better value for the special teams guy in the 6th who is now playing snaps as the Redskins nickelback as picking Robinson in the 3rd was relatively absurd in hindsight. Molk was a 7th round draft pick for the Chargers and finally got to start a few games for the Eagles last year at C, and will again this year (though it's hard to say if it's due to Chip Kelly genius, or Chip Kelly insanity). Smith has been discussed. As for Owusu - once again - *NAILED IT*. Of course he was Baalke got him undrafted, but neither of us really hit the mark. 


David DeCastro > Joe Looney, so even if Baalke held onto none of my other picks, I'd win. Still, DeCastro would undoubtedly be the starter at RG. Boone would still be a promising backup who may be looking for an out, but is now trade bait. Or...he may see the opening at LG as his first chance to shine. Molk could still be a depth guy or a potential center, and Jacquies Smith is becoming the pass-rusher I (and you'll soon see others) envisioned. Baalke would have gotten better value with my trade, though. I can say I could have come away with this exact draft class, though it would not have been the gratest of them. 



Rd 1: Kevin Zeitler - G- Wisconsin 
Rd 2: Brian Quick - WR - Appalachian St 
Rd 3: Robert Turbin - RB - Utah State 
Rd 4: Isaiah Pead - RB - Cincinnati 
Rd 5: Trumaine Johnson - CB - Montana 
Rd 6: Jacquies Smith - OLB - Missouri 
Rd 7: Delano Howell - S - Stanford 

Zeitler has been talked about as having needed a trade up. Quick was taken at the top of the 2nd so wouldn't have been available. He shows promise, but has had some bad luck. Turbin is a decent reserve back that was drafted in the 4th. RedNGold doubled down on future NFC West backs by taking Pead in the 4th (who actually went in the 2nd). Pead has not amounted to anything. Johnson continues the NFC West 2012 draft showcase as he was a 3rd round pick of the Rams and is a decent cornerback/fringe starter. Smith has been discussed many times. Howell went undrafted and is just a backup. 



1. Kendall Wright, WR, Baylor 

*TRADE Shawntae Spencer, 2012 2nd, + 2012 5th to move up of the 2nd round to draft: 

2. Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford 
3. Lucas Nix, OG, Pittsburgh 
4. Keenan Robinson, LB, Texas 
6. Trevor Guyton, DE, California 
7. Christian Thompson, FS, South Carolina State 

This one was posted in early February, so it also had a bonus free agency period where the team signs Stevie Johnson 2 years before the team would instead give up a 4th for him and release him in a year. Wright would have required a trade up in the first, but is a much better receiving option than Jenkins. If anyone would have taken that trade, it would have been a good one to make sure to get Fleener. In reality, Fleener would have just been his first round pick with Wright off the board. Nix went undrafted, but he did start 10 games for the Raiders in 2013 (which was really not a good thing). Robinson was picked two spots after where we traded up for Looney. He had a mixed season last year in his first year as a starter for the Redskins, but I'd say a lot more good than bad. Guyton went in the 7th round, but is now in the CFL. Thompson was actually drafted in the 4th by the Ravens, but has nothing but a Super Bowl ring and off-field issues to show for it. 


Whether he trades up for Wright in the first, picks Fleener in the first, or picks anyone available in the first and trades up for Fleener in the 2nd, this one's still a victory. Robinson was technically available with our pick in the 4th, so that just becomes gravy, though SoCal would have needed to trade up for him. 


In summation, if you just go with an aggregate draft class of players the forum chose, the draft class would probably look like this: 

1. Coby Fleener, TE 
2. Brandon Brooks, G 
3. Jared Crick, DE 
4. Tommy Streeter, WR 
5. Marvin Jones, WR 
6. Jacquies Smith, OLB 
7. Any of the undrafted guys 

And that would have been a really solid class. Sure, a couple guys would have been overdrafted and Streeter would have been a complete miss, but at least something would have come out of that class, which is way more than what we can say in reality.

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Archiving the 2011 Edition: 

FFMD 2: 


1. Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska 
2. Andy Dalton, QB, TCU 


SF sends 

NO sends 

2. Sam Acho, OLB, Texas 
4. Jurrell Casey, NT, USC 
6. Owen Marecic, FB, Stanford 
7. Derrick Locke, RB, Kentucky 
7. DJ Young, OT, Michigan St. 
7. Chris Matthews, WR, Kentucky 
7. Eddie Jones, OLB, Texas 

49ers obtained the 4th 7th round pick by trading Alex Boone to the Bengals, which in hindsight wasn't the best idea (although it wasn't even universally loved then, either). With 9 future Pro Bowlers (including Julio Jones and Cam Newton, which wouldn't have happened in reality) in a pretty stellar first round in 2011 still on the board, the guys went with Prince Amukamara. While Amukamara did not have a stellar first few years, the lights finally seemed to come on in 2014 before an injury cut short the season. Dalton was obviously picked one pick in front of where we traded up, and it may be arguable whether or not he'd have done better than Kaepernick, but certainly not a bad option. They traded up for Acho (who in reality was available in the 4th), and it's hard to translate what he would have done here. In his first season he had a solid 7 sacks, but that number as decreased over the years. Casey, in reality, ended up a 3rd round pick. He was fantastic value in the 4th as a very solid defensive linemen, who is, in fact, able to play in a 3-4 (a question at the time and before the Titans switched in 2014). Marecic was taken in the 4th in reality, and that was obviously an overdraft for him by the Browns. Locke went undrafted and has never played in the NFL. DJ Young went undrafted, and is out of the league. Chris Matthews went undrafted and it took a while for him to actually make a team, but you may recall he recently had the first four receptions of his career in the Super Bowl. Eddie Jones went undrafted and is out of the league. 


Aldon/Kaepernick/Culliver/Hunter/Kilgore/Miller is probably a better haul than Amukamara/Dalton/Acho/Casey. With that said, Amukamara, Dalton, and Casey will likely be with their teams longterm, which is something we might not be able to say about Aldon/Hunter and certainly Culliver. I think it's safe to say Amukamara wouldn't have had much more impact with us immediately, given that the team he went to was just as good in the front 7 (2011 Giants). And if Dalton only had Crabtree/Davis as opposed to Green, it's hard to say how he'd fair here as well. Chris Matthews helps the FFMD crowd, but it's hard to say if he would have ever done anything here in his first 3 seasons for him to stay with the team, whereas he may have earned himself a more prominent spot in Seattle next year with the game he had. 



This one started with a trade: 


Vikings Send: 
2011 1st (12) 
2011 2nd (43) 

49ers Send: 
2011 1st (7) 
2011 4th (108)

1st Round (12): Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska 
2nd Round (43): Justin Houston, OLB, Georgia 
2nd Round (45): Stephen Paea, DT, Oregon State 
3rd Round (76): Ricky Stanzi, QB, Iowa 
4th Round (115): Taiwan Jones, RB, Eastern Washington 
5th Round (141): Owen Marecic, FB, Stanford 



Washington Sends: 
5 (152) 

SF Sends: 
6 (174) 
7 (211)

5th Round (152): Austin Pettis, WR, Boise St 
6th Round (190): Alex Henery, K, Nebraska 
7th Round (231): Justin Boren, OG, Ohio State 
7th Round (239): Scott Tolzien, QB, Wisconsin 
7th Round (250): Thomas Keiser, OLB, Stanford 

I should point out, in that trade, SoCal assumes Robert Quinn is off the board, and that's why he goes with Amukamara after trading back for more value and getting another 2nd. Since Quinn is on the board, it's likely that he takes him, which really messes with this draft as he hit a home run with the 2nd pick, stopping Justin Houston's fall a round early. While Houston lasted until the 3rd, he was expected to be a 2nd round pick with potential to be gone by the time we'd be on the clock (which SoCal notes in his draft). Paea might not be a fit in our 3-4 at NT, but in nickel packages he'd be an excellent disruptive force. Stanzi is right around where this draft class takes a nosedive. A popular QB on the forum that did not pan out in reality (where he was a 5th round pick). Jones has done little as a backup RB in Oakland as a 4th round draft pick. Marecic wouldn't have been available in the 5th, and that wouldn't have been a bad thing. Pettis was a 3rd round pick so he wouldn't have been available in the 5th, but I think his play has shown he was worth more as a 5th round pick (which means it wouldn't have been a terrible choice). Henery was drafted in the 4th, but his production dipped every year he was in the league and may likely be without a future. Boren went undrafted and bounced around a bit before going out of the NFL. Tolzien did end up with us after signing as undrafted free agent with San Diego, but his only action in the NFL has not been incredibly positive. Keiser went undrafted and has bounced around the league, but does have some production when he's played. He had 4 sacks as a rookie and 4.5 when he was needed to play in San Diego and start 3 games in 2013. 


He missed on a QB, but given that the team had Alex Smith playing at a high level, a drat legacy of Amukamara, Houston, and Paea, plus some production from Keiser means this class could probably at least compete with Aldon/Kaepernick/Culliver/Hunter/Kilgore/Miller. It would help some more if Pettis were to have fallen to the 5th. 



1 Patrick Peterson- CB 
2 Jake Locker- QB 
3 Sam Acho-OLB 
4 Roy Helu – RB 
4 Stanly Havili – FB 
5 Ian Williams – NT 
6 David Carter –DE 
7 Derek Hall –T 
7 Eric Czerniewski – QB 

For starters, he mentions that he had made the mock and never posted it/didn't have time to edit so that explains Locker's fall. Peterson would have been a fantastic pick, but he had went off the board. Locker...probably not as great a selection, but he'd be in a much different scenario in San Francisco. Acho was discussed earlier. Helu was a 4th round pick, but taken 10 picks before we took Hunter. Many wanted Helu on this team in the offseason, so they'd have had their chance to see him back in 2011. May be a slight upgrade over Hunter. Havili ended up being a 7th round pick and would certainly have been a downgrade from Miller as he's been pretty poor in the time he's gotten to play. Ian Williams - *NAILED IT* - Sure, Baalke got Williams undrafted, but taking a 5th round flyer on Williams would have been just as worth it. Carter was a 6th round pick that would have been available at the 6th round pick GG9 used in this mock, but not once we traded up in the 5th in reality. Losing out on Carter would not have been a big loss though, as he played limitedly for the Cardinals and is now out of the league. Derek Hall - *NAILED IT* - if you're confused, it's because Hall was an undrafted free agent pickup for us in 2011, though he never made the squad, or any squad for that matter. In the 7th round, he took a flier on the QB of his alma mater, who was never picked up by anyone. 


He'd have had to trade up for Patrick Peterson and Roy Helu, but both are solid picks. It's tough to say any team would have traded out of the top 4 picks for any price, and it's even tougher to guess that we wouldn't have taken the player they did, and it's doubtful the Cardinals would have passed on him, making this class hard to judge. Just looking at the players, Peterson/Acho/Helu/Williams is a pretty nice haul, but given that Williams was an undrafted free agent in Baalke's Aldon/Kaepernick/Culliver/Hunter/Kilgore/Miller, I have to say this would have been a slight downgrade from our class. 



1 Patrick Peterson CB, LSU 


*Trade 2011 3rd Parys Haralson,OLB 2011 7th 2011 7th for 33rd overall pick

2 Brooks Reed OLB, Arizona 
2 Christian Ponder QB, Florida State 
4 Owen Marecic FB, Stanford 
4 Taiwan Jones RB, Eastern Washington 
5 Ian Williams NT, Notre Dame 
6 Alex Henery K, Nebraska 
6 Ricardo Lockette,WR,Fort Valley State 
7 Richard Sherman CB, Stanford 

There was also a post-draft trade of a 2012 4th and 2012 6th (Looney/Slowey) for QB Donavan Mcnabb, which really would have been a wash in the late stages of McNabb's career. This draft would be impossible as it's listed, but the NFC West would look incredibly different if we somehow managed to snag Patrick Peterson and Richard Sherman in the same draft class, and certainly in our favor. Reed has started 52 of 60 games for the Texans, but his best work is as a run defender, not a pass rusher. With a CB duo of Peterson and Sherman, that need might be considerably muted, however. Ponder never makes it to that pick, and wouldn't have been a great choice anyway. Marecic and Jones ARE available this time around since we don't trade for Kaepernick, but neither are great picks. Williams - *NAILED IT* - another solid decision to take a 5th round flier on a guy we would get undrafted (Baalke gets credit again for better value). Henry wouldn't be available. Lockette of course does eventually end up on the 49ers, and while his 18 receptions for his career do look more enticing than Ronald Johnson's zero, it's hard to give any credit to this selection due to the fact that we know exactly how Lockette would have been used here - not at all. 


This class is also impossible to judge, because of an almost impossible trade-up for Peterson, and the fact that Sherman would not have been available where he was picked, and Ponder would not have been an option. And with Ponder gone, does 2011 AT49ers make the same trade up for Kaepernick that Baalke does to get the last of the 2nd tier of QBs like Baalke did? Going with just the players, Peterson/Sherman/Reed is an easy victory over Aldon/Kaepernick/Culliver/Hunter/Kilgore/Miller, because it removes Peterson and Sherman from our rivals and puts them on our team. If you ask Peterson/Reed over Aldon/Culliver/Hunter/Kilgore/Miller (assuming he would make the same Kaepernick trade), then that one becomes a lot more difficult to call, and is probably less of a haul than Baalke's. 



1. Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU 
2. Ricky Stanzi, QB, Iowa 
3. Jeremy Beal, OLB, Oklahoma 
4. Sione Fua, NT, Stanford 
4. Jordan Todman, RB, UConn 
5. Owen Marecic, FB, Stanford 
6. Chris Conte, FS, California 
6. Derek Newton, OT, Arkansas St. 
7. Tyrod Taylor, QB, Virginia Tech 
7. David Arkin, G, Missouri St. 
7. Darrin Walls, CB, Notre Dame 
7. Wayne Daniels, OLB, TCU 

Peterson has been covered. Stanzi...good lord...I forgot I did this. Beal...good lord...I forgot I did this. Beal was a 7th rounder and out of the league in 2 years. Sione Fua...well, at least I would have gotten value for him as he was the final pick in the 3rd round. Sadly, Todman was one of my better picks...and he's a relatively poor backup RB. Marecic was a popular forum choice that I should have ignored, but didn't. Chris Conte wasn't available in the 6th, but if I do some rearranging, he's one of my best picks. Which is not really a good thing. In the last 3 years, Newton has started the last 46 of 48 games for the Texans after they took him in the 7th round, and last year he was actually playing really well. Taylor hasn't played much, but given that he's apparently actually got a shot at the Bills QB job, he was a better QB pick than Stanzi...too bad he was picked in the 6th and wasn't available in this one. David Arkin was a good actor in the 70s, but the one I took was a 4th round pick that has been a career nobody. Darrin Walls went undrafted, but developed into an average starter last season for the Jets. Daniels went undrafted and has had a poor Arena league career. 


I had some pretty big fails, and the only picks I hit on were late round choices. If I somehow could have made Patrick Peterson work by trading up, I'd have a draft legacy of Peterson, Newton, and Walls, which is certainly not better than Baalke's class. With some rearranging, Chris Conte and Tyrod Taylor would marginally improve it, but it's still a loss. Kinda proud of hitting on some of the later round starters, though. 



1 Patrick Peterson CB 


Trade to Buffalo picks #45 and #76 for picks #34 and #100.

2 Christian Ponder QB 
4 Ian Williams NT 
4 Derek Newton OL 
4 Greg Salas WR 
5 Marc Schiechel OLB 
6 Mario Fannin RB 
6 Anthony Sherman FB 
7 David Carter DE 
7 Ryan Jones CB 
7 TJ Yates QB 
7 Blaine Sumner NT 

Another Peterson/Ponder first two rounds. Ian Williams - *NAILED IT* though again, Baalke got much better value getting him undrafted. Derek Newton was the 7th round pick, but again - has developed into a good starting tackle. Salas would have been taken 3 picks higher and wouldn't have been available, but he's been a marginal backup anyway. Marc Schiechl went undrafted and is in the Arena league. Fannin went undrafted and is out of the league. Sherman was taken in the 5th round, but is one of the league's best fullbacks (if not THE best). Carter wouldn't have been available as he went in the 6th round, but is now out of the league. Ryan Jones went undrafted and never played. Yates was a 5th round pick so wouldn't have been available, and is marginal as a backup. Sumner never played in the NFL but is a world champion powerlifter. 


A decent draft. Peterson/Newton/Williams would be a solid longterm take from the draft, and with some rearranging to include Sherman, it would be that much better. Peterson/Newton (taking Williams out as Baalke got him undrafted) would not beat out Baalke's haul, however. 



1. OLB Robert Quinn 
2. QB Andy Dalton 
3. CB Brandon Burton 
4. DT Jerrell Powe 
4. SS Da'Norris Searcy 
5. CB Kevin Rutland 
6. OT Byron Stingily 
6. RB Allen Bradford 
7. FB Anthony Sherman 
7. WR Kealoha Pilares 
7. FS Colin Jones 
7. QB Adam Froman 

EverythingSF gets some bonus points for drafting a guy that was actually available, and a Pro Bowl pass-rusher at that. Dalton would have required a trade up. Burton was actually a 5th round pick that hasn't panned out. Powe has been an unspectacular backup that was taken in the 6th. Searcy was taken at the top of the 4th and wouldn't have been available, but has developed into a solid starter. Rutland went undrafted, got to start a few games for the Jaguars, but is now out of the league. He was nearly spot-on with the value of Stingily who would be taken one spot after the pick and is a decent backup/spot starter for the Titans. Bradford was another pick that was nearly spot-on as he was taken 5 picks after the pick. Bradford started as a running back, but is now bouncing around practice squads as a linebacker which is really cool. Sherman was a 5th round pick, but is a top FB in the league. Pilares was an okay returnman that was picked in the 5th round but is now out of the league. Colin Jones - *NAILED IT* He was a round off, and Jones wouldn't last long with the team, but still a solid 7th round selection (if he'd have fallen there). Froman went undrafted and was out of the league. 


Robert Quinn would have been a great first round choice, and many of the players he picked have had pretty good careers, but only Quinn and Stingily were actually available (which would not beat out Baalke's haul). Some rearranging would give the team a fantastic player in Quinn, some good players in Search, Stingily, and Sherman. 



1. LB / Robert Quinn {N. Carolina} 
2. QB / Andy Dalton {TCU} 
3. CB / Rashad Carmichael {VT} 
4. WR / Gregory Salas {Hawaii} 
4. NT / Ian Williams {Notre Dame} 
5. S / Chris Conte {California} 
6. RB / Noel Devine {West Virginia} 
6. OL / Zane Taylor {Utah} 
7. LB / Marc Schiechl {CSM} 
7. FB / Anthony Sherman {UConn} 
7. DE / Zane Parr {Virginia} 
7. CB / Josh Thomas {Buffalo} 

Another hit on Quinn. Dalton has been covered. Carmichael was a 4th round pick who is now out of the league. Salas was almost picked spot-on as he was taken 4 picks after where this draft pick was, but has mostly been a backup WR. Williams - *NAILED IT*. Conte I covered as a 3rd round pick who is now an unspectacular starter. Devine went undrafted and most recently was in the CFL. Zane Taylor went undrafted and is out of the NFL. Schiechl was also undrafted and out of the NFL. Sherman I've covered, but would have been fantastic in the 7th. Thomas was an unspectacular backup drafted in the fifth round. 


A big hit with Quinn, and his selection of Ian Williams would have been a good one, though Baalke got better value. Otherwise, most of the later round guys were undrafted. Some rearranging and a trade-up would give a decent class of Quinn, Dalton, Conte, Williams, and Sherman. 



1. Prince Amukamara, CB 
2. Christian Ponder, QB 
2. Sam Acho, OLB 
3. Jerrell Powe, DT 
4. Shane Vereen, RB 
5. Chris Conte, FS 
6. Anthony Sherman, FB 
7. Noel Devine 


SF transition tags (NT) Aubrayo Franklin... trades him to Houston. 
SF gets: #51 (2nd) 
Texans get: Franklin + #107 (4th) + #185 (6th)

That trade explains some of the picks. The other missing picks were compensatory. Amukamara was the choice in FFMD 1 as well, and with the extra pick they were able to land Acho. Powe has been covered. Vereen was taken by New England in the 2nd, but would have been a nice receiving back choice in the 4th. Conte has been covered. Sherman has been covered, and wouldn't have been on the board. Devine was once again undrafted. 


No idea what they would have done with compensatory picks, but Amukamara and Acho would be the only real take from this draft. Some rearranging could also allow for Conte, Vereen, and Sherman. In any case, Baalke clearly wins this one. 



We get 2 options in this draft. 


The Chargers acquires the 49ers 7th overall pick for their 18th, 50th, 89th overall, and a 3rd rounder next year.

1. OLB Justin Houston 
2. QB Colin Kaepernick 
2. OT Marcus Cannon 
3. RB Jordan Todman 
3. CB Marcus Gilchrist 
4. CB Buster Skrine 
4. TE Rob Housler 
5. LB Nate Irving 
6. C Brandon Fusco 
6. T Chris Hairston 
7. NG Chris Neild 
7. FB Anthony Sherman 
7. OLB Bruce Miller -

Might have to switch to FB position.

7. QB Josh Portis 

Wow...an unbelievably weird trade down to take a guy that was picked in the 3rd round (who had been rumored as possibly going in the first), and he hits a 3x Pro Bowler. Kaepernick - *NAILED IT* - and he didn't even have to trade up. Cannon is a solid reserve lineman/spot starter for New England, but was taken in the 5th. Gilchrist actually went in the 2nd to the Chargers who no longer had that pick due to the trade San Diego made (where he had them move up to select JJ Watt...a trade I'm sure San Diego would make in hindsight). Gilchrist has started the last 32 games, but isn't a great player. Skrine has started 31 of the last 32 games for the Browns after getting picked in the 5th but was also not a great starter. Housler wouldn't be available as he was taken in the 3rd. He'd be an okay 2nd TE. Nate Irving was selected in the 3rd round and is a solid special teams player that worked his way into the starting lineup last year, and was doing well before an ACL injury. Fusco was almost spot-on in value, but went to the Vikings 2 picks earlier...he's started every game he's played the last 3 years (34 in total) and is a pretty underrated guard. Hairston was a 4th round pick and was looking good before an injury stopped him from starting in 2013. He may compete for a starting job with the Chargers this year. Neild was the 2nd to last pick in the draft, and when healthy he's a decent backup NT, but ACL injuries have left him on IR twice. Sherman wouldn't have been available. And then you have Bruce Miller...Baalke picked him with an earlier 7th, and while the choice to switch a DE to FB baffled the likes of most of us, it didn't even make Nostradamus here bat an eye, so - *SUPER NAILED IT*. Portis went undrafted. 


Absolutely awful...To pick undrafted Josh Portis with a compensatory 7th, a guy out of the NFL? Dude must've been smoking. 


I don't even know what to say to this. Some of the players might not have been available where he had them, but some rearranging could have netted the team NINE starters and a superstar in Justin Houston. NINE. Granted, not all would be spectacular starters, but...who knows what they would have been on this team. On top of that, three solid backups. Now, two of those starters are FBs, but...wow...Baalke...Go home, you can't draft like this guy. Now, he had some extra picks from what may have sounded like a ridiculous trade, but do you think San Diego would pull the trigger on that so they could draft JJ Watt in hindsight? You're damn right they would. 

Also, enjoy people hating that mock. 

Now the 2nd draft: 

1. OLB Robert Quinn 
2. QB Colin Kaepernick 
3. CB Marcus Gilchrist. 
4. CB Buster Skrine 
4. TE Rob Housler 
5. OLB Chris Carter 
6. C Brandon Fusco 
6. OT Chris Hairston 
7. NG Chris Neild 
7. RB Noel Devine 
7. FS Mark LeGree 
7. QB Josh Portis 

Mostly the same guys, except he stays put and takes Quinn, and downgrades from a 3x Pro Bowler with a 22 sack season to just a 2x Pro Bowler with a 19 sack season. He also adds Chris Carter who was picked at the end of the 5th round and is mostly a special teams player. Mark LeGree is the other one I haven't discussed already, who was a 5th round pick of the Seahawks that is out of the league. 


Can't really play the rearrange game here. Since we took Kaepernick, it's hard to say if another team would have before we traded up, but Quinn, Kaepernick, Skrine would have been his haul this time, making the first draft clearly better. No idea why felt the need to go from 2 FBs to none, but he did. Anyway...my overall verdict - let someone else scout the halfbacks, and put this guy in charge. 



1. Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska 
2. Christian Ponder, QB, Florida State 
3. Chris Carter, OLB, Fresno State 
4. Jalil Brown, CB, Colorad 
4. Sione Fua, NT, Stanford 
5. Owen Marecic, FB, Stanford 
6. Jeff Maehl, WR, Oregon 
6. Mike Mohamed, ILB, Cal 
7. Kai Forbath, K, UCLA 
7. Noel Devine, RB, West Virginia 
7. Ryan Winterswyk, DE/OLB, Boise State 
7. Anthony Allen, RB, Georgia Tech 

Another vote for Amukamara/Ponder. Carter has been discussed as a 5th round Special teams guy. Brown was almost spot on for value (picked 3 picks later), and has bounced around the league as a below-average backup. Fua was taken in the 3rd and is now a backup. Marecic would not have been there. Maehl went undrafted and has just 9 receptions over the last two years for the Eagles (and his career) as he's been mostly a special teams player. Mohamed was almost spot on in value but was picked one spot ahead of where he had him. Mohamed finally got a shot at playing time last year with the Texans due to injury, and he played really well - including pretty fantastically at pass coverage (ironically what we'd need now). Forbath was undrafted, but would have been an improvement over Akers in terms of accuracy. Devine has been covered. Winterswyk went undrafted and is out of the league. Allen was a 7th round pick, but would have been gone long before he was picked here. While he had a more stellar career of the two RBs than Devine, his 3.6 YPA had him out of the league in 2 years. 


Most of this has been covered, but the longterm legacy of this crew is just special teams work (including one of the best picks in Forbath). One of the best picks possibly could have been Mohamed, but he had went one pick earlier. 



1 Patrick Peterson CB 
2 Colin Kaepernick QB 
3 Sam Acho OLB 
4 Greg Little WR 
4 Lawrence Guy DE 
5 Rob Housler TE 
6 Chris Neild NT 
6 Ugo Chinasas OLB 
7 Allen Bradford RB 
7 Josh Thomas CB 
7 Jarriel King OT 
7 Jeremy Ross WR/kr 

QB Adam Froman 
K Kai Forbath 
FB Ryan Houston 

Peterson has been covered. Kaepernick - *NAILED IT* - most likely would have required the same trade up, but we'll never know. Acho has been covered. Little wouldn't have been available as he was taken in the 2nd, and while he started off showing plenty of promise, he regressed every year in the league thus far. Guy was drafted in the 7th round, and has been a career backup who started a few games out of necessity. Housler wouldn't have been available in the 5th. Neild was the 2nd to last player drfated, but if not for injury, would be a very solid back-up spot starter. Chinasas went undrafted and is out of the NFL. Bradford was the RB turned LB drafted in the 6th. Thomas went in the 5th, so wouldn't be available (unspectacular backup). King was undrafted and was out of the NFL. Ross went undrafted but has been a pretty reliable returner for the Lions who last year got to be a fairly underperforming 3rd WR. Forbath is the only UDFA that amounted to anything. 


If it could have been done, Peterson/Kaepernick would have been a nice round 1/2. Acho would be a solid player. Guy & Neild would be okay to great rotational guys. Ross could handle return duties (and might not have fumbled twice against the Giants in the playoffs). No rearranging can be done, but this is still a solid draft in review. I think Aldon/Kaepernick/Culliver/Hunter/Kilgore/Miller > Peterson/Kaepernick/Acho/Guy/Neild/Ross, but one of the better drafts thus far. Not going to factor in Forbath (a solid UDFA choice), only because taking into account Baalke's UDFAs (featuring Ian Williams and Dobbs) in 2011 will really skew these things. 

NOTE: From this point all the drafts were at least more than a month away from draft day, so the projections may look off. 


1.Von Miller (OLB) 
2 Colin Kaepernick (QB) 
3 Jerrell Powe (NT) 
4a DeMarcus Van Dyke (CB) 
4b Owen Marecic (FB) 
5 Sione Fua (NT) 
6a Thomas Keiser (OLB) 
6b Darius Morris (OG) 
7a Alex Henery (K) 
7b Anthony Allen (RB) 

Undrafted players: 
Andrew Phillips(OC) 
Henry Hynoski (FB) 

I first knew this draft was old when it included Da'Quan Bowers as the #1 overall pick (who fell to the 2nd as he should have). Because of some shenanigans, Von Miller falls to us. He would have had to trade up in reality, and it's hard to see Denver taking that trade. Kaepernick - *NAILED IT*- and he's been covered. Powe has been covered. Van Dyke was taken in the 3rd, and has been a marginal at best player who is likely on his last chance with the Vikings. Marecic and Fua have been covered. Keiser once again was undrafted but has had production when he's gotten to play (including starting 3 games and getting 4.5 sacks in 2013). Morris went undrafted and is out of the NFL. Henery was long gone in the 7th (picked in the 4th), and has consistency issues. Allen would not have been available this far down the draft (was picked a half dozen or so spots earlier than where this pick was initially), and was unspectacular anyway. Hynoski is one of the top fullbacks in the league and was also undrafted. 


If it could have happened via trade, Miller/Kaepernick would have been a solid 1-2. Not much else from this class with the exception of some backup work from Keiser and the undrafted Hynoski. 



1. Patrick Peterson LSU CB/S 
2. Christian Ponder QB FSU 
3. Chris Carter OLB Fresno State 
4. Sione Fua NT Stanford 
5. Mark Herzlich OLB Boston College 
6. Stanley Havili FB USC 
6. Alex Henery K Nebraska 
7. Richard Sherman CB Stanford 
7. Ryan Whalen WR Stanford 
7. Jerrel Powe DT/DE Ole Miss 
7. Nic Grigsby RB Arizona 

Peterson/Ponder/Carter/Fua have been covered. Herzlich went undrafted and most know that story. He's been a solid backup ILB for the Giants for 4 years and was decent when needed to start last year. Havili and Henery were covered. Sherman has been as well, and while he wasn't available in the 7th, another Peterson/Sherman class would make for a defense you can't pass against. Whalen was a backup WR and is out of the NFL (drafted in the 6th). Powe has been covered, but for the first time would have been off the board already, so credit is due for being closer to value. Grigsby went undrafted and has never played. 


Only Carter, Herzlich, Havili, and Grigsby would have actually been available. With some rearranging and hitting the trade-up for Peterson, a pretty spectacular Peterson/Sherman class can be had. Hard to say what the alternate choices would have been. Some points probably need to come off, though, for calling Sherman "training camp fodder" Wink. 



1. Patrick Peterson, CB LSU 
2. Marvin Austin, NT UNC 
3. Andy Dalton QB TCU 
4. Sam Acho, OLB Texas 
4. (of course) Owen Marecic 
5. Ian Williams NT Notre Dame 
6. Kai Forbath K UCLA 
6. Jeffery Maehl WR Oregon 
7. John Clay RB Wisconsin 
7. Keith Williams OG Nebraska 

Peterson has been covered. Austin was thought of as a potential 1st in 2011 but fell past our pick to the Giants in the 2nd due to off-field concerns, and he never lived up to the 2nd round billing. Dalton in the 3rd would have been insane value. Acho would not have made it to our spot in the 4th as he was picked 5 spots earlier. Marecic, Williams (*NAILED IT*), and Forbath have been covered. Maehl once again went undrafted and is now mostly a special teams player. Clay went undrafted. He had 10 rushes for 41 yards in his rookie season and is now out of the NFL. Williams wouldn't have been available in the 7th as he went in the 6th, but is now out of the NFL anyway. 


Only Austin/Williams/Forbath/Maehl would have been available, and thanks to Williams/Forbath, would be an okay class. Some rearranging and trade up possibility for Peterson/Dalton/Acho would turn it into a very solid class. Still, Baalke's haul gets the nod here as the star player actually available in this draft (Williams), Baalke got undrafted. Also, bonus point for adamq indirectly warning people not to keep picking Sua. 



1.Patrick Peterson – CB, LSU 


***TRADE*** SF Trades it’s 2nd and a 4th round pick to Green Bay for pick 32

1.Christian Ponder – QB, FSU 
3.Ras-I Dowling - CB, Virginia 
4.a. Owen Marecic – FB, Stanford 
5. Greg Salas – WR, Hawaii 
6.a Ian Williams DE, Notre Dame 
6b. Kai Forbath, K UCLA 
7. a. Jacquizz Rodgers - RB/Oregon St 
7b. Bryant Browning, OG Ohio St 

UDFA : Jerrod Johnson, QB TXA&M 

Peterson has been covered. Much credit given for recognizing Ponder would not be available in the 2nd like nobody else at this point, but he still would have been long gone in this trade. Dowling would have been long gone as he went with the first pick in the 2nd, but never lived up to that as a poor backup player. Marecic, Salas, Williams (*NAILED IT*), and Forbath have been covered. Rodgers was taken in the 5th, but given the RBs everyone else has taken, this would have been a steal in comparison. Browning was undrafted and is out of the NFL. The same is true of Johnson. 


With some rearranging (and being able to trade up for Peterson), Peterson/Williams/Forbath/Rodgers would have been an okay draft class, but not on Baalke's level. RedNGold gets some bonus points for being the closest to actual value for Ponder and Williams, however. 




Jacksonville's 16 and 49th picks for our 7tb and 114th

1. Ryan Kerrigan-3-4 DE/OLB 

49ers trade up two spots with Minnesota, we swap 45- with 43 and we throw in a 5th round pick and grab

2. CB-Jimmy Smith 
2. QB-Christian Ponder 
3. OLB-Jeremy Beal 
4. Owen Marecic-FB 
5. SS-Ahmad Black 
6. OLB-Thomas Keiser 
7th BPA 

This was an interesting trade, as Jacksonville WAS looking to move up (although John had him move up for a CB instead of Gabbert), and in fact Jacksonville would have gotten better value in John's trade, as they would have gotten a 5th back (which they didn't in the Washington trade). Even more interesting, because this is where Washington landed, this is exactly where Kerrigan went in the draft, and he would have been a solid choice at that spot. He doesn't have quite the pass rush abilities that Aldon does, but he has started all 64 games in his career, so he'd have been active. And who knows how much better he could have done on our defense. He did trade up for Jimmy Smith, but not far enough as he was a first round pick for Baltimore, and a very good one at that. Ponder has been covered. Good to see someone else was on the Beal train before me, though it worked for neither of us since he was a 7th round pick that is out of the NFL. Marecic has been covered. Black was a 5th round pick (picked about a dozen spots later than where this pick was). He was a backup S that I thought played pretty well when given the chance, but is now out of the NFL. Keiser has been covered. No credit given for BPA in 7th. 


Bonus points for the trade featuring a team that did want to move up and picking Kerrigan's exact value. It's reasonable to think Kerrigan would have been available here, because Washington very likely could have went Aldon Smith if they stayed at 10 and he had fallen past the Titans and Cowboys (he would have). Jimmy Smith would have required a trade up that was even further to get to the Ravens pick, and the Ravens were initially looking to trade down that year (and missed their original pick when their trade partner, Chicago, failed to notify the league office). So a trade up for Smith was feasible. If that could have happened, the draft legacy would be entirely Ryan Kerrigan/Jimmy Smith, but that would be really good first round. Baalke still comes away with this one. 


This year wasn't so great for many of us armchair GMs when predicting the draft spot for 7 rounds of drafting. The 2015 thread where you can post who you would have drafted after the fact is a very interesting one, as that will give an exact idea of who people would have grabbed in 3 years. As it is, it's hard to guess. Little did we know in 2011, all the Stanford love would end up for naught. 

An aggregate draft class: 

Just based off of where Baalke ended up (since we don't really predict moving up or down): 

1. Prince Amukamara, CB 
2. Colin Kaepernick, QB 
3. Sam Acho, OLB 
4. Owen Marecic, FB 
5. Ian Williams, NT 
6. Noel Devine, HB 
6. Derek Newton, OT 
7. Kai Forbath, K 
7. Thomas Keiser, OLB 
7. Jeff Maehl, WR 

While many people missed on Marecic, 5 people took him in the 4th, so I feel that would have been the choice over Powe (even though 2 people took him in the 3rd, and one in the 4th). I then subsequently went with Williams over Powe, because Williams was the second most popular choice in the draft for us behind Marecic. Only two people selected Newton (3 or more selected Forbath and Keiser), but I went with Newton due to the fact that he was the highest player left that more than one person selected, and his average round of 5 rated higher than the other two, though it's arguable with Henery gone, people would have been okay with a K in the 6th, and I'm assuming the general consensus on the board would be to go with a position player over a low-rated kicker due to the ability to find kickers undrafted or in free agency (which happened AFTER the draft in 2011). 

I couldn't take Peterson, as he was gone by #7, so the second most popular first round pick was the other corner. He may have struggled a bit the first few years, but he'd play at or near Pro Bowl level now. It came down to Kaepernick vs. Stanzi vs. Acho since all the other picked QBs were gone, and Kaepernick had more votes (3 to 2) than Stanzi. He also had more 2nd round picks than Acho did (3 to 2), so I went with Kaepernick, and it benefits the forum, as Acho falls anyway. 

FF vs. Baalke: 

A lasting legacy of Amukamara/Acho/Newton/Forbath/Keiser/Maehl likely is not greater than Aldon/Culliver/Hunter/Kilgore/Miller. Aldon is better than Acho (if he stays on the fiel), Culliver and Amukamara could be argued either way. Newton or A. Davis would have to kick inside to guard, which would create as many questions as Kilgore has as a starter on the inside. Miller is worth more than Keiser or Forbath would be, and Hunter is more valuable than Keiser/Maehl. Kaepernick/Williams get cancelled out in both drafts, so final verdict - we didn't do better than Baalke, but we'd still hit a draft class with some solid players and starters, who may or may not perform better here.

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