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Andy Isabella > AB Mock Draft

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1-20 - NO PICK

Houston trades 54th, 55th pick, 161st, 195th for the Steelers 1st rd pick

Steelers trade 54th pick to LA RAMS for 94th, 99th, 169th, 203rd


Key Trade #1

Steelers trade 66th overall, BUD DUPREE and 207th overall to Detroit Lions for 43rd overall pick

Key Trade #2

Steelers trade 3-94 and BJ FINNEY to BUF for their 3rd round pick, 74th overall


2-43 - ANDY ISABELLA WR UMASS 5'9" 188 SR 4.31 - #15

Here he is. The next slot man of the NFL but with better skills than any of them. 4.31 speed. 5'9" 188. Strength is solid. Quick. Matchup nightmare. Swiss army knife type versatility. 



2-52 - DARRELL HENDERSON RB MEMPHIS 5'9" 208 JR 4.49 - #20

Maybe my favorite player this draft. Home run type ability to mix well with James Bell Cow chewing up yards down on the farm. He can challenge for rushing titles year in and year out despite his limited touches. Near 8.9 yard rush average the past two seasons.



2-55 - JAMEL DEAN CB AUBURN 6'1" 206 JR 4.30 - #21

Big and physical type CB that has speed to make plays. Could turn into a home run



3-74 - ANTHONY NELSON DE IOWA 6'7" 271 JR 4.82 - #98

Plug and play 10 year starter as a 3-4 DE. Offers ability to be a pass rusher with good chances for double digit sacks annually



3-83 - WILL HARRIS S BOSTON COLLEGE 6'1" 207 SR 4.41 - #28

This is a fast and physical strong safety that will have a 10 year career. Can really change the game in the box with his speed



3-99 - MAXX CROSBY EDGE EASTERN MICHIGAN 6'5" 255 JR 4.66 - #92

Long and lanky playmaker. Seems like a freakish Birdman, Dennis Rodman, type of personality. And I think I like that.



4-122 - TYREE JACKSON QB BUFFALO 6'7" 265 JR 4.59 - #1

Thinking this guy could be a replacement for Ben Roethlisberger. They give him the star treatment, something the Rooney's would never do, but he gets the #1 and is in a backwards hat and improving physically in improving horse like qualities as well as diligently honing in on the nuances of his craft such as footwork and accuracy



5-141 - SEAN BUNTING CB CENTRAL MICHIGAN 6' 195 JR 4.42 - #31

Part of one of the defensive secondaries with the most interceptions. So, I guess that's pretty good. He's athletic and has the ball skills. The 40 and vertical jump plays with the ability to squash on the underneath. Really good player.



5-161 - DILLON MITCHELL WR OREGON 6'1" 198 JR 4.46 - #13

AB replacement option in the form of a shifty playmaker here.


5-169 - BLAKE CASHMAN LB MINNESOTA 6'1 237 SR 4.5 - #51

Love this playmaker. Reminds me of a Luke Kuechly type with the wiggle and ability to tackle his prey. Scrappy and gritty and athletic as well. 


6-175 - BJ AUTRY G JACKSONVILLE ST 6'6" 354 SR - #79

Big country here has some wiggle. Noticeable on tape.


6-192 - DALVON MACK NT TEXAS A&M 6'1" 340 SR 5.1 - #95

And another salty. This is in the gorm of a one gap nose tackle. The Steelers pass rushers need a tweak. Heyward and Tuitt are 3-4 DE that CAN PLAY DT. So they aren't as effective. Plug Mack in there with a five man front that can drop out the OLB and I think you will have something. Call this more of a 5-1-5


6-195 - RYAN BATES C PENN ST 6'4" 306 JR 5.1 - #65

Athletic. Can move up to the second level. Really playing the movement skills here and the size to fill out up top. Can't teach mobility. Expecting him to easily make the 53 and could turn into a good pro


6-203 - TYREL DODSON LB TEXAS A&M 6' 237 JR 4.60 - #57

Fast athletic SEC type ILB talent here in the 6th rd. Another guy borderline undrafted that you take instead of letting go undrafted


7-215 - JAYLEN SMITH WR LOUISVILLE 6'2" 219 SR 4.47 - #89

Expecting this guy to be the #2 split end behind JuJu Smith-Schuster. Seems disinterested and with Ben he will have his best QB yet.



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