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Give a retweet! Sam Martin will donate dog food to dogs in Houston + Stuff-A-Semi info for 8/2 & 8/3

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Give a retweet and Lions punter Sam Martin will donate food to dogs in Houston





In addition to helping spread word about upcoming donation drives in Detroit and Troy, Martin and his dog Leo are thinking about the dogs displaced by the storm as well.

According to a video tweet posted to his account, Martin and Leo have pledged to donate six pounds of dog food for Houston up to a $10,000 value for every Retweet.



DIeg9ETV4AApLlE.jpg:small  DIkKKYWXgAUL-S7.jpg:small
*Click on the link above to check out his twitter post and give it a retweet. 
*Consider stopping by one of the Stuff-A-Semi events this weekend. If you do, come back and share your experience!
*Any thoughts? Share them below!

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