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Your Projection For Training Camp Surprises

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Training camp is coming up soon and I was thinking about what are some surprises that could come out of training camp:

1.  Mike Ford makes a big jump--He has solid size but playing as a rookie out of SE Missouri St went about like you would expect.  He was solid in a limited role but exposed later on.  He might make more noise than some people expect

2.  Two and three TE sets become a staple of our offense:  This is pretty easy to project.  I suspect Logan Thomas could play a bigger role than is generally expected.  With TJ Hockenson, Jesse James and Logan Thomas we have a potentially dominant group of TEs that could cause problems for defenses aligned to defending WR-heavy offenses.

3.  Marvin Jones gets traded:  He didn't mesh so well with the coaching staff last year and he isn't getting any younger.  It will probably be a player-for-player trade.  If one of the younger WRs starts to shine I could see this happening.

4.  Teez Tabor doesn't flames out quickly:  I think once he starts playing against NFL starters he is going to be exposed again.  My projection:  he is released half-way through camp.

5.  Romeo Okwara becomes more than a "try-hard" player:  He had a solid year but most of his sacks were effort/coverage sacks.  I think having a guy like Trey Flowers will help him develop into something more.  Also, having a full off-season to focus on learning Patricia's defense and just being a better DE rather than fighting for a roster spot should make a big difference in his development.

6.  Beau Benschawel is makes the roster rather than going on the practice squad:  Wisconsin lineman do really well in the NFL.  I think be becomes a back-up at both guard positions as a rookie and develops into a starter in Year 2.


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