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Browns add former GM Grigson as consultant.

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On 2/14/2020 at 2:38 PM, Joe said:

Cowherd was lecturing his audience on environment earlier today and I can't help but think Grigson was in the wrong environment. I've been there before where no matter what you do it's never the right answer. Then I left that environment and am now much more successful in another place due to...wait for it....the environment...

You think the colts were the wrong environment? I just....being a GM is all about decision making. And before you say the owner, Irsay has his personal problems that's for sure but he has always been a pretty hands off owner when it comes to football decisions. The guy had five years, which for what he did and the problems he had,most guys would dream about that loyalty in the NFL.  Grigson wasn't a victim of his environment.  He was the environment.

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