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YES! The Patriots sign Adrian Phillips

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On 1/6/2020 at 9:37 AM, DoleINGout said:

If not the return of Devin McCourty, then you can go with Adrian Phillips and essentially have the same caliber of player in the secondary at a younger age and cheaper rate.

The fact that Phillips is here has me so excited.

McCourty is nice to have around for his leadership but the upgrade over Harmon is HUGE.

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Thank. God.

Chung was decent initially when he came back from the Eagles, but between the injuries and getting beat against tight ends it is time to move on. I predicted Harmon and Chung would be gone as well, but I still wasn’t sure I expected it to happen because the Patriots loved him for whatever reason. After the coke incident I was completely out on Chung.

Can’t wait for all you Pats fans to see what Phillips brings.

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