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Lack of TV coverage in Northern California


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This year, the Raiders moved from Oakland to Las Vegas, making the Chargers the only AFC team in California.

Despite this, in cases of Chargers-Raiders conflicts on Sunday afternoons, Northern California TV stations are still loyal to the Raiders.

The 49ers have also been shown in NoCal instead of the Chargers.

And even when there is no conflict with the 49ers or Raiders, the Chargers won't always be shown in NoCal. For example, in each of the weeks the Chargers played the Broncos, most of NoCal chose to show a Steelers game instead.

Given being the only AFC team in Cali and being in the second-largest media market in America, this cannot be acceptable to the Chargers. They should try and get the NFL to require every station in a state to show an NFL team if it is the only one in that state in their conference (like Chargers in California or Buccaneers in Florida). The Chargers need this exposure in NoCal to get fans from there.

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The Chargers are currently in another situation where they are being kept off of Northern California TV, this time in favor of the 49ers.

If I were the owner of the team, I'd petition the NFL to put the game at KC in the 1 PM slot on Fox, guaranteeing coverage in all of CA.

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