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2021 Opponents - Thoughts around strength of schedule

Mid Iowa

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The Saints opponents have been announced for the up & coming season, and here's the list
(alphabetically, and their 2020 record)

Division games
Atlanta Falcons (1 home, 1 away) (4-12)
Carolina Panthers (1 home, 1 away) (5-11)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1 home, 1 away) (11-5) Superbowl Champions

Then our rotation is against the AFC East, and NFC East

Buffalo Bills (13-3)
Dallas Cowboys (6-10)
Miami Dolphins (10-6)
at New England Patriots (7-9)
New York Giants (6-10)
at New York Jets (2-14)
at Philadelphia Eagles (4-11)
at Washington Football Team (7-9)

As always, there are 2 games with the NFC divisions we're not already playing, and who finished in the same place (#1) as the Saints

NFC North - Green Bay Packers (home) (13-3)
NFC West Seattle Seahawks (away) (12-4)

And the new Cherry on top, the 17th game.
The AFC and NFC will alternate who gets the 9th home game of the season. This season it is the AFC.
For matchups, the NFC South drew the AFC South, which matches the Saints up with the Tennessee Titans, who also finished 1st in their division.

AFC South - Tennessee Titans (away) (11-5)

As one could expect, this is not an easy schedule. Any time you finish at the top of your division, you're kinda guaranteed a tough schedule the following year.


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There's a lot to digest here. 

The Panthers have a big question mark at QB, as do our Saints.
The Falcons have a new head coach, Arthur Smith, who came from the Tennessee Titans
The Buccs... well, we know about the Buccs.

The NFC East is a 5 alarm dumpster fire, with as much uncertainty for this coming year as there was last season.

The AFC East is no cakewalk.  We know the Bills are going to remain tough. The Dolphins are improving. But then the Patriots are without identity. And the Jets are.... the Jets. ...ouch...

Green Bay and Seattle are guaranteed to be tough as nails, and the Titans are also improving rapidly.

This coming season could be amazing.
Our defense needs a little help in the trenches, and at corner.
Our offense looks strong, but with a ? at QB.

Chime in! I'd love to know your thoughts.

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