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WFT Draft Information Thread

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Happy NFL Draft eve Football Team fans, 

As a moderator, I like a lot of organization.  Consider this thread a master information list for the NFL Draft as it pertains to the Football Team forum.  Everything will be linked to take you to the discussion topic- we will have threads for each draft day, and threads will be made for each draft pick, as well as trades.  The current board will also be posted in this thread. 

This is a high traffic time of the year.  Lots of guests/visitors and lurkers will be using the site to get their information, so we want everything presented in a clear and professional manner.  So please do not post threads of draft choices.  If you want to help with that, please send me a PM so we can discuss the format we want to use.  

If you are a guest, visitor or lurker, sign up!  This is one of the best Football Team fan forums out there, with a great balance between activity and post quality.  We would love to see you join the discussion.  

Finally........no Twitter spoilers, please.  It ruins the fun for everyone.  

Draft Day Discussion Threads 

Draft Pick Threads 

Round 1, Pick 19-
Round 2, Pick 51-
Round 3, Pick 74-
Round 3, Pick 82-
Round 4, Pick 124-
Round 5, Pick 163-
Round 7, Pick 244-
Round 7, Pick 246-

Draft Day Trade Threads 

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