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The Patriots rebuilding plan


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The Brady era concluded in 2019 and obviously we felt the effects of that in 2020. No cap room, getting old, terrible QB play and bad weapons along with opt outs led to the worst season in 20 years.

However it seems Belichick has created a 3 year plan to lead NE back to glory.


changes in the front office and scouting department.

Drafted Dugger, Uche and Onwenu. Signed UDFA JJ Taylor. Added Phillips.


Drafted Mac, Barmore and Stevenson. Added Trent Brown, Judon, van Noy, Godchaux, Henry, Smith, Agholor and Bourne.


Going into 2021, Belichick has a rookie QB on a rookie deal for the next 5 years, 3 of his 4 RBs on rookie deals, completely turned around the TE room, solidified the WR unit with solid weapons who can do different things, strengthened the DL unit into a deep group with several exciting players on rookie deals, got Hightower back and is also saving money by going with a rookie deal kicker and punter.


As terrible the draft success was from 2013 to 2019, this can also turn around quickly and it seems this is happening in the last 2 drafts. And as history has shown, 2-3 big time drafts in a row with a rookie QB deal is often enough to bring you in contention if not win the whole thing.


The cap is further rising with the TV money and Belichick will once again have a lot of money to work with in 2022 and will keep improving this team. There will be some issues on the team. Possibly need for linebacker, safety and corner. And maybe a big time WR. So Belichick might need another really good draft and FA.

But nothing which is not doable. 

The plan is clear to me. Not done but on very good track so far and history has shown you can go in 2 years from losing record to contender. This might be like the 2000/2001 and 2010/2012 draft classes.


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