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Steely McBeam 1.0


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Jermaine Johnson OLB Florida St

OVR: 76

Potential: STAR

Bio: The Steelers best defenses revolve around pressure from both OLB spots. Highsmith has been OK. This guy truly truncates the pocket and with Watt we have a race to the finish. Projection of Davis off the board and a return of Tuitt.


Darrien Beavers LB Cincinnati

OVR: 83

Potential: AVG

Bio: Do it all face of the franchise type linebacker in your Bobby Wagner mold. Mac/Buck nonsense is extinct much like the 3-4 defense. But if it makes you feel any better he'd be your big buck. And you already know..


Marcus Jones CB Houston

OVR: 73

Potential: FAST

Bio: Sometimes we just say...  ... We'll do it live. Unique start-stop ability. Hey - would you believe that's what coverage is. Also, adds special teams ability.


Bo Melton WR Rutgers

OVR: 75

Potential: AVG

*Acquired via NYG for Mason Rudolph (4th round)

Bio: Just your classic yawn plug and play take the top off the coverage wide receiver


Demetrius Taylor DT Appalachian St

OVR: 78

Potential: STAR

Bio: I just never understood draft rankings. Wormley out. Start the retooling process. Give Jermaine Johnson the #95


Dane Belton S Iowa

OVR: 75

Potential: AVG

Bio: Unbelievably foolish hate


Jaquarii Roberson WR Wake Forest

OVR: 72

Potential: AVG

Bio: Just slippery enough to ball


Getting stars in the fourth round allows you to stuff your face full of turkey and taters with your first two picks. If you can't cover, you better get that fast.

Welcome to Blitzburgh 2.0


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