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Texans O-Line

Pastor Dillon

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We should have a solid o-line in the first time in forever if they stay healthy. 

Tunsil is a great LT. Yeah we overpaid in the trade, and his salary is crazy high, but the guy is just 27 and is a 2x pro bowl LT for us. Cap is not an issue moving forward since we have a QB on a rookie deal for a while. 

Green will man either LG or RG for a while as well. He can play, I’m excited about him. 

britt is a serviceable center. He’s not great, he’s not horrible. 

Cann and Sharping I assume will battle out for the other guard spot and one of them might not even make the roster. 

tackle seems to be set at Howard,  but there was a lot of noise last year that Heck was developing nicely. I wouldn’t be opposed to Howard going to guard and heck starting at tackle IF that made our line as a whole better. I know that Howard has been better at tackle than guard but if Howard/heck on the right side is better than Mann/Howard, I’d roll with that. 

we have a young QB who can produce. We have a solid WR group. We have a young RB who might be pretty good. If the line can be dominate, we could have a really solid offense. 

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This is probably the best line we've had since 2015 (Brown, XSF, Jones, Brooks, Newtown). I actually really like AJ Cann, I always have. I remember wanting the Texans to draft him, I think he'll easily beat out Scharping. I think Scharping might be trade fodder, or he might get cut. But yea, Tunsil, Green, Britt, Cann, Howard, that sounds good to me! My fingers are crossed that Marlon Mack still has something left in the tank. He's certainly got a chip on his shoulder after getting squeezed out of the lineup on Indy. I think Mack/Pierce will be our primary two backs, and between those guys and these linemen I expect to have a functional ground game. Once we have that, once that domino falls, I think Mills becomes a much, much better player. I'm clinging to that LAC game where we ran the ball somewhat decently, and Mills lit it up. Mills, honestly similarly to Watson, is nice on the play fakes. If the ground game is working, I believe we're going to consistently hit big plays down the field off play action. If the ground game is working, the defense should be better because we'll be able to play keep away more effectively. I cannot WAIT to watch this team next season. 

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