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I did the PFN Mock Draft simulator and these were my results:

1 pick 6 - Will Anderson Jr. - Alabama DE

1 pick 18 - Christian Gonzalez CB - Oregon 

2 pick 48 - Jordan Battle - S Alabama

2 pick 55 - Siaka Ika - DT Baylor - He is 6'4 351 He would be a force

3 pick 81 Jack Campbell - Iowa LB 6'5 245 True MLB

5 pick 149 Chase Brown - RB Illinois Best RB available

6 pick 169 Lorenz Metz - OG Cincinnati He is 6'9 326 - A massive man who could be a road grader

6 pick 180 Jake Moody - K Ok I know a homer pick, but he is a solid kicker


These are my picks and I would be satisfied with this.  Thoughts??

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Every year certain position groups rise as we get closer to the draft.  Generally, LTs WR and CBs tend to rise as we get closer to the draft.  After being projected mid-late it seems like Christian Gonzalez and Cam Smith are being projected between 7 and 20.  Joey Porter Jr seems to be in that range also.  It seems like if the Lions want one of the elite CB prospects they will have to take them at 6 or closer to 6 rather than 18.  I am all for getting our PK position settled and think Jake Moody might be worth it at 6 depending on the post-season evaluation process results.  The thing the scares me about Siaki Ika is whether or not he as gotten too big.  It seems like he could be a lot more effective at 325LBS-335LBS than 350-360.  Jack Campbell can be a beast but can he cover NFL TEs in space?  He has most of the tools but its tough to figure out if he has the top-end speed to excel in coverage.

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