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Mock Offeason/draft.

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2 hours ago, NFL_Fan said:

dont like the truth?? 

It's got nothing to do with what you said, but how you said it all with the laughs, calling me noob stuff like that.

I mean you could of been like, most everyone else who just posted what they hated, disliked, etc, I basically already knew posting this that it wasn't a good idea or going to be liked but it's a real shake up and something new. I thought the offense was good.

Did I or DO I REALLY think OBJ is going to be traded, no... they just freed up money to sign him with this trade of JPP to Tampa. Do I think it's completely unrealistic he's traded, nah.. He might get traded if the price was right.

JPP was a top player in their defense last year... He lead the team in sacks I think but I'm not sure. Idk what's up with the defensive scheme though, you might be right, or that might be their "reason" for letting him go/trading him. Any scheme with four down linemen should be able to fit JPP somewhere though.  

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