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Counting Down the Best Moments in Our Franchise History - As Told By Us!

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Hey guys, this is a new thread here on the new forums that I tried to start in the old forums. I thought we could all discuss some of the greatest moments and more in our franchise history. Here's a recap of the ideas I had.

How about the Greatest Moments? 
How about the Greatest Games? 
How about the Greatest Plays? 
How about the Greatest People (or Most Valuable, if you will) 
How about the Greatest Roster Moves? (Trades, FA Signings, Draft Picks). 


Let us use this thread as a starting off point, and eventually we'll start the series, starting with Greatest Moments. 


Here's what I had in mind for this -


First would be a voting process. We'll start with #1 for each topic (Since it's easier to pick the best to the "worst") and go to say, #25? 
Second, we could take volunteers to do some solid write-ups about everything in each topic. 
Lastly, we'll group them all together in one big mega-thread for each Topic; then one ginormous Directory in the new forum. 

What this can do, is allow others to come into our forum and read about history of the franchise. We could have new fans of the sport in general coming to FF at some point, so what better way than to give them a detailed encyclopedia about the greatest team in the sport


Let me know what you guys think. I'd love to get tons of activity from this guys. 

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