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Josh Gordon to the Pats

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4 hours ago, Spooky said:


“For years the recipe to break down a dynasty is to steal from its personnel — not add to it,” Scott said. “That’s exactly what the Cleveland Browns did this week when they traded Josh Gordon for a fifth-round draft pick. Now last year when Cleveland needed a quarterback and they were trying to find the quarterback of their future, they reportedly offered the Patriots the highest draft-pick compensation for Jimmy G. What did Bill Belichick say? No thanks. “Fast forward to this week, you’re going to give them arguably the top-five receiver in the league and help them out after they looked like the dynasty was beginning to crumble after the Jacksonville Jaguars destroyed them. Now, I’ll give them some credit only if Gordon becomes a Trojan Horse and wrecks the entire franchise. Hopefully, he’s a double agent.”

He's very misinformed isn't he.

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7 hours ago, Spooky said:

Doug Kyed asked whether you would have a first in this upcoming draft or sign Gordon to a long term deal. What do you y'all think

I think this is a no brainer. Gordon stays on the field and it's him no question. 

Gordon seems capable of averaging 1,300 and 8-10 TDs when at 100% imo. Easily Gordon.

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