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2017 KC Chiefs Offseason Events - closed

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KC Chiefs Free Agents

Players drafted

  • #1A - 15 Mahomes, Patrick (QB) (from Buffalo Bills)
    #1B - traded to Buffalo Bills
    #2 -     92 Kpassagnon, Tanoh (DE)
    #3A - 27 Hunt, Kareem (RB) (from Minnesota Vikings)
    #3B - traded to Buffalo Bills
    #3C - traded to Minnesota Vikings (compensatory pick, Sean Smith)
    #4A - traded to Minnesota Vikings
    #4B - 80 Chesson, Jehu (WR) (from Minnesota Vikings)
    #5A - traded to Minnesota Vikings
    #5B - traded to Minnesota Vikings (compensatory pick, Chase Daniel)
    #5C - 45 Eligwe, Ukeme (LB) (from New England Patriots)
    #6A - forfeited (tampering with J.Maclin)
    #6B - traded to New England Patriots (compensatory pick, Donald Stephenson)
    #6C - 34 McQuay, Leon III (S) (compensatory pick, Tyvon Branch) - released - to Practice Squad
    #7 - traded to Minnesota Vikings

UDFA signed

Tryout Players

  • 24 Abad, Manny (CB)
    6 Aiken, Austin (WR)
    62 Alexander, Curtis (LB)
    96 Ali'ifua, Ricky (DT) - signed - released 
    65 Anderson, Travis (C)
    13 Arnold, Dan (WR)
    42 Bryant, Jacques (S)
    88 Byrd, Emanuel (TE) - signed - released
    68 Covington, Jamal (OG)
    93 Dale, Torrey (DE)
    46 Deloatch, Romond (TE)
    43 Downing, Nolan (LS)
    26 Drew, Damariay (S) - signed - released
    67 Galambos, Matt (LB)
    61 Gearing, Austion (LB)
    41 Gosselin, Anthony (FB)
    1 Hartley, Garrett (K)
    77 Henderson, Cornelius (DT)
    52 Herdman, Jordan (LB)
    74 Howard, Lincoln (OG)
    20 Howard, Titus (CB)
    12 Hunt, Justin (WR)
    32 Jean-Baptiste, Stanley (CB) - signed - released
    70 Jefferson, AJ (DE)
    5 Johns, Matt (QB)
    35 Johnson, Decorian (CB)
    65 Kavalec, Kevin (LB)
    62 Kelly, Robert (OT)
    77 Larieux, Voghens (OT)
    47 Leston, Branden (S)
    9 Liggins, Justice (WR)
    7 Maher, Brett (K)
    94 Moala, David (DT)
    5 Monday, Will (P) - signed - released
    48 Odom, Phazahn (TE)
    54 Omameh, Sydney (LB)
    2 Parks, Dalton (P)
    69 Parker, Elijah (LB)
    30 Pressley, Jhurell (RB)
    40 Redding, Devine (RB) - signed - released - to Practice Squad
    27 Sam, Prince (CB)
    75 Singleton, BJ (DT)
    2 Staples, Jamari (WR) - signed - released
    48 Wagenmann, Zack (LB)
    70 Wahrby, Anton (C)
    4 Wyman, Matt (K)

Free Agents signed

Contract Extensions

Players traded for

Active/Non-Football Injury


Active/Physically Unable to Perform

Reserve PUP/Injured Reserve/Non-Football Injury

Players released/traded off



The Final Cuts
to 53 Players

Players signed to Practice Squad



Coaches signed or promoted

Coaches released

Front Office/Staff signed or promoted

  • Brandon Hamilton - Vice President of Stadium Operations and Facilities
    Tim Terry - Director of Pro Personnel
    Brandt Tilis - Director of Football Administration
    Mike Borgonzi - Director of Player Personnel (promoted from Co-Director of Player Personnel)
    Brett Veach - General Manager (promoted from Co-Director of Player Personnel)
    Ryan Poles - Director of College Scouting (promoted from College Scouting Coordinator)
    Tyler Kirby - Vice President of Ticketing (promoted from Director of Ticket Sales and Operations)

Front Office/Staff released

Other Events

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The off-season has come to an end, real bullets are flying again. It's time to close down this thread. As usual, it was a busy off-season, and we'll see whether the efforts will pay off.

See you again next year!

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