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Week 4 thoughts

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13 hours ago, deeluxx3 said:

Yeaaaaah buddy!!!

  • Marcus is our franchise QB. Ice in his freaking veins. He's going to take us all the way one day. The pick was moronic, and I am starting to think that he'll be prone to them, but he's our guy
  • Defense is MEAN. Casey is playing out of his mind
  • Malcolm Butler was awful yesterday. Jeffrey beat him like a drum. Comeback route after comeback route after comeback route
  • Losing Woodyard was evident in our run D. We're paper thin there and Ajayi exposed it. Hope he's back next week. Glad that Vaccaro will return within a month or so
  • Will Compton is not good
  • I get the beef with Henry, but I don't think our run blocking has been very good. We've played some great front 7s, but they really aren't dominating the LOS in the run game
  • Tajae made some nice plays yesterday. Great route on his TD and huge block on the Lewis 4th and 2
  • Corey freaking Davis became a man yesterday. What a MEAN dude. I wasn't sure if he was MEAN. But he's MEAN!!!!
  • Need more from Jonnu. Need a lot more from Jonnu
  • Harold Landry is going to be UNBELIEVABLE. His strip sack was something else, but the play he made to run down Wentz when he had nothing but green in front of him might have been the most impressive play of the game. Crazy athleticism
  • Props to the coaching staff all around!!! BALLSY AF
  • Love LeFleur, but there's 3-4 playcalls a game that make my head scratch. The toss to Henry that Jenkins blew up in OT...the screen to Davis on 3rd and 4 (I think) late in the 4th when we could've put the game on ice. Bad calls
  • Dion Lewis is an absolute joy to have on the team. Such a vital part of this offense
  • Taywan is coming into his own. Love seeing him get more and more reps and building chemistry with Marcus. Good route running more often than not
  • That Darius Jennings drop still hurts my heart....C'MONNNNN MAN!
  • Where's Daquan Jones been? Bennie Logan? Very disappointing start to the year

I honestly think the the screen pass to Davis before the TD was by design to set Phili up, cause if you go back we scored out of that same formation. Vrabel said we wasn’t playing for the Tie he wasn’t going to kick a field goal. So I think Matt called that play thinking maybe they play so far off Corey gets a free release & we can score off a screen if he doesn’t I have another play up my sleeve in the same formation that will lure them if they play same coverage 

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10 hours ago, TitanSS said:

Jones/Logan/Johnson are all primarily run-stuffers. Neither of them will ever be an interior pass rusher like Casey. Basically their role as a pass rusher will be to drive their man as far back as possible so that the QB doesn't have a pocket to step up into and the edge guys can get him as well as maintain their rushing lanes so that the QB cannot escape up the middle of the pocket and run for yardage. As far as playing the run, we are always in nickel. We've basically said we're willing to let you try to run on us, but we don't want you to score through the air. 

I think they've all played pretty well this year. No team has two Jurrell Casey's.

Tell that to the rams but I get your point & you’re right 

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9 hours ago, ttitansfan4life said:

Some thoughts on the first quarter of the season....

• Casey is a beast and is having arguably his best season. Baldinger constantly raves about Casey and said he’s playing as good as any DT in the game right now.

• The run game is a joke right now. Take away Mariota runs and it’s horrifying. Both the OL and the RBs are an issue. Starting to think Henry isn’t the guy. He’s very limited. Everyone knows when he’s on the field, it’s most likely a run. He’s horrible in the pass game especially with his pass-blocking. I expect this to be an area to address in the offseason likely with a draft pick.

• Injuries!!! It seems like every game, a new injury pops up to a key player. We’ve been pretty fortunate the past few years and it seems it’s all caught up so far this season.

• Still going to say it... Butler isn’t very good and that contract is a joke. Not even just talking about the Matthews TD yesterday which was likely a miscommunication between him and I believe Vaccaro. He gave up a good amount of comeback routes as well.

• OL has been phenomenal in pass-pro. I thought they did pretty well yesterday against arguably the best DL in the league.

• Davis is coming into his own. Said it before he was drafted that I thought he’d be the top receiver from that draft and he’s on his way. 

• Too many drops by the receivers. It’s embarrassing at this point


Jonnu doesn’t understand coverages or the lil things of how to get open & his hands ??‍♂️ But he was compared to walker coming out & we know Delanie in SF was not the all Pro we have in TN.. he gots to grow up fast though I understand 

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Had such high hopes for Jonnu... The Delanie comparisons... And with Delanie as his mentor... 

I know it took Delanie a few years and him leaving SF to get going. Same may happen with Jonnu. It sucks that Walkers injury forced him to take the lead role sooner than he was ready... But he should be ready. Look how great Kittle is looking in SF (he was my TE mid round target, may I add... At least I think he was)... 

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And how wrong was I about Landry?!?! Even in the 2nd, there were a few players I preferred over him at that point. 

He's looking great so far... DROY level of he keeps it up (and starts turning this near sacks into more sacks). 

I should change my fantasy name to Dirty Landry... Or Filthy Landry is more accurate... in honor of Honor Landry... 

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Also my AAT, Corey the GOAT Davis is looking like a steal!!!! 

I'm thinking 3k this year... If anyone can do it, he can do it... 

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