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Other Games Thread week 13

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9 hours ago, SBLIII said:

what happens if Hou, Ne, LAC and KC all finish 13-3?

...Well it won't be a 4-way tie, will it? The first tie-break will be between KC-LA for the division (I don't know who would get it in that scenario).

If they all go 13-3 and KC wins the West, Pats get the 1 seed because they beat KC and HOU head to head.

If they all go 13-3 and LA wins the West, I'm not so sure. Pretty sure it would come down to division record (right?), and if the Pats go 13-3 they've swept the division,  while LA has 2 division losses,  so we get the 1 seed in that scenario too.

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