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Mock Off-Season V 1.0

Mock Off-season  

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Hi there, JMillzz21 back with another season of Mock Off-seasons for the Bills, I try to do one a year and I love feedback, (it doesn't matter honestly but I am a High School football coach in the Buffalo area, and I played college football just to give you some insight to where I'm coming from). First this past season for the Bills pretty much went exactly as I predicted it would, which I am completely okay with! Because of past decisions made my our organization, we were in some serious dead cap trouble and needed to get out from under that. This requires a somewhat stripping down of the roster and ridding ourselves of those bad contracts which has gotten us to this point. Now in this position, with around ~$80 million in cap space (after the Lorenzo Alexander and Reid Ferguson resigning), this is a HUGE off-season for the Bills while still having Josh Allen on a rookie contract for the next 4 years to make a Super Bowl run with a loaded roster. I try to make every move we make with the future in mind as well just as Brandon Beane himself would do. 

First, Our areas the need improvement in my opinion. First I think everyone can agree we need a few upgrades up front on our OL, then playmakers outside at WR and TE are needed. Along with CB help opposite TreDay and some DL additions. 

Now there are a couple of contracts I'd work to restructure, 

Star Lotulelei- currently at a $11.5 million cap hit, re-work that with future in mind and give a bonus now for a lower cap hit in the future. Work cap down to ~$8 million a year.

LeSean McCoy- again same thing as Star, currently at a ~$9 million cap hit, work that down to somewhere around ~$6 million a year. 


Next our current free agents, who I'd let walk, resign and cut to become free agents.

Charles Clay(Cut)- he has been a huge disappoint here since we've brought him in from Miami. he would be a $4.5 million saving with $4.5 million dead cap hit. 

Jordan Mills(Walk)- another player that has been a disappointment, need an upgrade at RT. let him walk

Vlad Ducasse(Cut)- ANOTHER player that has disappointed, upgrades on the way.

Julian Stanford(Cut)- he can go, Low impact for a $1.5 million a year player. 

Everyone else I would let walk.

After these moves we should be up to around ~$93 million in cap space.


Free Agents- 

Trent Brown- 6 years at around 9-10 per year it will take to bring in this massive LT from New England. New England has their RT already locked up in Marcus Cannon and their future LT on the roster in Isiah Wynn that they used a 1st round pick on this past year but was lost due to a ACL tear. Brown is 6'8" 350lbs. tackle that has really impressed this year. This would allow Dion Dawkins to bump inside to LG where I believe he would be Ideal and could be a pro bowl player instead of an average tackle. 

Mike Iupati- on a 3 year around 6 million per to be our RG. This is a veteran guard that is an excellent run blocker while an average pass blocker. this would not force us to rely on wyatt teller's progression and let him learn for another year. 

Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix- on a 5 year deal around 7-8 per. In the current NFL 3 safeties makes your defense extremely multiple and McDermott will love the possibilities. LA Chargers this year ran defenses this year with 8 DBs on field allowing to play against these RPO plays better. This would allow us to have Ha-Ha, Poyer and Hyde on the field at all times to make our defense fast and multiple. 

Jason Verrett- 5 year deal around 7 per. Our new CB opposite Tre White has had some misfortune with injuries but is a very good player when available. Would fit excellent in our Zone defense because of familiarity and being a good tackler.

Jared Cook- 3 year deal around 8 per. Upgrade at TE. Croom still as the #2 gives us the ability to wait on drafting one and not reaching on a TE.

Golden Tate- 3 year deal at around 8-9 per. Big upgrade to lead our WR group that needs more playmakers. Good downfield and RAC option that will make us more explosive. 

Frank Clark- 6 year 11-12 per. Stud DE to be opposite Hughes and would give us the ability to have Shaq lawson and trent murphy as depth to make our pass rush one of the best in the league. 

Will Compton- 3 year - 2-3 per. reserve LB to become deeper at the position.

This leaves us at around ~$25-30 million left based on signing bonuses. Sets us up to be okay in the future as well plus signing draft picks.


NFL Draft. 

TRADE*** 9 will be a hot area for QB needy teams needing to trade up. This instance we trade with Washington to move back to 15 so they can go select their QB. 

We receive 15, 2nd rounder and their 3rd rounder. 

1st-(15) Dalton Risner, RT, Kansas State. Dude is a stud, would slide in perfectly on the right side and has potential to be a yearly Pro Bowler. 

2nd-(40) Garret Bradbury, C, NC State. Another stud with everything I've seen. would start Day 1. former TE , really athletic and smart.

2nd-(46) Dexter Lawrence, DT, Clemson. Questions around suspension in CFB playoffs and how the deep the DL is in this draft could have him fall into our lap at this point. Another stud 

3rd-(74) Deebo Samuel, WR, South Carolina. Great route runner, with good RAC ability. perfect WR to come in and learn from Golden Tate. 

3rd-(76) Jaquan Johnson, S, Miami. I think Siran Neal was a miss for us, this gives us a prospect in an area of depth.

4th-(105) Caleb Wilson, TE, UCLA. TE prospect with good potential. No pressure could come in as 3rd TE.

4th-(126) Dakota Allen, LB, Texas Tech. LB with good potential and helps depth.

5th-(136) David Sills, WR, West Virginia. Big physical WR prospect

5th-(147) Dexter Williams, RB, ND. Tough runner with good speed. Have been linked to at Senior Bowl.

6th-(167) Alex Bars, OT/OG, ND. Depth on OL with decent potential. Most likely projects at OG. 

7th-(201) Blace Brown, CB, Troy. Depth at CB with decent potential. 


Let me know what you think!

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Like the draft, hate our moves in Free Agency.

Jason Verrett simply can't stay healthy to justify that payday, Haha Clinton-Dix isn't needed were good at Safety, Jared Cook has injury history and is wildly inconsistent and no way Frank Clark hits the market

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