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Bell and Brown trade scenarios


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Le'Veon Bell trade scenarios

1) Detroit Lions - DET trades 2019 2nd rd pick and 2019 4th rd pick and 2020 2nd rd pick for the rights to Le'Veon Bell 

  • Trade Match: 9/10. The Lions haven't had a run game in ages. They need to take pressure off Matthew Stafford and give him some weapons. The return is a no way 1st rd pick where the Lions stand today so they had to make up for it with quantity of picks. Then maybe they could get a playmaker on offense or defense with their first pick. 

2) Green Bay Packers - GB trades 2019 3rd, 2019 4th, 2019 5th for the rights to Le'Veon Bell

  • Trade Match: 7/10. Green Bay needs to get a running game. They haven't produced since they havd some semblance of a running game back in their Super Bowl days. They have been unable to replicate the Bill Belichick system of a medley of running backs. Just trade for Bell and you get 150 YPG and more balance on offense. The return is typical sanbagging Green Bay small market team.

3) Oakland Raiders - OAK trades 2019 1st rd pick (via DAL) for the rights to PIT 2019 3rd and Le'Veon Bell

  • Trade Match: 8/10. Probably better for the rebuild. But the Raiders would get great value here. Maybe not go crazy for the rebuild. But Derek Carr is still not your franchise QB. Mayock factor. They might want to win right away. Great fit here. Get your pick back for Bryant

4) Philadelphia Eagles - PHI trades 2019 1st rd pick and 2020 3rd rd pick for the rights to Le'Veon Bell

  • Trade Match: 8/10. The most desperate team out of these to make a trade. Coming off the Super Bowl high. My trade Wentz for three 1st's and go with Nick Foles looks great again. To no surprise.

5) Kansas City Chiefs - KC trades their 2019 1st rd pick for the rights to Le'Veon Bell

  • Trade Match: 8.5/10. The Chiefs could use a back like Bell. Not sure the Steelers want to give them a dynasty. That offense would be even more dynamic than with Hunt. And the Chiefs sitting from a good position only have to offer a 1st rd pick.

6) Houston Texans - HOU trades JJ Watt for PIT 2019 2nd rd pick plus the rights to Le'Veon Bell 

  • Trade Match: 5/10. The Sell here would be of an offense of Nuke. Bell. Deshaun. Plus whatever weapon you take 1st rd/2nd rd and try to emulate the Chiefs on offense. Watt is just such an instrumental part of that community. But, hey, he's 32 years old and he only has a few good years left.


Note: No trade scenario for the Jets. Because they think they will just sign Bell on the FREE.Like it ain't no thang.


AB trade scenario

1) San Francisco - SF trades their 2019 1st rd pick as well as their 2019 4th rd pick for Antonio Brown and David DeCastro

  • Trade Match: 10/10. The goat wants to go here. The 'Brady out' will be there all day with AB and Garoppolo. Probably run it on every drive. First play. 11 yards. Love the return on two-fold. The #2 pick. Plus, early day three pick has value for people slipping through the cracks or value through a trade. DeCastro is a HOF and those are tough to lose. Like Munchak.




Pittsburgh hold the #2 pick. Tomlin has made it through another winter and they're not sure if they'll bring him back for another season of hunting. The cold winters have hurt his character and caused his moral fiber to bleed. He's become a porous fellow. Portly but oozing bull**** from his mouth left and right. Quite a difficult one to read this Tomlin. Is he just that dumb? His thought process or decision-making. HIs lack of awareness. His lack of intelligence. His game management and continual challenges that have no chance of winning. Pittsburgh is stuck with Tomlin for now....

And then the phone rings.... it's NEW YORK GIANTS


The dream of Kyler Murray, SaQuon Barkley, and Odell Beckham Jr. has the entire city of New York in a constant flux of frenzy. Their emotions whimpering on the edge of tears at every moment. A city so beloved for its people has been searching for a new hero to dawn the hues of blue of the Empire State. And this one can play two sports. As the Mets have been sending sweet nothings of their own to the media, on their intended courtship of Kyler Murray, in hopes of bringing about his arrival to the Big Apple. But there's one obstacle in the way. The Steel City.


Commissioner Goodell approaches the stand. With the 1st pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Arizona Cardinals select...



After ten mind numbing minutes and glorifying over the Bosa kida, Commissioner Goodell approaches the stand.... there has been a trade....  AND THE NEW YORK GIANTS are on the clock


Rich Eisen reads out the trade details....

For the 2019 2nd overall pick in the draft, the Steelers receive the New York Giants:


  • 2019 2nd rd pick
  • 2019 4th rd pick
  • 2019 4th rd pick
  • 2019 5th rd pick
  • 2019 5th rd pick
  • 2019 6th rd pick
  • 2019 7th rd pick
  • 2020 1st rd pick
  • conditional 2020 2nd*
  • 2021 3rd rd pick

* Lottery protected 1st. If the Giants make the playoffs next season, they will also send their 2020 2nd rd pick. Otherwise, the condition is satisfied.


Did I hear that correctly? That's it. The Giants didn't trade up. They outright traded for the 2nd pick for their entire draft minus the 6th pick. Yeah, they pick again at 6th overall. The trade is up to 10 picks. "Maybe another Herschel Walker," pipes Michael Irvin. Or maybe the worst trade of all-time and the Steelers become relevant for their poor play on the field instead of the turmoil going on in the locker room.


  1. Arizona - Nick Bosa DE OHIO STATE
  2. New York Giants - Kyler Murray QB OKLAHOMA
  3. New York Jets - Ed Oliver DT HOUSTON
  4. Oakland Raiders - Rashan Gary DE Michigan
  5. Tampa Bay Bucs - Daniel Jones QB DUKE
  6. New York Giants - Jaichai Polite DE FLORIDA

As Jacksonville gets on the clock, there is another trade announced. The Pittsburgh Steelers earlier in the day traded Ben Roethlisberger to the Jaguars for their 2019 2nd, 2019 3rd, 2020 1st, 2020 5th conditional. "Another trade without a first round pick", says David Shaw. Some details quickly...

* The conditions are no playoffs for JAX next season they send a 2020 5th rd pick

* Make playoffs improves to a 2020 4th rd pick

* Make playoffs, win playoff game, and Ben top 10 in ANY passing stat pass yards, TD, or QBR send a 2020 3rd rd pick

* Make playoffs, win Super Bowl send a 2020 2nd rd pick


And here to announce the Jaguars pick will be newly acquired and two-time Super Bowl QB Ben Roethlisberger. 

Ben approaches the stand and is predominantly booed. Although, a few Yinzers don't realize it's been 10 years since he won anything. But I guess that's okay. And are furiously waving their towels for the World Renowned two-time Super Bowl Champion. And he says, "Steelers fans will love this one. With the 7th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select.....




       8. Detroit - DK Metcalf WR OLE MISS

       9. Buffalo -  Josh Allen LB EDGE

     10. Denver - Quinnen WIlliams DT ALABAMA

     11. Cincinnati - Dwayne Haskins QB OHIO STATE

    12. Green Bay - AJ Brown WR OLE MISS

    13. Miami - Clelin Ferrell DT CLEMSON

   14. Atlanta - Jonah Williams OT ALABAMA

    15. Washington - Drew Lock QB MIZZOU

    16. Carolina - Jeffrey Simmons DT MISS ST

    17. Cleveland - Greedy Williams CB LSU

    18. Minnesota - Greg Little OT OLE MISS

    19. Tennessee - Christian WIlkins DT CLEMSON




1) First day of free agency, Lindsey Rhodes with some breaking news. Le'Veon Bell signs deal with Detroit and Pittsburgh matches but now he's playing in Detroit. HUH? 5 years, $85m with $50m guaranteed. "Good for you, Lev Bell," says Lindsay Rhodes. Le'Veon Bell returns home to Michigan and will now be a member of the Detroit Lions. All that and more on NFL Network.

2) Mid-March area. Steelers send Antonio Brown and David DeCastro to San Francisco for their 1st and 4th rd picks

3) On draft day, the Steelers must decide on Big Ben, Kyler Murray, or other. They make a choice of other. Trade the 2nd overall pick to someone who wants Kyler Murray. A modified weak value of Ricky Williams trade where the Giants trade all of their picks for Kyler Murray. Minus of course their 1st rd pick this year, which they retained in the deal.

4) As Jacksonville approaches to be on the clock, Big Ben is announced he will be finishing his career in Jacksonville 


No other trades. 



1.20 – Byron Murphy CB WASHINGTON




2.37 (via NYG) – Hakeem Butler WR IOWA STATE



2.38 (via JAX) – Darell Henderson RB MEMPHIS



2.43 (via DET) – Joejuan Williams CB VANDY




2.52 – Amani Hooker S IOWA



3.69 (via JAX) – Anthony Nelson DE IOWA




3.84 – Anthony Johnson WR BUFFALO


4.98 (via SF) – Michael Deiter G WISCONSIN



4.102 (via NYG) – Tyree Jackson QB BUFFALO



4.105 (via DET)– Lil’Jordan Humphrey WR TEXAS




4.116 – Dontavius Russell DT AUBURN



4.126 (via NYG) – David Long LB WVU



5.132 (via NYG) – Sutton Smith LB NORTHERN ILLINOIS



5.133 (via NYG) – Michael Jackson CB MIAMI FL



6.162 (via OAK) – Diontae Johnson WR TOLEDO



6.180 – Mecole Hardman WR/KR GEORGIA



6.196 (projected compensatory) – Mitch Wishnowsky P UTAH



7.197 – Delvon Randall FS TEMPLE



7.198 (via NYG) – Kevin Givens DT PENN STATE



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