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If the FO was truly committed to winning...

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Since 2015, virtual reality sims have been available to NFL teams willing to cough up the dough for the system. Guess how much the cost is? Six figures - $250,000 annually! These VR programs allow players to get additional training without violating Player's Association agreements concerning limiting practice time. They allow injured players to keep working on their game during rehab/recovery periods. Sounds pretty cool, right? Only 6 NFL teams currently utilize a VR system - the Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints, Minnesota Vikings, New York Jets, Arizona Cardinals, and San Francisco 49ers. Yeah, our Bills are not on the list, but they are saving less than a million dollars by remaining on the sidelines!

Recently, we've seen some surprising trades that netted the team additional future draft picks. I think most fans understood this was a sacrifice made to improve the long-term outcome of our team. Tell me as an owner you wouldn't scrape up a measly $250,000 per year to help MULTIPLE players on our team get better?!? I sure would. I'd like to see our FO step up immediately and get in on this technology. Check it out:


Are there any other moves we should be making if we were truly serious about improving our team?

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First of all, great post.

Second, I first saw this VR equipment used in All or Nothing with the Arizona Cardinals. It looks AWESOME. Carson Palmer was using it and it seemed very useful. With as much money as we spend on contracts, it's seems like a no-brainer to spend that amount annually. I can't see where there would be any negatives for getting this.

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