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Day 3 picks/position targets

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On 4/27/2019 at 2:47 AM, 3rivers said:

Sutton Smith for sure considering he can get pressure . Where did they expect him to be drafted?  What is the 6.75 playing speed  above refer to?

Not all football is track straight-line mad dash. That helps, sure. At certain positions. 

Most football is chaos. You got a guy in front of you. You accelerate. Stop. Accelerate. Stop. As he mirrors your movement. 

Then you get by him, or around him, and there's these carcasses on the ground, in the way, and I gotta run and turn, and avoid, and get around them, and run, and get the QB or ball carrier. 


What I just described is the 3 cone drill. This most resembles football movement from play to play. Or a speed at which someone will play at during a single play 

It's basically an agility drill. This is how Taylor Rapp (RD2) safety runs a 4.8 40 but has a 6.8 3 cone and can make plays in the secondary. If he covers a WR running at him, he'll get torched. But in a zone and reading and having good agility and covering ground quickly is how he compensates for not having high-end speed. Smarts and agility. 

Sutton Smith is this but a bigger nastier version. He's so good off the ball, I wouldn't want to deny him that, but he's so good in short area quickness, I think I can drop him off the ball a bit in a box safety role. Like Eric Weddle

TJ Watt has good 3 cone if my memory serves me correct. He doesn't explode like Von Miller and get by through acceleration. He's on the OT and you see it's already over. He's not built that way. He's an agility and get around you type. This is why I like TJ off the ball coming at you with the ability to try a variety of moves and beat you down mentally, like what's he gonna do next? In the long run, the OT will get to the "spot" more so than TJ that's why it's best for him to rush that way. Acceleration (speed rush) guys like Von Miller get to the spot consistently 


I like the 10yd split for burst or acceleration. 40yd how sustainable is his burst. 3 cone "playing speed" moving hips and dodging bodies all while stopping and starting and running. The 20yd short shuttle I like as a litmus test for ILB. This is all quads and ***. Basically, like your shuffling your feet guarding the point guard. But at certain yardages you stop and we get a time quotient so we know how much power you got in those legs

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Some guys run a good 40 bc of a good burst off the line. Some guys are smooth like a Cadillac. Some guys won't hit top speed until 40 yards. The point is every one is different. And you can't look at a 40 and write someone off. You need to understand what the numbers mean in terms of that muscle composition under the skin

Because that's what those numbers represent. You just need to understand how to interpret them. Trial and error is always a good idea in developing the best system

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