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Is Pace Trubisky Proof

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6 hours ago, abstract_thought said:

It depends. If you have a generational top 4-5 QB, he's probably worth paying. If not, you end up in a weird situation where you hope for a few great draft classes in a row because that's the only way you can contend.

The question Pace needs to answer is whether Trubisky is good enough to keep the Bears in contention when many of the pieces around him go away. Could Trubisky lead a team like the Packers or Vikings to the playoffs?

Well we know now that Cousins couldn't in 2018 despite having top shelf support at RB and WR and I have my doubts he ever will make them a championship contender and Rodgers hasn't been able to do it without some of his best pass catchers and pass blockers even as a 14 year vet.

IMHO Trubisky and Pace both have challenges set in front of them.

Mitch needs to keep progressing and prove that he can win big games even when we may be short some key players.  He actually did that quite well in the game in Minny missing Miller and Gabriel for part of that game and with ARob still bothered by a rib injury and Long also sat out quite a bit.

Pace needs to keep Mitch supplied with a top shelf OL and enough talent at skill positions that unlike Cutler it doesn't become incumbent on Mitch to constantly carry the team.  I don't think in terms of losing current pieces without a plan in force to replace them with others over time.

The obvious goal should be for Nagy and his crew to develop Mitch into a top generational QB and so far I haven't seen anything that tells me that's not possible.  Whatever his potential ceiling is we should pretty much find that out within the next two seasons and that will impact his next contract which should begin with an extension in 2021.  I trust that Nagy is smart enough to know just how good Mitch can eventually be.

In the meantime Pace should be looking to draft a young QB fairly high.  One who also has a skill set that could make him an NFL starter.  No doubt an NFL teams fortunes are mostly based around their QB and if you want to remain in contention year after year you need a top shelf #2 who can step in and win or step in permanently if your current #1 guy can't keep you there. Belichick drafted both Garoppolo and Brisset when he already has Brady.

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