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NFC North Fantasy Football League


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1 opening in a NFL North Fantasy football league.  Mix of owners from the NFC North team forums.  

League is on ESPN.   Currently looking at some league modifications (number of keepers, roster size, etc. 

10 team league.  Rosters 18 with 10 keepers (potential rule modification to increase keepers and roster size) + 2 IR spots

Scoring is as follows: standard scoring with the exception of: 

6pt passing TD 
-3 INT 
.75 PPR 

1 pt fumble forced (from 0) 
1 pt fumbled recovered (from 2) 
3 pt Interception (from 2) 


Let me know if you have questions or are interested.

Open team current roster below.  Team finished 3-10 (partly due to inactive owner).  Has 1st pick in all rounds of upcoming draft

QB:  Brees, Carr

RB:  Gurley, Devonta Freeman, Royce Freeman, Lamar Miller, Blount

WR:  Marvin Jones, Funchess, Fitzgerald, Garcon, Dez Bryant, James Washington, Amendola

TE:  Reed, Graham, Uzomah

Def:  Philly, NYJ

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