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Speaking of former Browns QBs....


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I think of myself, at 61 years young, to be somewhat of a good judge of character. And I always liked DeShone as a bright, polite and respectful young man. I always liked his throwing arm as well. He really did throw a pretty ball.

As an NFL QB - not so much. The problem with the arm at the NFL level was the messages it was being told by that lump three feet above his posterior. I know Hue did him ZERO favors by playing him right out of the gate. And I think his career may have taken a different path if Kenny "Be better than me" Britt hadn't boned him and the team by flat out dropping that key 4th quarter pass that would have been a key 3rd down conversion to keep the drive alive in the home opener against the Steelers.

But there were PLENTY of times that DeShone just threw the ball up for grabs and hoped for the best. I analyzed his 2017 season a while back.

He had 22 interceptions total. Of those 22 - 17 came in the second half of games. And in the ultimate death sentence to the Browns and their effort to win a game in 2017 - 12 of those 17 or 71% came with 4:00 or less to go in the 4th quarter or overtime.


Doesn't look like things have changed much since heading to the "frozen tundra".


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