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Redskins Review

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Coaches view still isn't working with my gamepass so I will try to do this with broadcast view.

I'll knock out as many series as I can at work.

1st series 

play 1

3 WR 1 TE. balanced 2x2.  Under center.

Redskins are in a 6-1 press man cover 1 pre snap.  (wow)

Jet sweep by Patterson to TE side (Burton).  Burton and Leno set edge nicely and result is 7 yards.  Really nice by them.



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play 2

gun 3x1 Bunch. TE (Burton) at top as single WR.

Everyone is inside the numbers.

Redskins are straight man cover 1 again.

Zone read  to Cohen.  

Bears leave backside DE unblocked (read man) who easily makes the play in backfield.  Cohen gets 1 yard.  

Obvious keep read.  But it made no difference because the corner in press man never left LINE OF SCRIMMAGE and would have tackled MT for no gain.

WR (Robinson) needs to run him off or block him.  He stood there and did nothing, but he looked like he was going to block him and didn't.  Maybe he was waiting to seal him inside if MT kept.  Probably what his plan was.  Running him off would have worked much better.  

Not sure why MT didn't keep.  Maybe he was told not to.  Who knows. Keep read was as obvious as it gets.  Maybe he saw corner and said screw it live to fight another day.

I highly suspect this one on MT even though I don't have all the facts.  Why would they run a zone read without the QB option to keep the ball?   MT just wussed out there I think.







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Play 3

gun. 3x1.  This time Gabriel is outside numbers so it is a bit more spread.  Burton is lone at top again.

Skins are press man cover 1 yet again.  Pretty simple defensive game plan.

Gabriel clears, Patterson runs a dig and Robinson an out.  

Pass is complete to Robinson for 5.  First down.  

Looks like that one was to Robinson all the way.





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Play 4.

No huddle.

3 x1 Burton lone again.  Robinson in slot again (yay! - nice adjustment by Nagy here - leave him there).

Its hitch, dig, slant off straight play action no RPO (yay again - Nagy making adjustments we wanted early on) Trubisky throws the dig to Patterson complete for 6.

Ball is on time.  No chance for rush.  Nice play all around.

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play 5.

Bears bring in new personnel.

Shaheen and who the heck is 81?  Have to look ... Some guy named Holtz.  Must be new TE they signed.

Bears line up both TEs to left side.

Robinson and Gabriel go wide right.

Monty in backfield.  Under center.  

Wonder if this is going to be an IZ.  I would be shocked if it isn't.

Ha.  It isn't.  Nagy tricked me.  

Neither TE go on a route LOL.  They stand there in space and do nothing in blocking position.  At least mimic a screen or something.  

It's broadcast view but it looks like Robinson runs a deep slant and Gabriel a fly.  Neither are looking for ball so it looks like they are just clearing out for Monty in flat and aren't legit receiving options.  

Pass to Monty in flat who powers through LB for first down.  5 yards.

Note: These plays are nice adjustments to our strengths and good against press man coverage, but this is stuff I run in little league.  These are one read plays.  I have to say it's a little disappointing that this is our NFL O right now.  But it's working.  

Like I said about a lot of Fangio's schemes.  Simple.  But simple isn't always bad.  Simple works.  Simple means execution and fundamentals.  Simple just isn't always fun and exciting.




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Play 6.

Bears same formation, but TEs and WRs are flipped.

They are in hurry up no huddle.

This time Gabriel clears deep for Robinson in flat.  

Robinson is really tough to cover off LINE OF SCRIMMAGE press or no (Man was off this time).   Slot is really where he belongs always.  He is beating no one on outside.  He isn't fast enough.  But he dominates inside.  Virtually uncoverable in man from the slot.

9 yard gain.  Very nice.






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Play 7.  2nd and 1.

Same formation flipped again.  WRs at bottom TEs at top.

Robinson motions back inside and looks like he is going to be lead blocker to weak side.  Interesting.  

Allen jumps instead.  5 yard penalty.  1st down.

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Play 8.  First and 10.

Bears have changed personnel again.  Because its broadcast I can't see everyone. 

Looks like Cohen is in game with Monty.  Monty lines up at RB, Cohen at slot.  

Bears are tight again.  2x2 everyone inside the numbers. Inside receivers are off outside on.

At snap Cohen comes hard across formation behind LINE OF SCRIMMAGE.  Other slot receiver runs hard slant (for pick play).

Fake to Monty left and Pass right to Cohen in flat with play side EMLOS unblocked and coming hard.  

Forces jump pass to tiny Cohen.  Off his fingertips and incomplete. 

Tough play to complete with that guy right in his face and jumping.  Close.  Timing just off by a second.







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Play 9.  2nd and 10.

Bears are 2x2 with far guys outside the numbers.

Gabriel and Burton at top.

Gabriel clears for Burton in flat who is tackled immediately by Collins.  Not loving that play or that match up.  

That is advantage Skins all day every day.

Everyone is in man.  Go to best match up.  Collins/Burton aint it.

I take Gabriel man to man deep.  But again it looks like these are predetermined plays.  3 WRs aren't even really looking for the ball.  They are just running.  Why?  Are we pros or not? 

Wasted down.

Complete for 1 yard.



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Play 10 is 3rd and 9.  (Greeaaat, this is high percentage).

Bears are in 3 x1 gun.  Everyone is inside the numbers.  Burton at top.

MT changes the play.

Redskins are showing and bring all 6 vs. the Bears 5 and Monty.

I can't tell the routes because of view.

But Sweat beats Leno around outside for a sack while Kerrigan puts Massie right  in MTs lap at same time.  Bang up job by our OTs there.

Loss of 14 yards.

Penalty on Long anyway for hands to face and its a good call.  So 3 out of 5 guys played like garbage on our very first non 2 step or 3 step drop.

And I wonder why Nagy is making one read quick throws.  Might not be MT.  

Our O line is very disappointing this year.  




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I have to stop here.

Got one series done.

Try to get two done tomorrow sometime between projects.

Maybe coaches view will be up.


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Coaches view is ostensibly up, but it isn't working for me on my Mac.

So we continue in Broadcast view.

Also won't let me skip ahead.  So now I have to watch until I get to where I want to be.  Pissing me off.

Gamepass software when it came out was 100x better.  They had better angles and drawing tools within the app so you highlight things and trace routes.   They took all that away and raised prices.  

They made it way worse for some reason and haven't improved it.  This is one of biggest businesses in country.  What a joke.


Series two.  Still First quarter.

Bears starting on their own 10 yard line.

1st and 10.

Bears are in tight 2x2.  1 TE (Burton).  Gun.  Cohen is the back.  Miller is in the game.

Redskins are showing zone.

Cohen and Miller run crossing routes and Burton runs a dig.

Everyone is fairly open as the zone is soft.  MT throws to Burton who is deepest open guy.   

Really nice play for 11 yards.  I may have thrown to Cohen who had room to make guys miss.  But Burton was right call.

Kudos to O line on this play.  (Finally). Redskins sent 4.

I really think this needs to be noted.  A clean pocket on a more than 2 second play and Mitch makes a really nice read and throw.  These things make a difference.








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Play 2 2nd series.

1st and 10.

No huddle. 

I miss beginning of play because they are showing replays and Bears are in hurry up.

Its a base IZ to Cohen with Burton making the EMLOS block to play side (they mix up that block play side and back side so LBs can't key the TE block).

It's a 4 yard gain negated by holding on Daniels (good call).  Not sure what Daniels was thinking here.  Obvious hold.  

F just lost my spot.  Stupid thing!

Alright back.  

Lets look at Burtons block ... which is key on these plays and has been lacking in a lot of instances by all our TEs.  

He did his job.  Not great, but got it done.  Good.


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Play 3.

Now we are in 1st and 20 and Bears simply are not good enough right now to overcome being behind the sticks.  So I am not hopeful. (I don't recall how these drives turned out when I rewatch).  When I watch live I am often in a bit of a daze of nerves.  Just catching big moments and general story line.  My resting mind still catches stuff though.  Weird.


Gun. Bears are in 3x1 to top.  Everyone inside the numbers.

I can't see patterns because of broadcast view.

But Payne and Ionaddis absolutely crush Long and Whitehair right into MT's lap right into his face immediately.  There is no where to escape.  Sack for near safety.  Terrible blocks.

Now we are 2nd and 29 inside our own 1.  

This sucks.  Our own line has just cost us 19 yards in wrong direction on two consecutive plays and put us on our own 1 yard line.  

Just awful.  This is not MTs fault and this is not Nagy's fault.  

I can't tell you how disappointed I am in our O line play this year overall. 





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wrong player

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