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kurgan 2020 mock draft v.1


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Ok, doing this a lot earlier than normal for a variety of reasons, so don't kill me too much on the picks.  I have no idea who will end up in what rounds, and a lot of times, even the expert sites cannot agree on where someone should be ranked.  But, with the shaky start of the season and the intrigue of the actual draft, just thought it would be fun to see where we are at this part of the season.

Quick offseason:  I am not getting into the details, just the important parts...

Cut: Mark Barron, Donte Moncreif (by week 10), Big Dan McCullers

Resign: UFA--Javon Hargrave, Sean Davis, Tyler Matakevich, Nick Vannett

              RFA--Matt Feiler, Mike Hilton, Zach Banner, Kam Canaday, Dangerfield

              ERFA-Kam Kelly

Not resign:  Bud Dupree (too much $--it was either him or Hargrave), Artie Burns (fresh start somewhere), BJ Finney (starter $ somewhere)

Summary:  Barron is gone, but Dirty Red comes back for depth and ST, Dan gone but I found money for Gravedigger.  I keep Davis and Vannett to play, and Feiler, Hilton and Banner for more PT and depth.  Losing Dupree is gonna hurt depth, and makes EDGE priority #1.  Losing Finney thins out the IOL depth.

Needs:  1) EDGE, WR

               2) IOL, MLB, DE

               3) OT, CB, S

               4) QB, RB, TE


2020 Draft:

Round 2) Anfernee Jennings, Edge Alabama  6'3" 259

I don't care who is on the board, the best Edge has to come to Pittsburgh.  For me, this early in evaluation, it has to be the big Edge from Alabama.  Dude is a hoss.  Was a breakout star two years ago, then blew out an ACL.  Came back and is dominating again.  More of the run stuffer of the pair of ends at Bama, he is a dominant run stuffer that can play more of the heavy end and allow Watt to transition to more of a pass rusher/drop slot.  Gets knocked for his lack of agility and coverage ability, but looks OK on film.  Has heavy hands and needs to work on pass rush work, but can be the man on the edge long term.  A lot will depend on his combine #'s, but he should be in the realm of where we draft.  Plus, he is a scheme fit as Bama runs a very similar defense to us.

Most of the top Edges will be gone... Young, Epenesa, Gross-Matos, Weaver, Chaisson.  Robinson has off the field issues, and I can't take Zuniga.  It really comes down to which of the Bama backers for me, and I will take the vet experience and production of Jennings.

Round 3 (comp)  Brayan Edwards, WR South Carolina  6'3" 220

A different kind of player to round out the WR room of Juju, JW and DJ.  Edwards is not a track guy, but an up the field combat catcher who runs great routes, knows how to get open, and will do the little things to get the job done.  Tall and lean, he can run at the X and take the roster spot of Moncreif, and do the job better.  Insane production in a limited offense, makes great catches, and is a professional with blocking and small nuances.

Round 4)  Josiah Coutney, DE Ole Miss  6'4" 325

Another DE/DT body to throw in the mix in the room.  Plays on a great Ole Miss DL as both a NG at times, and a DE at times when the big NG comes in.  Needs to get in better shape and take over a spot, and for us it would be a 5 tech.  He and Buggs can spell the end of Alualu, and he can also help some in short yardage as a heavier option than Hargrave.

Round 4)  Joe Bachie Jr, MLB  Michigan State  6'2" 237

With Barron going, another MLB is needed.  I forsee UG3 being a larger player next year, and he will be a cover guy, and Bachie can be the long term DIry Red replacement, and even a Vince speller down the road.  A downhill Mike, Bachie can tackle at will.  Will have issues in space and in coverage, but a guy that can sit and read offenses at an elite level.  No fear in blowing up A and B gap runs, has enough athleticism to play in simple zones.

Round 6) Frederick Maulgoa, OC Washington State  6'3" 310

Loss of Finney makes this pick necessary.  With little snapping experience on the depth chart, Fred Johnson  or Derwin Grey become the guys that need to learn how to snap.  The only other option is Feiler, but that puts the in the doghouse Chucks or Banner at tackle.  Either way, a long term swing man can't hurt.  Maulgoa has a cool name, a cool story, and is toolsy enough to come right in and help.  Is a big dude, but actually more of a finesse blocker for Mike Leach.  Can zone and pass block at a great level, but is untested when it comes to power schemes and the like.

Round 7) Thayer Munford, OT Ohio State  6'6" 325

Kinda the opposite of Maulgoa in that he is known more of a power guy that is not really known as a finesse blocker.  Another body to add to the OT room and see if there is any developmental potential here.



CB--Lamar Jackson, CB Nebraska  6'3" 210--HUGE corner body to see if we can use.  Maybe more of a safety or big nickel.

S--Tanner Muse, S Clemson 6'2" 225--Big centerfield safety that comes down in the box like a grown man.  Probably does not project to a FS on the next level, but would be worth a look at nickel backer and STer.

QB--Kelly Bryant, QB Missouri  6'3" 225--Good downfield passer and former championship-winning passer.  Has escapability and the processing ability to move an offense.

RB--DeeJay Dallas, RB Miami  5'10" 220--a high school QB that was committed to UGA until RIcht was fired and moved to Miami.  Came to UM as a WR/slot/gimmick guy and grew into a RB prospect that has done well, put on weight, and can now tote the rock.

TE--Luke Farrell, TE Ohio State  6'6" 250--HUGE blocking TE for State with some receiving value but an elite blocker.  Gives us a blocking type body can compete with CSW for that last TE blocking slot.



Only concern is that Edge will be manned by Chick/Ola until Jennings is ready to assume the helm.  DL stays the same, with the secondary also being solid.  Offense is ready for Ben to come back for one last ride with another deep threat, and some more bodies in camp to push everyone else.

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