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Would you pull Floyd's option?

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49 minutes ago, AZBearsFan said:

We’re gonna have to agree to disagree on this. I clearly think finding a run game responsible edge defender who chips in about one sack a month is easier to find than you do. I look at Floyd’s pass defense contribution, which I also see as significantly overstated btw, as a nice to have thing. The stuff he’s lacking is far more need to have stuff in our scheme for me. The only difference between Floyd and a vet FA making at or near the minimum who’s run game sound is what he provides in pass defense.

People talk about his pass defense “prowess” like he’s lining up over slot receivers in press man and that’s just not the case. Top receiving RBs and TEs are predominantly being shadowed by safeties, corners or even our ILBs. He’s not some sort of super unique shutdown pass defender. Floyd isn’t so much better in his coverage responsibilities than the replacement level veteran FA 3-4 EDGE to justify a salary anywhere near what you’re willing to pay him IMO, especially when you also factor in the added pressure that his lacking skill as an edge rusher places on those around him. That Floyd can pretty consistently be kept off the QB by a TE or RB on a single block means every other pass rusher’s job is significantly more difficult. 

He is, he really is.

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