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Saints quarterback Drew Brees is now the NFL’s all-time record holder in career passing touchdowns, and he’s also the all-time record holder in career passing yards. Sort of. Brees holds the career records because the NFL only counts regular-season statistics toward career totals. But if the NFL also included the postseason, Tom Brady would be the record holder for both touchdowns and yards.

The NFL’s career passing touchdown rankings currently have Brees first with 541, Peyton Manning second with 539, and Brady third with 538. But Brady is the all-time leader in postseason touchdown passes with 73, Manning is fourth with 40, and Brees is sixth with 33. Add postseason and regular season together, and the record looks like this:

Tom Brady 610
Peyton Manning 579
Drew Brees 574

The career passing yardage record currently belongs to Brees with 76,884, followed by Brady with 74,079 and Manning with 71,940. But Brady owns the postseason record with 11,179 passing yards, Manning is second with 7,339, and Brees is seventh with 4,759. So if we add those together, the career totals look like this:

Tom Brady 85,258
Drew Brees 81,643
Peyton Manning 79,279

Brees owns the regular season records, and Brady probably won’t catch him. But to catch Brady for the true career totals, Brees will likely have to play at least one season after Brady retires.


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