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Post Press Conference Mock Offseason


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Cap Space: 14.5 Million

Releases: [23.5 million saved]

OG Kyle Long 8 million
CB Prince Amukamara 8 million
WR Taylor Gabriel 4.5 million

Camp Cuts

TE Adam Shaheen 1.5 million
TE Ben Braunecker 1.5 million

Cap Room: 38 million

Extensions [12 million saved]

WR Allen Robinson [Mike Evans] [+9 million]
Old Money: 1 year 15 million
New Money: 4 years 68 million/38 guaranteed
Total Money: 5 years 83 million/38 guaranteed

Year 1: 3 GS/3 SB [6]
Year 2: 1 Salary/3 GSI/3 SB/3 RB [10]
Year 3: 5 Salary/3 GSI/3 SB/ 3 RB [14]
Year 4: 10 Salary/3 SB/3 RB [16]
Year 5: 14 Salary/3 SB [17]

WR Cordarelle Patterson [+3 million]

Old Money: 1 year 5 million
New Money: 2 years 6 million/6 guaranteed
Total Money: 3 years 11 million/6 guaranteed/6 SB

Year 1: 2 SB [2]
Year 2: 2 Salary/2 SB [4]
Year 3: 3 Salary/2 SB [5]

Cap Room: 50 million

Re-signings: [17 million spent]

LB Nick Kwaitkowski 4 years 26 million/14 guaranteed/4 SB [3]

Younger, cheaper, and healthier than Trevathan who has been very good for the Bears. Kwik has looked very good in his time as a starter and seems to have improved his coverage ability.

Year 1: 4 GS/1 SB [5]
Year 2: 4 GS/1 SB [5]
Year 3: 5 Salary/1 SB/1 RB [7]
Year 4: 7 Salary/1 SB/1 RB [9]

S Deon Bush 3 years 10.5 million/4 guaranteed/ 3 SB [2]

The Bears need a reasonable priced SS to play beside Eddie Jackson and they need someone who can tackle consistently. Bush has shown he can tackle consistently and that he knows the defense and can produce at a much cheaper price tag than Dix.

Year 1: 1 GS/1 SB [2]
Year 2: 2 Salary/1 SB [3]
Year 3: 4.5 Salary/1 SB [5.5]

DE Nick Williams 3 years 8 million/3 guaranteed/3 signing bonus [2]

The Bears need to ensure that they maintain their DL depth and Williams has played well this year and shown more pass rush than any of us expected. A nice backup deal that keeps hi in the rotation seems fair.

Year 1: 1 Salary/1 SB [2]
Year 2: 2 Salary/1 SB [3]
Year 3: 2 Salary/1 SB [3]

LB Kevin Pierre-Louis 2 year 7 million/4 guaranteed [3]

Year 1: 2 GS/1 SB [3]
Year 2: 3 Salary/1 SB [4]

DE Brent Urban 1 year 1.5 million/500k guaranteed
LS Patrick Scales 1 year 1 million
S DHC 1 year 1 million
DE Roy Robertson-Harris [2nd Round Tender] [3.5]

Cap Room: 33 million

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Free Agency [23.5 million spent]

QB Case Keenum [Washington] 2 years 18 million/8 guaranteed/4 SB [6]

Pace doesn't want to give up on Mitch, the best thing for Pace and the Bears is for Mitch to un-suck. There was a report recently by ESPN that a rival NFC Exec said their belief is that Pace does not want to give up on Mitch yet. But it is clear that Nagy is not as on the Mitch train as Pace and they need to add a veteran who can come in and start if Mitch sucks again. At the same time that veteran cannot break the bank. They need the backup to be better than Chase, but cheaper than Bridgewater. Enter Keenum who has a ton of career starts, can run an offense, and has produced at a reasonable rate as a starter.

Year 1: 4 GS/2 SB [6]
Year 2: 10 Salary/2 SB [12] *250k gets guaranteed with every start in 2020

OG Halapoulivaati Vaitai [Philadelphia] 4 years 32 million/19 guaranteed/8 signing bonus [6]

The Bears need to upgrade at RG and they could use someone to compete at RT as well. Vaitai has starting experience at RT, LT, and RG, he knows the system, and can come in and start at RG, which may be his best position, and compete at other spots. Vaitai adds some size and run blocking power to the unit and we know he is going to hit the market as the Eagles line is locked in for 2020. The Bears can play Vaitai at RG or RT depending on what happens in the draft and if Massie bounces back from a bad season in 2019.

Year 1: 4 GS/2 SB [6]
Year 2: 5 GS/2 SB [7]
Year 3: 6 salary/2 SB/1 RB [9]
Year 4: 7 salary/2 SB/1 RB [10]

OT Dennis Kelly [Tennessee] 2 years 8 million/4 guaranteed/1 SB [3.5]

The Bears need a backup OT that can come in and compete and backup as the swing OT. Kelly is one of the better swing OTs in the league. He has multiple starts at RT and LT, he graded out very well last season filling in for Taylor Lewan who was suspended. Kelly is from the Chicago area so it may be an advantage in bringing him home. He competes with Leno and the best player gets the spot.

Year 1: 3 GS/.5 SB [3.5]
Year 2: 4 salary/.5 SB [4.5]

TE Blake Bell [Kansas City] 2 years 5.5 million/2.5 guaranteed/1 SB [2]

The Bears need a veteran Y TE that can play run downs and replace Adam Shaheen on the roster. Bell is a big, athletic TE that can catch a little and gives you effort as a blocker. He is probably best as a backup, but he gives you a guy who can start if you cannot find a long term solution in the draft. His experience in the system is only a bonus for the transition to the Bears.

Year 1: 1.5 GS/500k SB 2[2]
Year 2: 3 salary/500k SB [3.5]


RB Ty Montgomery [NY Jets] 2 years 6 million/3 guaranteed [2]

The Bears do not have a true backup RB. It was suppose to be Mike Davis, but he wasn't worth keeping when a comp pick was on the line. Montgomery gives them a backup with the size to get carries if Montgomery is hurt, and also the speed and catching ability to add to the offense in a rotational role. Montgomery can get 4-5 touches a game and backup at KR so that we do not put Miller out there ever again.

Year 1: 2 GS [2]
Year 2: 3 salary/1 RB [4] *RB guaranteed when he makes the 53 in 2020


CB Rashaan Melvin [Detroit] 2 years 7 million/3 guaranteed [2]

The Bears need a veteran backup to the Tolliver experiment, who they seem to like. Tolliver can start the year and if he struggles you have Melvin, who has started for Pagano, ready to go and waiting. Melvin has similar size to Tolliver and should be able to fill the press man role across from Fuller.

Year 1: 2 GS [2]
Year 2: 4 salary/1 RB [5] *RB guaranteed when he makes the 53 in 2020


S Clayton Geathers [Indianapolis] 2 years 5 million/2 guaranteed [2]

Another depth and competition DB that has experience with Pagano and has started in the past. Geathers lost his starting job to a draft pick this season, but he has always been a solid tackler and a productive player. He will compete with Bush at SS.

Year 1: 2 GS [2]
Year 2: 2 salary/1 RB [3] *RB guaranteed when he makes the 53 in 2020

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*Trade: The Chicago Bears trade 2[43] and 2[50] [870] to Cincinnati Bengals for 2[33] and 3[65] and a 6th [872]. We know Pace likes to be aggressive, but he also needs a volume of picks to make up for past trades and lighter than usual cap space.

2[33] TE Cole Kmet [Notre Dame] 6'5" 255lbs.

You know that Ryan Pace cannot help himself from trading up. You know when he has "conviction" and his yes men like Joey Lucas agree with him that he is going to move for his guy, especially at a position of need. The Bears are desperate at TE. They did not have a TE get more than 100 yards recieving this year, in an offense that they have told us flows through the TE. Shaheen is a bust, Burton is a broken down waste of money, and Braunecker cannot catch. The Bears need to add a legitimate long term TE to the position. Kmet has the physical tools to be a top end starting TE. He can run, catch, and block. He is not the most athletic TE but he is physical once the ball is in his hands and is a difficult cover for DBs. Kmet will provide the mismatches that the other TEs cannot.


3[64] OLB Alton Robinson [Syracuse] 6'4" 265lbs.

The Bears cannot afford to have a big money edge across from Mack over the long term. They need a young and cheap player to help the pass rush in 2020 and then replace Floyd in 2021 when his option is up. Floyd clearly is not a good enough pass rusher and the Bears got next to nothing from Lynch and Irving. The Bears need a 3rd rusher who can bring a little energy to the pass rush that was brutal in 2019. This year he had a down year with 4.5 sacks, but in 2018 he had 10. He has the athletic tools and length that you look for in a starting OLB and he gets a year to develop.

4. QB Cole McDonald [Hawaii] 6'4" 225lbs.

From a PR and optics stand point Pace almost has to pick a QB. He took some heat at his press conference about his, "pick a QB every year" approach. McDonald has the size, athletic ability, and tools to be an NFL QB. There are times where he takes over games and his arm and willingness to attack downfield are on display, but he needs a lot of work. He played at a lower level of competition where his weaknesses were not as exposed. He needs work on mechanics and consistently throwing the ball. McDonald is a project that can be inactive on game days and just learn for a year. Good chance he is just a backup, but if Nagy and Ragone can smooth out the rough edges he could be a long term starter. This is a swing at QB, good chance they need to reload in 2021, but you can't hit a HR with the bat on your shoulder.

5. OT Yasir Durant [Missouri] 6'6" 330lbs.

The Bears need to continue to add to the OL. They are not getting an acceptable level of play from their OTs and that was a major factor in the offense being bad in 2019. Durant has all the athletic tools to be an NFL OT and could even kick inside to OG. Durant is another big-athletic player that can be developed and compete for playing time and the real hope is that he can take Massie's job in 2020 when his guaranteed money is far less. Durant is a raw player and he needs some time to get his technique and footwork ironed out, but with his natural tools he is a threat to Massie and Leno as a rookie.

6. S J.R Reed [Georgia] 6'1" 200lbs.

It seems like a rule that Pace will pick someone from Georgia and the Bears need depth at safety. The Bears need to give themselves options, prefereably cheap, next to Eddie Jackson and his contract. Reed is a do everything safety that comes from a well coached defense. He had 7 PD and 1 INT in 2019 and has some ball skills. Reed can come in as a core special teamer and compete as a backup safety. Pace has to draft a Georgia player and he can do so on day 3 and add a nice value.

6. WR Marquez Callaway [Tennessee] 6'2" 200lbs.

The Bears do not have enough speed on the offense. They generate almost no YAC yards. Mitch also struggles to hit the small guys down the field. The Bears need to add some developmental size and speed to the WR core. Callaway is a bit of a one trick pony and lacks polish, but that one trick is being 6'2" and running 4.3 so he is worth a late round flyer to see if he can be developed into something.

6. OLB James Smith-Williams [NC State] 6'3" 258lbs.

A rocked up and twitchy pass rusher that has physical tools, but needs coaching and to develop as a rusher. The Bears need multiple young cheap players at OLB and they need to start the process of developing them while Floyd is still on the team. Smith-Williams probably only plays specials in 2020 as he develops, but Pace likes to take multiple swings at positions of need and see if he can get at least 1 rookie contributor.

7. OT Alex Taylor [South Carolina St] 6'8" 310lbs.

Taylor is a super raw former basketball player that is worth a late round flyer because he has LT physical tools. He needs a year on the PR to develop more of a football body and to get coached, but the tools are all there. Maybe he can be coached into the LT of the future, probably not, but you need to give yourself options and get big athletic guys into the building and see what your coaches can do with them.

Depth Chart

QB: Trubisky, Keenum, McDonald
RB: Montgomery, Montgomery, Cohen, Holtz
WR: Robinson, Miller, Wims, Ridley, Callaway, Patterson
TE: Bell, Kmet, Burton, Horsted
LT: Leno/Kelly, Taylor [PR]
LG: Daniels, Bars
C: Whitehair
RG: Vaitai
RT: Massie, Durant

RE: Nichols, RRH
NT: Goldman, Williams
LE: Hicks, Urban
OLB: Floyd, Robinson
ILB: Smith, KPL
ILB: Kwit, Iggy, Woods
OLB: Mack, Smith-Williams
CB: Fuller, Tolliver, Melvin, Skrine, Shelley, Denmark
FS: Jackson, DHC/Reed
SS: Bush/Geathers
K: Piniero
P: O'Donnell
LS: Scales

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