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Leisher's 2020 Mock with surprise FA signings. 2/10/20

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2020 Cap Space:  $22.2m  ($5m already set aside for draft picks.)

Cuts:  Graham, Linsley, Taylor, M.Adams and MVS.  

New Cap Space after cuts:  $44.6m

Resigns:  M. Crosby 3yrs/$4m/50%/$3m, M. Lewis 2yrs/$2.5m/50%/$2m, L. Taylor 1yr/$2.5m

New Cap Space after resigns:  $37.1m

Outside FA's:

Cooper_Amari-HS20Amari Cooper WR  Cowboys  4yrs/$18m/50%/$12.6m

This is a photo of Jack Conklin of the Tennessee Titans NFL football team. This image reflects the Tennessee Titans active roster as of Tuesday, June 6, 2017. (AP Photo)Jack Conklin T  Titans  4yrs/$14m/50%/$9.8m

kwiatkoski_061919Nick Kwiatkoski  ILB  Bears  4yrs/$6m/50%/$4.2m

Shelton_DannyDanny Shelton NT  NE  3yrs/$6m/30%/$4.5m

Cap Space after FA's signings:  $6.2M

ERFA Resigns:

95 - DL Tyler LancasterT. Lancaster DL

13 - WR Allen LazardA. Lazard WR

25 - S Will RedmondW. Redmond DB

39 - CB Chandon SullivanC. Sullivan DB

85 - TE Robert TonyanR. Tonyan TE

2020 NFL Draft:

#30.  Packers trade down with Atlanta Falcons, receive picks #47 and #78.


Ross Blacklock NFL

Scouting Report: Ross Blacklock

School: TCU Position: Defensive Tackle Class: Junior Height: 6’4″ Weight: 305 

Scouting Report:

Has been asked to primarily anchor the defensive line and to maintain the gaps around him, which he has excelled at. However, he is much more than a 2-gapping DT, and has shown flashes of being an all around defensive tackle that attack the backfield when needed. Anchors extremely well, with exceptional lower body strength. Also has the rare ability to translate that lower body strength into burst off of the snap. An all around DT that can play in any system. Draft stock will improve the more he can show explosiveness during the draft process.


JK Dobbins NFL

Scouting Report: J.K. Dobbins


School: Ohio State Position: Running Back Class: Junior Height: 5’10 Weight: 208 

Scouting Report:

With a background in martial arts, Dobbins has taken that approach to mastering the craft of running back. Has fought through a pattern of trying to make the big play instead of making the correct play, mostly in part due to lack of playing time. Doesn’t panic and bounce outside, and is a more of a put his foot in the dirt, find a hole, and burst through it, with a quickness to make defenders miss. Also a good pass catcher out of the backfield, which ups his NFL potential. Excellent vision and acceleration which acclimates him well for the NFL game.


Marquez Callaway NFL

Scouting Report: Marquez Callaway

School: Tennessee Position: Wide Receiver Class: Senior Height: 6’2″ Weight: 200 

Scouting Report:

Caught in a transition, Callaway came to Tennessee and has been a stabilizing force on the offense. Has a nice blend of overall receiving skills. Speed is very good, and is a vertical threat that is able to locate and catch balls while running at top speed. Perhaps best attribute is winning the battle for the ball when a defender is on him. Versatile enough to be moved all around the offense, but will be best utilized if paired with a true slot receiver. Consistent and reliable with nice route running and technique in catching the ball away from his body.


Shane Lemieux NFL

Scouting Report: Shane Lemieux

School: Oregon Position: Offensive Guard Class: Junior Height: 6’4″ Weight: 316 

Scouting Report:

Perhaps the best interior lineman in terms of small space, moving forward run blocking. Absolute beast as a road grader with elite upper body strength. Explodes of the snap, locking onto a defender and moving defenders back like a sled drill. Has some decent agility and lateral movement that can be developed over time. Able to lock down defenders in pass pro, but works best when moving forward and with a lesser range to be responsible for. Will be prized by teams looking to develop a power run game which is a popular component of NFL offenses right now.


Darryl Williams 2020 NFL Mock Draft

Scouting Report: Darryl Williams

School: Mississippi State Position: Offensive Guard/Center Class: Senior Height: 6’2 Weight: 305

Scouting Report:

Exceptional interior offensive lineman that works best within smaller spaces. Locks on to defenders and has excellent strength to secure the block. Lower body strength is also very good, and can drive defenders back in the run game to make lanes. A clear interior blocker that won’t be considered as a tackle, but when given fixed zones to work with, is an elite run and pass blocker.


Noah Igbinoghene NFL

Scouting Report: Noah Igbinoghene

School: Auburn Position: Cornerback Class: Junior Height: 5’11” Weight: 200 

Scouting Report:

Lightning fast corner that has excelled in the return game as well. A converted wide receiver that has a natural instinct for finding the ball when it is in there, but hasn’t quite converted that into interceptions. Known as an exceptionally hard worker, that was able to make the position transition easily due to discipline and the right football mentality. A willing tackler, with a good size frame. Can cover on the outside and is shifty enough to handle receivers in the slot.



Scouting Report: Shaquille Quarterman

School: Miami Position: Inside Linebacker Class: Senior Height: 6-1 Weight: 240 

Scouting Report:

Durable leader who plays with aggression. Has been effective in zone coverage but can struggle dropping into coverage. Lacks sideline to sideline speed. Needs work keeping his eyes up to make a play and using his hands and arms.



Scouting Report: Khaleke Hudson

School: Michigan Position: Safety Class: Senior Height: 6-0 Weight: 205 

Scouting Report:

Speedster who plays with relentless pursuit. Effective as a free rusher in nickle coverage. Has also showed skill coming off the edge in the blitz, but hasn’t really had to fight through blocks. Strong tackler. Needs to work on his ball tracking abilities. Hybrid role could actually be a distraction as not sure where he will fit in an NFL defense. Need to see more of his skill set in deep coverage.



Scouting Report: Quincy Roche

School: Temple Position: Outside Linebacker / Defensive End Class: Junior Height: 6’4″ Weight: 235 

Scouting Report:

A defensive end at Temple, Roche looks much more the part of an outside linebacker at the next level. Has excellent bend around the edge, and uses his speed to beat blockers with a combination of pure athleticism and technique. Is a playmaker both on defense and on special teams, where he is extremely disruptive. Has the short area speed and change of direction abilities to succeed in coverage, but not a ton of experience there. Roche has a good height and length to add more bulk to his frame to possibly stay on as a defensive end, but will probably be most valued by 3-4 teams looking for a pass rushing OLB.


Chauncy Haney NFL

Scouting Report: Chauncy Haney

School: North Greenville Position: Defensive End Class: Junior Height: 6’5″ Weight: 250 

Scouting Report:

Small school defensive prospect with a long frame, but slight in build. Gifted pass rusher that has strength and speed off of the edge. Gets leverage quickly, and has been able to beat tackles with speed and power. At the next level would need to continue to add to his core strength to deal with stronger offensive linemen and to hold up against the run. Has shown remarkable pass rush skills at the college level, and teams that prize constant pressure off of the edge could be interested in the middle rounds. A very high ceiling, but still developmental prospect.


Kadarius Toney NFL

Scouting Report: Kadarius Toney


School: Florida Position: Wide Receiver Class: Junior Height: 5’11” Weight: 194 

Scouting Report:

Incredibly gifted playmaker that is extremely dangerous with the ball in his hands. A perplexing prospect, Toney has elite talent as a receiver, and can break a big play at any time. However, there are a long list of negatives from ball security, off the field issues and injuries that will have scouts worried. Has excellent speed and elusiveness. Very good hands and is a natural at making the catch away from his body, turning up field and making a play. A natural at shifting his weight to avoid tackles. Needs to have an uneventful year off the field, and show more discipline on, and can make his way into a very desirable position in the draft. Is deservedly compared to Percy Harvin, both in the positive and in the negative.



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Initially as I began to read it down I was hating it, but in total if you could pull this off it makes total sense.   A couple players I do not like in the draft but that's par for the course.

A couple of moves highly unlikely, and I don't have to tell you which ones.  Beyond highly unlikely....


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