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How much cap space do the Bears really have to spend? $22M is a far cry from the expected 40-50M.

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21 hours ago, JustAnotherFan said:

Pace could also add 1 voidable year to the contract and prorate the signing bonus. This would mean the 8.4M signing bonus would be spread out among 4 years instead of 3 (2.1M per year). Pace loves to utilize the voidable years as well. In the least 2 years he added 1 year to Long's contract, added 2 years to Leno's, and 2 years to Fuller's. 

The negatives to this is that we would only save 5.8M in cap space if DT is released in 2022, and would take a 2.5M hit if released in 2021.


Sounds like Pace decided to go this very route. Except, instead of adding 1 voidable year to Trevathan's contract he opted to add 3. 


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