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KFord's 2020 Niners Mock

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Hi Friends,

Formerly SFF here, but lost the ability to use my old account with the switch to the new site a few years back. Back again for my annual Niners mock.

Would assume the FO will trade back and then up a few times to get the players they want in the early/mid rounds and we definitely won't be having 8 rookies making the roster, but for the purposes of this mock just going to do one trade down to get some day two picks. Impossible to know which team will trade up, but just used the Eagles since their picks match up on the value chart for picks in round 2 and 3 for pick 31. These are simply players I would consider taking at each pick range. Let me know your thoughts!

1 (13) Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama

2 (48) Jaylon Johnson CB, Utah

3 (79) Matt Hennessy, IOL, Temple

5 (156) Thaddeus Moss, TE, LSU

5 (176) McTelvin Agim, DT, Arkansas

6 (212) Jamycal Hasty, RB, Baylor

7 (217) Parnell Motley, CB, Oklahoma

7 (245) Tony Brown, WR, Colorado

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I'd be a bit worried, but still excited. I'm not sold on Jeudy at all, but his potential would at least make me not hate the pick. I haven't watched enough of Jaylon Johnson to have a really strong opinion of him, but I like what I have seen. I would prefer a tackle to develop, but Hennessy is a really good IOL. I'd be surprised if he wasn't a solid starter in the league for many years. Moss and Agim are good values in the 5th.

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